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Rich Franklin in cast “at least” two months with broken ulna

During his victory speech at UFC 115, Rich Franklin made it clear he’d broken something in his left arm through both his words and his body language. Cradling the limb, “Ace” discussed the kick bringing about the injury and likely made a few onlookers’ stomachs cringe when mentioning he could feel the bone “click” shortly thereafter. However, based on the immediacy of the post-fight interview it was impossible at that point for the Cincinnati native to know the actual extent of the damage sustained.

Now that a short period of time has passed the former UFC middleweight champ has seen a doctor and the diagnosis is in. According to Franklin, who took to his Twitter page, “I broke my ulna in my forearm. I find out today if i need surgery today. Either way I’m casted at least 8 weeks.” No timetable has been announced for the soutpaw’s return, though it’s clear he won’t be seeing action until Fall at the earliest.

Franklin improved his record to 28-5 this past weekend after flooring fellow UFC icon Chuck Liddell with a counter right-hand in the first round of their headlining bout. The win was the one-time high school math teacher’s third since moving up from 185 pounds two years ago and his second by way of knockout.

  • Creature says:

    Rich Franklin is by far one of the most underrated fighters in the UFC, i personally believe hes still got a good chance at getting the title at least one last time, i say give rich bones jones, if jones wins his next fight, that would be a true test 2 see just how good jones is, or give him lil nog, and if franklin were 2 pull off a win over either of them hed def be deserving of a title shot IMO

  • LiverPunch says:

    Creature? he is now 3-2 from his last 5. Has had 2 LHW fights in maybe 5 years against a guy who is now 1-5 from his last 6 and Hamill. He is at least 3 or 4 fights from even being a contender in a 205 division which has guys like Machida, Jones, A.Silva, Shogun, Rampage, Cain, Nog, Evans, Vera etc and is the UFC’s strongest weight class.

  • qat says:

    well LiverPunch, he was caught by belfort, and lost a split! to henderson.. i dont think there is any shame in that.
    his other losses are to machida and a. silva, no shame in that either.
    his record otherwise is quite impressive.

    i agree that shogun, machida, a. silva, evans should be ranked higher, maybe jones as well.
    but you are trying to imply that the likes of luiz cane and brandon vera should be ranked higher in the division? i tend to disagree strongly.

    i would put him on par with rampage and maybe lil nog right now, would like to see that fight happen.

  • qat says:

    ahh i forgot forrest griffin of course, hard to classify him right now, maybe give him vera or cane to see where hes at right now. but i guess the ufc will give him higher ranked opposition, he is still a draw, we’ll see.

    brilz could be the next opponent of cane or vera as well.

  • crane_style says:

    I could see Rich making a run for the title, he’s smart enough to adapt his game, though I think his best days are past.

    But let’s not miss the point here. Regardless of all that,”Ace” is one tough dude. To keep fighting with a broken arm is one thing. But to go on and win the fight? That’s just crazy.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Everybody can rank fighters and there wins all they want… Regardless of what we think, Zuffa is going to put together fights that make $ and put fighters that can draw buyrates and viewership ahead of the class at times… It’s just business, but either way we will be entertained.

  • Creature says:

    yeah liverpunch if u look at richs record u will see that he fought at 205 and dominated without a loss before going 2 middle weight, and a split dec loss 2 hendo shouldnt really negativily effect rankings cuz theres not many 205 fighters that can do that, A silva shouldnt even be in 205 title picture cuz i doubt Dana will give him a 205 title shot before a 170 GSP fight, and he has a loss 2 machida early in his career, hahaha and r u really trying 2 say vera is better than rich? like i said give franklin jon jones or lil nog which is around where he should be ranked, if he wins then he should be in title contention, just like jones or nog would be if they were 2 win

  • LiverPunch says:

    “yeah liverpunch if u look at richs record u will see that he fought at 205 and dominated without a loss before going 2 middle weight”

    7 years ago.

    Honestly Rece Rock is entirely correct but if you think that Franklin is now in the mix after beating Chuck Lidell who is now 1-5 from his last 6, you make no sense. He SHOULD have to fight somebody who has fought and won in the last couple of years perhaps? I mean for f#cks sake! He has about 15 or more above him on the rankings and 13 of them are UFC fighters!.
    To rank him as high as a guy who has beaten Hendo, Overeem, Cane, Brillz, Matyushenko in the last 5 years is a leap.

  • BigPerm82 says:

    Dana White said the winner of the Liddell/Franklin fight would most likely get Forrest Griffin once Forrest is recovered from his shoulder surgery. Honestly, that is a great fight fight for both Forrest and Ace if this fight comes to fruition. Rich is serious about a title run @ 205 and I think he matches up well with some of the mid to upper tier fighters in that division. A win over Griffin could catapult Ace into title contention, or at least maybe a fight against Couture, Rampage, or Thiago Silva. He’s a big name and fans love watching him fight. A fight against Vera or Jardine really does nothing for him…those two are pretty much gatekeepers at this point. But a fight against Griffin would say a lot about how Rich would do against the cream of the crop

  • Creature says:

    Explain how shogun got a title shot? ohhhh yeahhh he lost 2 forrest, came back and beat a very old mark coleman, didnt even look all that great, then KOd chuck in the 1st.. hmmm what did rich just do? oh yeah KOd chuck in the 1st AND with a broken hand.. Rich deserves 2 be in there with the top ranked because he only has 5 losses ever and all 2 very hard tough top ranked fighters and he was one of the most dominate MW in UFC, and like i said, deserves a fight with jones or nog.. oh and about forrest i heard he might fight machida at around ufc 119.. anyone else hear that??

  • Dufresne says:

    Ok this has nothing to do with Franklin, but A. Silva DOES NOT need to fight GSP at 170. If GSP wants to try to come up to 185 that’s one thing, but Silva does not need to be bouncing around 3 different weight classes. There is no challenge for him at 170 except possibly GSP, and if he wins there what would that do to the WW division? It’s mostly been cleared out by GSP and all of a sudden GSP gets beat by a guy with no desire to stay at that weight? Sounds perfect…

  • Creature says:

    Well Silva had said he wanted 2 go down to 170 and fight GSP and before ufc 112 Dana said that he was gonna make it happen but after the maia fight he said silva didnt deserve it

  • Dufresne says:

    The way I see it is as a lose/lose for Silva and the UFC. Let’s say he does fight gsp at 170 and loses. So what? He’s a pretty big LHW and a HUGE MW, he couldn’t fight to potential because of the huge weight cut. But if he wins the WW division just got embarassed. GSP has dominated everyone he’s fought at WW and the few losses he’s had there he’s avenged in brutal fashion, and all of a sudden Silva waltzes in and beats him first try? That makes all WW’s look crappy.
    On the other hand, going up to LHW and winning makes Silva look more impressive. He’s regarded as a MW since that’s where he usually fights so if he goes UP in weight class it looks like he’s challenging himself.


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