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Conor Heun steps up with Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett out of K.J. Noons rematch

The originally scheduled rematch between Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett and K.J. Noons was called off as Bennett mysteriously dropped out of the fight according to a recent report from MMAWeekly.

The fight was originally scheduled to take place at the Strikeforce on June 26, but now Noons will face off with Conor Heun on June 16, ten days before the previously anticipated event.

Heun debuted in the promotion at Strikeforce’s second Challengers event, losing a decision to Jorge Gurgel. Huen also faced off with LC Davis in the IFL promotion, where Conor lost a close split decision in 2007.

Noons came off of a two-year layoff and defeated Andre Amade at DREAM 13 by unanimous decision. Noons had signed with Strikeforce in December of 2009 and will be making his debut for the promotion against Heun.

“Strikeforce: Los Angeles” will take place on June 16 from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California.

  • Guthookd says:

    So are you guys saying that Huen is 0-2? That’s just great. Noons is going to completely destroy him. Pay checks all around though, I suppose.

    Kinda bummed about the change. I’ve never seen Krazy Horse fight. or at least I don’t remember, but from all the comments about him I was starting to like him already. Yes, crazy bastards are my favorite kind of people.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…called off as Bennett mysteriously dropped out of the fight…”

    I should paste my comment from a while back when I questioned Coker for putting Crazy Horse on a SF card… But I got thumbs down to eternity and called a SF hater… nah I don’t hate just wish I could hear SF news and not be totally baffled by there moves… Keep up the great work SF execs.

    Hey LiverPunch – Ten days before the event he pulled out … a dick, sucka!


    What a mess

  • hindsightufuk says:

    gutted, i was looking forward to seeing Charles fight last time and it didnt work out
    Conor Heun was the fella who slugged it out against Jorge Gurgel wasnt he? cant say i was too impressed, kinda dont see the point in this fight at all. why not call Jorge up? that would be more entertaining

  • stone says:

    Well I gotta say, Noons lucked out! IMO its never a good idea to fight the 1 guy that knocked the piss outta you after such a long lay-off. Let Noons dust this chump up n set up NOONS vs DIAZ 2!!! That’s a fight! I friggin love KJ n Diaz fights…the both of’em actually fight!!!


    Diaz versus KJ 2 will be entertaining-I would suggest putting a limit on who can enter the cage

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I bet Krazy Horse is still in Brazil,hunting down the rest of those dudes that jumped him in that video .
    I hope KJ gets beat by the other guy.

  • Krazy horse just fought yesterday at Action Fight League’s “Rock-N-Rumble 3” and lost via Unanimous Decision.

  • LiverPunch says:

    You are a SF hater. “Keep up the great work SF execs.” is another example.

    “eat a dick, sucka!”

    …and talk about “baffled”, why would I want to eat you Rece?. Anyway I’m sure you have your reasons. All that hating must just make you want to end it all or get someone to…well, eat you I suppose.
    Good luck with that SF hater.

  • AR15 says:

    Hey LiverPunch – Ten days before the event he pulled out … a dick, sucka!  

    LMAO!!! Now if you were to say that to anyone else, im sure they would get pissed off. Unfortunately you’re talking to a dude or dudett who eats one everyday of the week & 2 on sunday.
    Rece…honestly dont waist you time with this moron. Just remember this idiot is the biggest fan of dudes who pull out of fights & avoids real competition to keep a good record.
    As for the Noons/Heun fight…this is just another example of Coker not thinking things through. Because if he did, then we would be seeing Noons/Diaz 2.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    lol at the n00bs saying Noons will beat Huen. please, Noons has about a 25% chance in this fight.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey liverpunch- I said eat A dick not mine…but I know you like Fedor’s Russian tube steak so be my guest…
    the point was you called me out for saying crazy horse was a bad business move…hmm I guess I was right & you really can’t have a rebuttal to that. Am I supposed to commend Coker & the execs. for a there trivial business moves or should I make valid points and laugh at these guys when a fan like myself can forecast a negative result to a bad business decision. Now go ahead and post some retarded shit that you think is worthy of a reply cause this was the only reply your getting from me


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