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Dana White optimistic about producing 100 shows a year, opening office in China

With their sites already firmly locked onto international markets such as Europe, Canada, and Australia, the UFC currently appears poised to take China by storm.

On the heels of announcing a recently assembled office in Canada, UFC President Dana White recently spoke optimistically on the prospect of the company taking its act to Asia in the very near future.

“Right now, what we’ve used to go into Europe and even Australia is our U.K. office,” said White during a recent report on “But we’re looking right now – and here I go jumping ahead of myself and saying stuff before we do it – but we’re going to open an office in China.”

White went on to speculate that the UFC could end up producing a total of 100 shows a year if everything continues going according to plan.

“This is is a work in progress,” White told ( “We bought this company, and we were doing five fights a year. If you would have told me six or seven years ago that we’d be doing 34 fights a year, I would have said, ‘That’s impossible. It’ll never happen. That’s crazy.’ We’re probably going to end up doing 100 fights a year.

“We could have a show [in the U.S.] on Saturday night and five more going on in five other countries. That’s what’s going to eventually happen. It’s figuring this thing out, putting the pieces together, and like I said, it’s a work in progress. But I’m telling you guys, I said it years ago, and I’ve been saying it – how big this thing is going to be. I think people are now really starting to realize how big this thing is really going to be.”

  • Rece Rock says:

    What’s that average 8 or 9 shows a month?? That would be awesome.

    Imagine having multiple shows in different places but the PPV is just the headline fights from the different cards

  • danw84 says:

    $5000 a year in PPV costs?


  • aimres says:

    PPV costs?
    I’m still wondering how every other country gets to watch events for free.
    While Americans are still forced to pay for the same content.
    Its incredibly lame and no one talks about it.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    Wow I can appreciate his confidence and I’m not complaining. But Dana lost his mind. That would be nearly 2 shows a week. That’s unfathomable. Plus wouldn’t it be watered down

  • I think the main reason it’d be so tough to do so many shows is the number of quality fighters involved. Will they have a sort of development league in certain markets holding fights and then promote them to the major leagues? As it is, they dump talent out after 2 losses and the guy goes out to smaller shows to build up again. Something has to change for them to maintain such a large amount of fight cards or they’ll run out of talented fighters putting on a show.

  • MickeyC says:

    They would need alot more fighters. I have the feeling the China cards would have popular chinese fighters. Problem is, china fans are more worried about characters and theatrics than they are about good fights and clean UA’s. Dana better start drafting from other organizations if he plans to fill the cards with good fighters. I have the feeling this will be a while anyway, if it were gona be soon, he should have kept fights like Kimbo & Paul Bentello to help fill cards with known fights. Speaking of Kimbo & paul, that could be a decent stand up fight.

  • twyg says:

    Incorporate the WEC, open a 125 wieght class and keep fighters regardless of their records and it is possible. Not to mention opening in Asia you open up the whole fighting community there to start training for MMA. As it stands boxing is still the predominant fight sport in most of the world, and if MMA takes off there is a large pool of potential fighters. Having to pay for 50 plus PPV a year though is going to be bullshit. Figure one PPV a week plus a fight night a week. GSP is going to have to fight more then twice a year.

  • stone says:

    100 shows a year seems to be a bit much… Yeah I wouldn’t mind but, let’s be realistic. How about this Mr.DW, 1 UFC on Versus, 1 PPV Event, & 1 Fight Night every month & 1 TUF Finale every other month… That’s 42 shows! Along with your usual WEC schedule, is well over 50 shows! Realistic n pretty F’n Awesome!… Oh yeah WEC events should always be on basic cable (VS. Channel) 4 free!!!!

  • stone says:

    Aimres has blogged the most valid point of ALL TIME! Doubt they’ll ever be free but hell, charge the whole F’n world… Just drop the PPV price to something more reasonable like 20 bucks a pop. 50 or 60 bucks makes a lot of people avoid payin n just goin to their local hot wing joint or sports bar

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    How many shows does the UFC currently produce in a year,if you include PPVs, Unleashed, Fight Nights, all the preview shows to PPVs,and WEC events?

    Hell ,even two years ago,whoda thunk they’d do that ?
    Is it possible he knows what he’s talking about?

    Uhhh…”Dana will have to get more fighters”.
    Geee..Thanks,Captain Obvious.
    Isn’t that part of the whole idea?

  • LiverPunch says:

    So at this rate, in 10 years there will be a card every 2 hours.
    This is a good way to get press but it is just a way to get press. 100 shows maybe, 100 fight cards, never. Unless they have more than 2 sets of fighters (WEC and UFC) it is impossible. Even if you had 5 divisions in each, had the champions defend titles 3 times a year that leaves 70 shows of non-title main events. As it is now, the MMA public is at its peak saturation in my opinion. With Dream Bellator WVR UFC and SF we have over 40 good fight cards a year. That is already nearly 1 a week.

  • GregGorey says:

    The guy who thinks M-1 and CBS are too hard to work with is going to work with the People’s Republic of China? no way.


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