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Rich Franklin’s all-star team of TUF 11 assistant coaches revealed

UFC President Dana White announced at the conclusion of the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter that he would compensate for Tito Ortiz‘ late departure as a coach by aligning Rich Franklin with an all-star ensemble of assistant coaches.

Ortiz had been forced out of his coaching spot on the show due to a recently discovered neck injury that scratched him from an anticipated battle with fellow coach and longtime rival Chuck Liddell at the conclusion of the season, and TUF 11 along with it.

According to the UFC’s official website the trio of assistants that have been brought in to help out with coaching duties for the eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter are none other than Forrest Griffin, Tyson Griffin and Gray Maynard.

So who will be the new coaches who will lead McCray into battle?

Former UFC middleweight champion and TUF2 coach Rich Franklin (who will face Liddell at UFC 115 on June 12th) and assistant coaches Forrest Griffin, Gray Maynard, and Tyson Griffin.

All three fighters reside in the Las Vegas area where they train out of Team Xtreme Couture.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Nothing else going on….. might as well.

    Does Randy drive the van back and forth?


    On a bit of a sidenote-I have Chuck winning by KO late in the second round

  • Angry Mike says:

    I’m more interested in watching Rich fight Liddell than watching Liddell v. Tito III. Rich is a better striker than Tito, and he has decent leg kicks. Those have been a problem for Liddell in the past. Rich has a better chin (yeah, I know, they’ve both been ko’d, but it’s happened to Chuck a lot ), so I’d give him the advantage.

  • MickeyC says:

    Some one get Tito a tissue, dude looked like he was gona turn the water on. Rich should make Dana redo the coaches challange. Do the Coaches still get a free car? Wonder who will get it, Rich or Tito?

  • stone says:

    Rich by KO! Just can’t put ANY kind of faith or hope in Chucks chin! If anyone has pin point accurate strikes its Rich!….. On the other hand! Why would Rich even take this fight? BIG paycheck maybe? If he knocks out Chuck…So what! If Chuck pulls his overhand right outta top hat n wins, Rich looks like shit! I just don’t think the risk is worth the reward… How big is that check? That’s the real question!

  • Sans_Peur says:

    Whew. That’s a hell of a coaching staff, at least potentially. I personally have to wonder why, with only a few episodes to go in the season, the entire coaching staff is being replaced as well – makes me wonder if there’s another beef brewing between Dana and Tito. Despite the caliber of coaches being brought in to replace Tito and his team, it doesn’t seem logical to replace the entire coaching staff this late in the game when there won’t be much opportunity for the Team Ortiz fighters to really benefit from the experience of their new staff. To me, it reeks of some sort of retaliation on the part of DW (that’s Dana White, not Darkwing Duck, though I’m known to confuse the two). Even so, great opportunity for the Team Ortiz fighters to really get a GREAT training opportunity from some highly regarded and known commodities in the fight game.

  • Creature says:

    im giving this one 2 rich via TKO round 3
    rich has wayy better cardio, gameplan, and all around has more ways 2 win than chuck, im a huge iceman fan but i just dont see chuck pulling this one off


    Very heated responses to this column-Chuck by KO

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    My heart says Chuck.
    My gut says Rich.
    My liver says Buy More Beer.
    My brain says Listen To The Liver.


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