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Jamie Varner latest victim of terrible judging in draw against Kamal Shalorus at WEC 49

A miscarriage of justice in the main event between Jamie Varner and Kamal Shalorus ended what had been a fantastic night of fights during WEC 49 on a sour note.

Varner and Shalorus fought to a split draw according to the judges in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this evening, although many ringside observers and fans at home would disagree with the ruling.

Varner had his way with Shalorus standing for the bulk of the first two rounds between the two heavy handed lightweights, utilizing an edge in speed and power with his punches to frustrate and rock “The Prince of Persia” on multiple occasions. Seemingly tipping the scales even further in Varner’s favor, Shalorus was docked a point in the second round due to a series of cringe-worthy kicks to the groin. Shalorus made a case for winning the third round after thrusting his foot into Varner’s groin one last time, securing a takedown and working some good old fashioned ground and pound for a large portion of the final frame.

When the dust had a chance to settle following three action packed rounds between the two it was revealed that the bout had been ruled a draw with one judge giving the bout to Varner via a score of 29-27, while another gave it to Shalorus 29-27, and the final judge ruled the bout even at 28-28.

In what should easily be ruled the fight of the night, Mark Hominick came back from being technically frustrated standing for the majority of the first round and rocked in the second round by fellow Canadian featherweight Yves Jabouin to stop his foe with a volley of strikes on the ground in an electrifying back and forth battle.

Josh Grispi confirmed the widespread belief that he is one of the top young fighters in the sport to keep an eye on with a nasty first round guillotine over the seasoned L.C. Davis that left the veteran completely unconscious.

Chris Horodecki bounced back from a defeat in his last bout with an impressive showing this evening against a green Danny Downes. Horodecki picked apart his game opponent at will standing before a third round rear-naked choke put the icing on the cake and the talented Shawn Tomkins fighter back in the winner’s circle.

A full list of results from WEC 49 is below:

Renan Barao def. Anthony Leone via submission (armbar) – Round 3

Chris Cariaso def. Rafael Rebello via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 29-28)

Diego Nunes def. Rafael Assuncao via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Eric Koch def. Bendy Casimir via submission (triangle choke) – Round 1

Wagnney Fabiano def. Frank Gomez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Will Kerr def. Karen Darabedyan via submission (armbar) – Round 1

Eddie Wineland def. Will Campuzano via TKO (strikes) – Round 1

Chris Horodecki def. Danny Downes via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 3

Josh Grispi def. L.C. Davis via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Mark Hominick def. Yves Jabouin via TKO (strikes) – Round 2

Jamie Varner and Kamal Shalorus fight to split draw (29-27, 27-29, 28-28)

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Well atleast one judge had it right.

  • Dufresne says:

    Judging is so flawed in mma. So many of the judges come straight from boxing or competition style karate and have no idea the differences that exist. If I heard right Big John has opened an MMA judging school that’s even sanctioned by several athletic commissions, but for some reason this kind of training isn’t mandatory.

    And even though the judges sit ringside, they can’t see everything that happens in the fight, but for some reason they refuse to take steps to fix
    this. All it would take is a set of monitors on their
    table, that’s it. Announcers and commentators have them but, for a reason unfathomable to me, the people in charge of a fighters career don’t.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Awesome night of fights…but Unfortunately…
    Victim is an excellent word to describe what happen to varner in the main event.

    I agree with the above- mandatory training and they gotta take steps to correct these unjust actions sooner than later.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I had it 29-27 Varner w/ the point deduction. Varner clearly won the first 2 rounds and lost the 3rd. I just don’t see how anyone could have had it for Shalorus. I know he had it a draw, but once again Cecil Peoples is involved in yet another controversial decision…

  • fanoftna33 says:

    A great night of fights for sure. Varner should have won the fight but it was a close decision as round 2 saw both fighters get rocked and could have gone either way. round 1 varner and round 3 Kamal so really the judging wasnt so bad IMO.
    The Hominick Jabouin fight was absoultly the best striking in MMA I have ever seen. Both guys are so good standing. Hominick lacked a little speed but made up for it with a great chin and some serious power.

  • jj says:

    Say what you want about the judging, but Josh Rosenthal screwed up that fight when he didn’t take a point for the 3rd nut shot. Josh is a great ref, but he screwed up there.

    Herb Dean was spot on for taking a point from Jardine when he poked Hammil in the eye. Intentional or not it diminishes your opponents ability.

    On a side note, who the hell invited Cecil Peoples to be a judge?

  • Guthookd says:

    It really topped it off to hear Jamie’s sweet little voice squeeling out in pain as they removed his glove. Seriously, who yelps out loud while they’re on National TV and still IN the cage. There are other fighters who would sooner chew off their own hand than wine like that.

    As far as the decision, who cares. Does it really matter who won beetween the 42nd and 73rd ranked LW fighters?

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Just because it doesn’t make any impact on the top 10 or the p4p rankings doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It was a BS decision and just further shows the flaw in current MMA judging.

  • Rich S. says:

    I thought that could potentially happen. Even though Varner rocked Shalorus multiple times in the first and second rounds, Shalorus never stopped moving forward. He was constantly pushing Jamie back and I knew that would play some part in the judge’s decisions, it’s a shame it did, though.

    I mean, you shouldn’t be able to win a fight (or draw in this case) on nothing but octagon control. If you’re moving forward constantly, but, never land a punch, are caught with counters left and right, sent and back with haymakers, are you really winning the fight? No.

    On another note, Congratulations to Hominick and Grispi for their sick wins..

    Hominick was getting bullied around with those kicks early on, but, you could see that, when he DID punch, it landed flush every time. That timing definitely won him the fight.. Well, coupled with Joubin’s REFUSAL to block. It seemed he was trying to sway out of the way every time, but he never swayed far enough. And then the body shots.. Man, I was cringing. I was rooting for Jabouin but Hominick deserved every bit of that victory.

    The way Grispi’s head was way up in the air every time he kicked, I thought I was about to witness a brutal knockout in L.C.’s favor. I was wrong. Grispi certainly didn’t have ring rust. He was slammed into side control, immediately scrambled for guard, and choked Davis out cold. Incredible performance..

  • Jak says:

    I don’t mind if i get “disagreed”, but i had round 2 for Shalarous, making it an even round for me.

    My problem is that it was a very close fight and with the exception of the point deduction neither fighter really took any kind of control of any rounds except Kamal with the takedown in round 3.

    It was a draw. It’s not some crazy over the top injustice.

  • Jak says:

    Oh and, also shows the fight being a lot closer than people are making it out to be.

  • Dufresne says:

    Looking at fightmetric I have to disagree that it was closer than most folks are making it out to be. If you look at just the numbers from the striking game, then yeah, maybe. But if you factor in the impact of those shots and the total damage done (not counting nut shots and self inflicted broken hands) you have to give it to Varner.
    Fightmetric has Varner putting out a 56% offense rating compared to 40% from Shalarous. FM also has it rated as Varner 29-27.

  • TerribleT says:

    Another disgrace to the sport of MMA ! Shalorus would have been DQ’d by some refs & most refs would have taken another point for his 3rd nut shot but instead he gets rewarded for fighting dirty. I can’t believe how pathetic some of these MMA judges are. 29-27 for Shalorus? Are you f ‘ing kidding me? Judges need to be held accountable for debacles like this. Make them forfeit their check or at the very least suspend them and fine them,at least do something or it’ll never get any better!!!!!!

  • TerribleT says:

    “Dufresne” (the post B4 my 2) is right on time with what he said bcuz fightmetric scored the fight the same way most ppl that saw the fight scored it,29-27 so I don’t know why “Jak’s saying that the fight was alot closer than most ppl are making it out to be bcuz 29-27 would’ve been 29-28 if not for the point deduction and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that yeah that’s pretty damn close.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i thought the first round was a split round, it coulda gone either way, niether fighter dominated. Second round was clearly varner, 3rd the takedown and 2/3 minutes in top position gave the round to Kamal. If the first was split in the favor of kamal then 28-28 makes sense. I dont think it was that much of a shocking decision. However i do agree that if you warn a fighter for the first low kick, take a point for the second, surley the third has to lose a point as well? i dont get how you can warn someone, punish someone, then let them get clean away with it, makes no sense.

    Hominick/Jabouin was a pleasure to watch; a stand up fight with beautiful technique. I mean i loved Gracia/Jung but it was sloppy as fuck. Hominick/Jabouin was one of the better fights for a while.

    On a side note, i love the WEC, they put on THE most entertaining events in MMA as far as i’m concerned BUT…
    i’m sick of hearing about rematches. Seriously they need to get more fighters on their roster. Every WEC event either features at least one rematch or the commentators are begging for a rematch. First thing Kenny said after the Hominick/Jabouin fight, was i’d love to see a rematch. what? straight away? how about they fight someone else next and work towards a title shot? as soon as Garcia/Jung was over everyone was begging for a rematch. I mean of course i wanna see great fights, but instant rematches really fuck me off

  • This was an absolute travesty. 29-27 Varner is the only decision that makes sense.

    To think that Shalorus would have won this fight had it not been for the point deduction makes me sick.


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