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Jeremy Stephens vs. Melvin Guillard set for UFC 119

Melvin Guillard made it a point to call Jeremy “Little Heathen” Stephens out following his recent UFC 114 TKO of Waylon Lowe, and it now appears that the UFC has granted “The Young Assassin” his wish.

A lightweight scrap extremely likely to end via vicious knockout between Stephens and Guillard is currently being targeted for UFC 119 according to a recent report on

UFC 119 is expected to take place on September 25 from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Both Stephens and Guillard have established reputations as knockout artists at 155 lbs., with Stephens finishing 13 of his 18 victories via KO or TKO for a 72% knockout ratio, while Guillard has stopped 14 of his 24 victims for a knockout ratio of 58%.

Styles make fights and this fight has all of the ingredients to end with a “Fight of the Night” award being collected by one or both fighters when the dust has a chance to settle.

With a career record of 18-5, Stephens currently sports a UFC record of 5-4. The 24-year-old veteran of more than five years is currently riding a two-fight win streak with the promotion with recent impressive showings against Justin Buchholz and Sam Stout.

Guillard is the more experienced fighter of the two with a career record of 24-8 and an Octagon record of 7-4. Guillard has looked better than ever since hooking up with Greg Jackson in New Mexico and is currently coming off of back-to-back victories in the UFC over Ronys Torres and Waylon Lowe.

  • Guthookd says:

    Right on. This is going to be a great slug fest. Main card material whether it’s significant to the title picture or not, IMO.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Agreed Guthookd- both guys are looking pretty good as of late… let ’emm Bang.

  • Rich S. says:

    Whoa! Now, that’s a war..

  • MCM says:

    Every time I see Jeremy Stephens name written, I see Joe Daddy’s face. :)

    This is a good call out by Melvin. He needs to be fighting guys with better name recognition that are more on his level. I think the Young Assassin takes this one by Dec. Then he should get a top ten guy (or Diego Sanchez) to see where he stands.

  • Dufresne says:

    This should be fun to watch as long as they both decide to trade.
    If for some reason Guillard decides to try the patented Greg Jackson Method For Victory, I’m gonna turn it off.

  • stone says:

    ALRITE Dufresne! Bout time someone says it besides me… We all know J.Stephens is gonna bring it, M.G. On the otherhand will probably pull the usuall “G.Jack crap”!… U know how those guys are, give’em a quality opponent and they “oCtAgOn CoNtRoL” the win… So borring, and yet most of these guys will “thumbs down” you for sayin it!!! Their gonna come up with the “dominance factor” or the “a true complete fighter should know how to defend the takedown” or the “ground n clinch game is sumn u don’t understand”… Notice they don’t even re-air the Kos vs Daley fight because it SUCKS! BOTTOM LINE! FINISH FIGHTS PLEASE!!!

  • Guthookd says:

    Duf – Stone – There is no way you guys could name a figth involving Melvin Guillard where he used the wet blanket at any point. He will bang for sure.

  • There’s no way these two aren’t going to slug it out. I do see Melvin taking Stephens down a couple times and getting up quickly just for the points, though.

  • stone says:

    IDK… Melvin if I remember correctly had a shitty PRELIM on spike a few months ago… Then he knocks a “no name” out two weeks ago!… Then ask for a quality fight, because after all its his “2nd win in a row” Sounds like he’s catching the GJack fever! Watch’em pull a “Rashad” I guess only time will tell!… But Iam HOPING for a “strikefest”, just tired of gettin let down!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    If you want a “strikefest” watch K1 or even conventional boxing. This is MMA, and a real Mixed martial arts fan appreciates the conditioning, skill and strength needed to pull A “Rashad”. As any of us who have been paying attention to trends in MMA historically, a single discipline dominating (as wrestling appears to be now) is not a big surprise. Jiu-jitsu and counter-punching have both had their time in the sun and fighters have evolved for the better because of it. Now, as in most sports coming to maturity, individuals who posess the highest athleticism, conditioning and mental control are excelling. Most disciplines are trained so well to defend against nowadays, that I believe drive, intellect and restraint in a fighter are the most effective way to get a one-up on an opponent.

    Of course I’d like to see a huge KO or a wicked choke-out in every fight, but when a man can go out there and out-wrestle (ie. man handle, which is what’s happening) his opponent handedly, I know who is the better combatant. And so, if these strikers can’t fend off wrestlers, then they are the inferior individuals, and are forced to further evolve.

    Just think, with UFC 117 around the bend, you could just see a striker outplay a wrestler, but then again… don’t ever count out a WRASSLER!

  • stone says:

    Yeah… I hear ya! But how about all the pre-fight shit talkin??? “Can’t wait to ko this dude” “I wanna knock his head off!” Yadi yadi yadah… Then go out there n pull a “Rashad”… Chael Sonnen did it to Nate! I loved it! We all knew that was the “damn deal” from the jump! But c’mon its making the live audience boo, its making the sportsbar boo… Its making MOST PPV buyers boo! Let’s be honest hear! Just sayin!

  • stone says:

    Oh yeah… BBJohn! Look at every other comment before mine!!! We all want a “banger”… Guessin you think we ALL should watch K1 or “decision” boxing! Yeah…pffft!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Ufc 115, the 2 main events are for you then! just try not to think about what would happen if Rashad faced any of the individuals fighting tho! because it would most likely be a route


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