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Advertiser Spotlight: Circle of Pain

Reviewed by: Jordan McCreery

TapouT and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts hit the big screen again with the summer movie Circle of Pain. Circle of Pain features some well-known MMA fighters, popular actors, and even street fighting Internet sensations.

Former UFC fighters Heath Herring & Roger Huerta, both of whom have acted in previous films join current Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Frank Mir and World Extreme Cagefighting fighter Miguel Torres along side the former UFC fighter and Ultimate Fighter 10 cast member, the street fighting Internet sensation known by many as Kimbo Slice. The star acting cast is topped off with TV’s Superman, Dean Cain, along with Tony Schiena and Bai Ling.

Kimbo Slice, who is featured on the cover of the film, doesn’t play that large of a role and receives less screen time than expected. Overall though, the film is a better display of MMA in mainstream film compared to some of its predecessors. Instead of a large amount of choreographed action fight scenes and MMA moves, Circle of Pain provides a plot that even non-MMA fans can follow and enjoy.

Tony Schiena, who plays Dalton in the movie, was once regarded as the greatest fighter in the world. Following an in-ring accident he gave all of that up for the simple life working alongside longtime friend Wyatt (played by Dean Cain). All was well until the man known as The Brick’ Colin Wahle comes along. Former UFC & Pride FC Heavyweight Heath Herring plays the Brick. Wahle comes in and bills himself as the newest and best fighter in the entire world. With this kind of claim, Victoria Rualan (Bai Ling) the owner of one of the premiere fighting organizations in the world, The RFC, realizes that Dalton still has 1 fight remaining on his contract. Nothing makes more sense than to put the greatest of the past against the present and after making the fight personal Dalton agrees to get back into competition for one more time.

Being that it is a TapouT film the brand is featured prominently throughout, product placement in motion pictures is another major step forward for MMA as a sport and particularly the major brands that are involved with the sport. It’s also great to see MMA fighters branching out into other areas of earning, it is known that fighters can’t fight in the cage forever and taking on roles in movies is a great way to continue to earn an income while still being a fighter.

Circle of Pain is available on DVD & Blu-Ray June 15, 2010. You can learn more about the film and see a trailer at the website –