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Batista in talks with Strikeforce

Dave Batista, more commonly known as simply “Batista” to millions of WWE fans around the world, has gone on record to confirm his arrival in the world of mixed martial arts.

Widely recognized as one of the biggest superstars in the history of professional wrestling, Batista recently revealed to that not only is he finished with wrestling, but the massive heavyweight also appears to be on the verge of signing with Strikeforce to compete in MMA.

Batista would join fellow former WWE star Bobby Lashley in the Strikeforce heavyweight division. A clash between those two would appear to be an inevitability at some point down the road.

The 41-year-old Batista stand at 6-foot-6-inches tall and normally walks around near the 300 pound mark. He has little experience in any formal combat related martial art training outside of some amateur wrestling about twenty years ago. However, Batista has been a big fan of MMA for many years and has used training in the sport as a way to keep in shape for some time now.

Batista’s venture into MMA is without a doubt the biggest name to come out of the world of professional wrestling since Brock Lesnar.

  • BigDave says:

    Ok first he is 41 with no real martial arts training, second, HE IS 41 WITH NO REAL MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING. Strikeforce is in real trouble if you ask me. First there HW champ doesn’t want to fight top tier guys. And now it seems that they are looking for freakshows. Batista is a big dude granted but hey Bob Sapp is a big guy to and we all see how bad he is and he has been in the game for awhile. He will have a hard time with vitually anyone the put in front of him. SAD DAY FOR MMA.

  • Snoop Dogg says:

    How many steroid junkies does 1 sport need? This is just sad. This guy has cheated his entire life to get where he is at and now he can just walk in and become a cage fighter. This is a really sad day for MMA. Scott Coker you are a bum

  • qat says:

    i looked up some of his “fights” in wwe..
    1. he got an insane body (how and with what.. i dont know)
    2. while he surely got some power, he looks SLOW and uncoordinated, and i cant imagine him having any solid technique in any part of the mma-game
    3. i hope strikeforce isnt serious about this. feed him to someone and let him go..

  • Rece Rock says:

    Guess we know who B. Lashely’s next opponent is…

    SF… Where does the maddness end?

    Let’s see- he’s on the wrong side of 35, he’s got a bad back, he’s got bad knees and he has little or no combat sport background…

    My call is he gets one big payday probably against Lashely ( for novelty) and we don’t see him again in any major promotion.

    Let’s see all the SF supporters put a positive spin on this…

  • Guthookd says:

    Oah no, you guys are wrong. This dude is going to come in and just clean the house. Basista has as good a ground game as Brock Lesnar and hits harder than Fedor. His JJ skills are like a twisted pile of pythons. He simply cannot and will not be beaten any time this century.

    All hail San Jaun Batista!!!

  • mcvojp01 says:

    Brock hits harder than fedor??? ROFLMAO Guthookd u must know how hard they both hit because u have trained with them! U have to be the stupidest idiot on here who knows nothing about MMA u r a bitch!

  • Rece Rock says:


    What a cunt.

  • Rich S. says:

    I was surprised at how well Brock Lesnar’s athleticism and power transfered over into Mixed Martial Arts.. But, there’s no way it’s going to be the same for Batista… This is just kind of ridiculous.

    They’re probably going to give him an absolute nobody with a record of 0-3, and he still has a good chance of losing..

  • gy614x says:

    No way in hell he passes a roid test, my father’s friend is a power lifter, and lifted with this guy a long time ago (before Batista really got into wrestling), they said that at times when he’d stop using, he wouldnt be able to move. I dont know what to even think of this, he’s going nowhere so it really doesnt matter, its a shame, i have more MMA training than this guy does and Strikeforce would look right over me haha.

  • danw84 says:

    “Brock hits harder than fedor??? ROFLMAO Guthookd u must know how hard they both hit because u have trained with them! U have to be the stupidest idiot on here who knows nothing about MMA u r a bitch!”

    … what? Where did you get any of this from?

    I don’t think it’s Guthookd who is the “stupidest idiot on here.”

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Ooooo.. i always wondered how the Batista Bomb would translate into a cage fight! and I guess i have to point out that i hope my comment isnt as mistook as Guthookd’s one was :S

  • Guthookd says:

    LOL. I was kidding. This guy not only missed the sarcasm, but also twisted an already ridiculous comment into something even more ridiculous:

    “Brock hits harder than fedor??? ROFLMAO Guthookd u must know how hard they both hit because u have trained with them! U have to be the stupidest idiot on here who knows nothing about MMA u r a bitch!”

    And, I actually have trained with both of them, BTW. J/K. Or? Maybe not? No. Kidding. ahh.

    I think it’s Dream that should be looking at Batista. I’d youtube up a fight between him and Canseco (another joke…….don’t freak out).

  • YetiLee says:

    The only thing that is smart out of all of this is that Strikeforce will get some of the WWE audience to tune in for him. If they put him vs Lashley and did this on ppv which they are talking about having, I am sure it would help to sell a lot. I think he will be a disaster in the cage, due to just how slow and sluggish he was in a worked sport, not to mention the fact he is over 40 years old. But again from a marketing stand point there would be more interest and ppv sales from him vs Lashley then there would be from Fedor vs Overeem.

  • Guthookd says:

    “But again from a marketing stand point there would be more interest and ppv sales from him vs Lashley then there would be from Fedor vs Overeem.”

    And that my friend is how we know the world is completely fucked up.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The steroid question is legitimate, but regardless of how he got the muscles, how can he fuel them? He’ll be half gassed after walking to the octagon and running around it before he’s introduced. Muscles take oxygen, and there’s no way he can have the cardio for his in a MMA fight. And he’s 41 with no combat sport experience.

  • Dufresne says:

    Going with the crowd here: this is a mediocre marketing ploy and a terrible MMA decision. This guy actually makes Hershel Walker look like an experienced MMA athlete since Walker has at least been training in taekwondo and a whopping ONE professional fight under his belt.

    And people can compare him to Brock, but there are several main problems with that.
    1) Brock started MMA at 29 years old. Batista is 41.
    2) Brock was a former NCAA Division I national champ, 2 time NCAA All-American, and had a record of 106-5. Batista’s college wrestling experience…. well… I can’t find anything about his amateur wrestling background at all, which leads me to believe he was forgettable at best.
    3) Even in the WWF Brock was known for both power and speed. Batista is kinda known for power, but definitely not his speed.

    The only other comparison you could feasibly make would be to Bobby Lashley. Problem is, he’s also a national wrestling championship (NAIA, not NCAA).

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    This guy is just a ‘roid monster with nothing more than brawn going for him. There are several pro wrestlers that if they had chosen MMA over pro wrestling would have made successful careers. This guy isn’t one of them. I got $1 that says he can’t scratch his own back with all those muscles.

    He needs to go to whatever flim-flam racket they let that Polish muscle head and Tim Sivia fight on and fight one of them. If this guy walks around all ‘roided up at 300 + do you really think he can cut that much weight to make 265?

    Any comparisons to Lesnar are a joke. Brock was an athlete and world class collegiate wrestler before the WWE and that is why his skills translate well into MMA is that wrestling back ground. Batista is a joke and I hope he goes away..but, only after one sound beating by anyone with skills.

  • stone says:

    I just read everyones shit… LOL… Anyways, all bullshit aside! I wouldn’t put it pass ol’ Vince McMahon is behind all the strikeforce/WWE business. I swear I saw B.Lashely on wrestling sayin… “I’m out this bitch, I’m going to my part time job MMA!” The crowd was screamin for him to get the hell out. It was pretty stupid and at the time I thought irrelavent… Then low n behold a few months later, he’s getting introduced in SF! Strikeforce SUCKS! Too bad their are a few really good fighters stuck overthere…

  • nothing_shank says:

    This is coming from TMZ! Why is everyone so worked-up about it. Its already been refuted by 3 sources including tmz and batistas manager. MARKETING PLOY! Wow!

  • nothing_shank says:

    Celebrity websites shouldn’t sway our idea of what is truth. how many times has tmz posted something false, then had to make a retraction? They also made it sound like tito beat jenna within an inch of her life. Correct me if I’m wrong, but she seemed quite alive when they were talking to her. Its the celeb version of the national enquirer

  • nothing_shank says:

    Btw, hatter…it was moosin that allowed sylvia to fight maruisz.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    What does Strikeforce have to lose? Credibility
    This is a business move. All be it a short-term one. Coker can’t say he’s pushing MMa forward with this one. He is pushing his promotion. After all what worth is credibility if your company doesn’t make a big enough splash to compete and grab an audience of their own

  • JKDCAPO says:

    Actually Batista might do pretty well in Strikeforce. I had to do a little research first. I went back to an old copy of Muscle and Fitness (September ’08) where it listed Batista’s workout. The guy practices Muay Thai 2 times a day/ 4 times a week. Apparently there is a youtube video of him working out with MMA fighter Marrese Crump and they say his speed is unbelievable for a man his size. At the time of the article he was 6′ 6″ 290 lbs. If you ask me as long as his cardio is good he may do fairly good against some of the Strikeforce roster.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    is it April fools or something? this is a joke, right?

    Pudzanowski would maim this clown.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    oh, and watching him on the pads was anything but unbelievable. it is highly believable, he actually gassed out from kicking pads.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Yeah SF sux.. First they sign Kimbo after claiming he must go through a reality show in which he lost first up, then they sign Toney who has never fought in MMA, then they claim Yvel to be one of Pride’s top HW’s with a record of 2-6 and only 1 HW victory in the org and now they pull this. Next they’ll sign Phil (13-12) Baroni.They’ll do anything for a buck.
    Where DOES the madness end.
    I wonder if it will generate a massive amount of interest in SF? Judging by how many comments there are already…
    Yeah it sux but it is not the first time Pride, SF, or the UFC have pulled this marketing signing shit.
    This is may be a very smart move by SF if it happens, because I would bet all of you who hang shit all over this, will watch and it will bring a massive amount of people to SF who wouldn’t otherwise watch. I personally hate it but I also hate the other marketing BS that happens. Is it stupid for SF to do it? No not as far as making money goes. A lot of you who don’t like SF for other reasons jump all over this stuff as if you are outraged by what they are “doing to MMA” but for some reason turn a blind eye when an org you like a little more does it. Tell me, do the big MMA orgs just stick to the best the sport has to offer? or do they sometimes have “entertaining” fighters fighting each other? I know where I draw the line, I just want to see the best. It seems a lot of you draw the line as far away from the UFC and as close to it’s (your) enemies as you can. I hate it no matter WHAT org does it.

  • LiverPunch says:

    “he actually gassed out from kicking pads.”

    So? Even the most fit person in the world could get gassed from kicking pads. Thats like saying he got tired running. By the way, you guys must have watched different video footage because I just looked it up and he doesn’t look really slow or unco to me. I’m not saying he is the next HW champ but it looks like he has had a fair amount of training in martial arts. He has power and strength, so he may be a bit better than you guys make out. I hope it is more than just a marketing ploy and the dude does well. I just wish these guys would fight their way on to big cards rather than just being given opportunities that should go to top MMA practitioners.

  • noelandgina says:

    guys BATISTA has martial arts training and he has a shoot just like anyone of us training in mma :)

  • Con says:

    They’re just looking for Herschel Walkers next opponent. At least Lashley has some amateur exp. This guy is so top heavy that WWE did’nt want him using the ropes because he kept falling over.(true, BTW)

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Alright, funny story. I remember a story years back Batista and Booker T went toe to toe after an event one night. And by all accounts Booker had his way with Dave. So if thats worth anything…

  • Rece Rock says:

    Wonder if booker did a spinaroni afterwards? Suckaaaaaaaaaa!

  • YetiLee says:

    I just read that Booker T said Batista wouldn’t last 5 minutes with Lashley, I will take it a step further and say Batista couldn’t last 5 minutes with Tank Abbott. So far Strikeforce says this isn’t true, but I think they are getting desperate and will take this marketing ploy.

  • Guthookd says:

    Everything else aside, look how many comments this garbage has. If I were Coker I’d sign him now, even if this was just a crazy rumor before. Get that singular payday and send him to Japan.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I hear yeah Guthookd… It’s all business.

    Shit if they put Lashley and Batista in a ring to really duke it out you know how many Pro Wrestling fans would flip the fuck out and tune in… Theres money to be made here but at what cost? But if your SF what’s there to lose?

  • vph416 says:

    This realy is sad. I don’t know if SF wants to be a legit promotion or not. They go out and get the best PFP fighter the world has ever known… and they do crap like this.

    It’s been said by plenty before me, but Lesnar and Lashley actually had a background in combat sport. I have a feeling his first fight will be the ugliest thing since Hershel Walker’s. Walker is a badass old man, and freak of nature, but that was terrible to watch and even worse was hearing Frank Shamrock talk him up like he’s legit. Frank Shamrock who, like him or not, used to always speak his mind…

    StrikeForce- pick a path. Be legit or go freakshow… but please quit teasing us.


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