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Bellator 20 Complete Live Results is on-site at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio where Bellator Fighting Championships is gearing up for tonight’s Bellator 20 event!

On tap, the promotion’s middleweight tournament comes one step closer to establishing a contender for current champ Hector Lombard‘s title as a duo of semi-final bouts are set to unfold on the card. On one side of the bracket, Jared Hess will take on Alexander Shlemenko while on the other Bryan Baker faces Eric Schambari.

Also scheduled for the show are former UFC heavyweight Eddie Sanchez, as well a regional “superfight” featuring Texans Aaron Rosa and Robert Villegas.

Bellator 20 will be broadcast live in prime time nationwide on Thursday on FOX Sports Net and during special Bellator highlight shows this Saturday night on NBC, Telemundo and mun2.

A full set of live results are listed below:

Kenneth Battle vs. Fernando Rodriguez

Sam Hoger in Battle’s corner. Rodriguez gets lots of love from hometown crowd. Feeling out turns into takedown counter from Rodriguez. Action stays on ground. Rodriguez gets Battle’s back but Battle defends position well. Rodriguez locks up arm and lands strikes, many of which are to the back of Battle’s head but go without warning from the ref. Battle reverses position but gets caught in Triangle attempt with ten seconds in first frame. Triangle turns into armbar. Round ends.

Round two starts out with both men swinging against the fence. Rodriguez ends up in side control from the back, rains down a few punches, locks in choke, and gets the tap.

Winner -Fernando Rodriguez via Submission Round 2

Humberto DeLeon vs. Jimmy Flick

Flick comes out and throws a big shot. Men scramble and go to the ground. DeLeon grabs neck, then goes for guillotine attempt. Flick controls from top. DeLeon goes for triangle but no luck.

Second round and Flick comes out throwing a big kick which ends up putting him on his backside. Recovers, then ends up on top again in guard after the scramble. DeLeon locks in a nice armbar attempt but Flick escapes. Back into guard. Men stand up, throw a few more shots, and the round ends.

Third round and Flick ends up in guard again within first 30 seconds. Both working hard on the ground. Flick gets DeLeon’s back. Remainder of the round stays in a similar position with Flick eventually ending up in side control, dropping down some nice knees to the body, and ultimately emerging the bout’s winner.

Winner – Jimmy Flick via Decision

Brian Melancon vs. Adam Schindler

Fighters start out swinging with technique thrown to the wind. Some nice shots are landed but nothing that changes the tide of the bout.

Melancon and Schindler start the second out exchanging leather as well before Schindler gets a takedown. He is unable to advance position so the two return to their feet. A takedown later and Schindler ends up in half-guard. He lands an elbow that opens Melancon up as the round expires.

The third frame starts out like the first two with wild punches and kicks. Both fighters are bleeding now. Schindler shoots in but gets stuffed. A few more punches from both and Schindler goes for another takedown. Melancon sprawls effectively for awhile, but Schindler continues to work and eventually works his way on top and into half-guard. Schindler moves into Melancon’s guard and throws a few punches/hammerfists. Schindler prepares to advance which leads to Melancon rolling to avoid the change in position. Schindler gets his back for awhile, then ends up back on top in half-guard. He lands a few punches prior to the bell expiring. There may not have been a finish but Schindler certainly shouldn’t be asking himself if he could have done more when reflecting on the performance.

Winner – Adam Schindler via Decision

Cedric Marks vs. Andrew Chappelle

Fighters feeling each other out after big leg kick from Chapelle. Lock up, ends up with Chapelle getting the takedown and working into side control. Chapelle back into mount position but Marks keeps him from posturing up. Chapelle drops a few elbows in an attempt to get loose but Marks holds on. Chapelle transitions into his back and lands a few punches from behind. Chapelle grabs a hold of Marks’ neck but runs out of time before locking anything in.

Similar start to second round with Chapelle dropping a few bombs from the top, once again getting Marks’ back, and this time locking in the choke. The crowd approves of the performance as well as a post-fight backflip from the victor.

Winner – Andrew Chapelle via Submission Round 2

Robert Villegas vs. Aaron Rosa

Villegas charges in and pushes Rosa into the cage. He tires to drag Rosa to the canvas but Rosa refuses to go down easily. The fighters seperate and Rosa becomes the agressor, though Villegas is able to use his momentum against him and pushes Rosa up to the fence again. The two back off each other, then start throwing punches with both men doing equal damage. Rosa locks back up with Villegas who appears to pull guard. He decides to give up on advancing position so the two stand back up and begin scrapping again. At one point Villegas even motions for Rosa to “bring it”. Rounds ends with more punching but no stumbling/sleeping.

The second round opens up like the first with Rosa ending up in Villegas’ guard again. Rosa works the body and head from the top but can’t land anything significant so the referee decides to stand the two Texans up. They immediately go right back into throwing punches with both landing a few shots in the process. The San Antonio crowd starts chanting for their hometown boy as the round ends with more, semi-ineffective stand-up.

More of the same in the third, though Villegas looks a little tired and is letting his hands drop. Villegas drops to his back and attempts a half-hearted kneebar that Rosa easily pulls out of. Rosa jumps into his guard and goes back to trying to strike from the top. Villegas controls his arms for the most part and little damage is actually done. Rosa pulls out and steps back but Villegas doesn’t appear to want to return to his feet. Needless to say the audience disappoves. The referee finally stands him up with ten seconds and both men fire away power shots as time expires.

Winner – Aaron Rosa via Decision

Nik Mamalis vs. Mark Oshiro

Oshiro starts out with a leg kick and comes in with a few more strikes before Mamalis grabs underhooks and pushes him up against the cage. Mamalis gets Oshiro to the ground but runs into the Hawaiian’s rubber guard. Oshiro controls from the bottom while Mamalis continues to push him up against the cage. Mamalis postures up and lands a few punches. Oshiro takes advantage of the position and goes for an unsuccessful triangle attempt. Mamalis switches to side control, postures up, and eventually ends up back in the rubber guard. Mamalis scoops him up and slams him on his back for the attempt. Oshiro upkicks a downed Mamalis and gets warned for the foul but no points are deducted. The fighters exchange a high five and action continues. Round ends with Mamalis on top.

Oshiro comes out kicking again, but Mamalis shows he isn’t afraid to stand and fires a few shots back. Mamalis ends up taking Oshiro down in a scramble, takes his back, rolls into mount, then return to Oshiro’s back where he locks in a RNC for the second round sub.

Winner – Nick Mamalis via Submission Round 2

Eddie Sanchez vs. Marcus Sursa

Opening round features a lot of clinching against the cage. Sanchez controls bulk of action, including a few takedowns, with Sursa taking advantage of a failed guillotine attempt to get on top at one point.

Second round opens with Sursa dropping Sanchez with a clean shot to the jaw but he’s unable to finish things. Sanchez has a broken nose, but recovers and eventually gets on top of Sursa. The former UFC heavyweight works some decent ground-and-pound, including a brutal elbow in the process. Sanchez gets mount, Sursa turtles up to defend, and somehow weathers a series of strikes from the mount to end the round. Huge amount of heart displayed by Sursa and credit to the referee for not stopping things.

Sanchez rushes in to start off the third, takes Sursa down, and goes back to ground-and-pounding him. Almost gets mount, then throws some punches from the side and it appears Sursa has had enough. Referee calls for stoppage less than 30 seconds in.

Winner – Eddie Sanchez via TKO Round 3

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Jared Hess

Shlemenko comes out to “Du Hast” by Rammstein, Hess to country music. Care to guess which song the crowd preferred?

Action starts on their feet with a few leg kicks and pawing jabs. Neither seems ready to fully commit to swinging but Hess is the agressor for sure. Hess fakes a punch, then shoots in and takes Shlemenko down. Hess in side control, working to advance, but his Russian adversary holds on and prevents any major change in position. Hess gets Shlemenko’s back with fellow Bellator fighter Roger Huerta shouting out instructions from ringside and encouraging his fellow Austinite.

Hess almost locks in a RNC but Shlemenko keeps his chin tucked and prevents the hold. Fights goes back into standing position temporarily, then back to the ground with Hess taking Shlemenko’s back and landing a few punches before the first round ends. Fighters roll around a bit with Hess landing in guard for the rest of the fight.

Second round opens with Shlemenko throwing a kick and getting taken down for his effort. Hess works from the guard but can’t fire away with anything too powerful due to Shlemenko’s defense. Schlemenko throws up a triangle and locks it in. Hess tries to slam him but can’t, then escapes the hold, gets Shelmenko’s back, and almost locks in his own submission. Shlemenko works for a kneebar to no avail. Fighters roll around for a bit with Hess on ending up on top as the round ends.

Third sees more stand-up with Shlemenko getting the best of things. Hits Hess with some nice shots, but action slows down. When referee asks Hess to stand he tries but collapes. Further examination reveals some sort of serious damage to Hess’ knee that has rendered the joint into an enormous swollen mess. Replay reveals Hess apparently he dislocated his kneecap when planting his leg wrong. The crowd lets loose a series horrified “oohs” during each replay.

Winner – Alexander Shlemenko via TKO Round 3 (injury)

Bryan “The Beast” Baker vs. Eric Schambari

Feeling out process on their feet with Baker getting a nice punch or two in but nothing major. Schambari shoots in for a takedown, puts Baker’s back against the cage, and eventually scoops him up to procure it. Baker throws up a triangle that looks tight but doesn’t appear to be able to finish Schambari. A minute later the triangle is still in, Schambari is no longer able to hold out, and taps to the choke.

Winner – Bryan Baker via Submission Round 1

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Plz Alex show that cold blooded Siberian killer instinct and leave Hess in an unconscious stupor.

  • Hess’ knee injury…definitely something i’ve never seen.

  • Rece Rock says:

    That shit is painful looking… I’m guessing the damage is far beyond just poppin the knee cap back in place. Rough.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Hess was knocked out from that knee, that’s what caused him to fall like that. I don’t think he would’ve collapsed like that otherwise. Overall another solid night of fights from BFC. Thursday’s are starting to become my favorite day of the week.

  • Guthookd says:

    Ahhh, Comcast decided to go ahead and cover this one and I’m glad they did.

    Schlemenko looked decent against Hess, but Hess is a tough guy with great wrestling. I agree with Jstew…Hess was knocked out by that knee, which is what caused him to fall in the position that caused his own knee damage. Similar to CroCop/Ganzaga. Looks like a blown ACL and MCL and probably a bunch of damage to his meniscus. Poor bastard……physical therapy after an ACL surgery really sucks.

    BTW…not bad submission attempts by the striker Schlemenko. He would have had me in a triangle.

    Baker looked great against Shambari. Baker is really getting good. I dont’ know why he wouldn’t pull Shamari’s head down while he had him in the triangle though….you know his JJ coach was probably screaming at him to pull the head down. Finished it anyhow, so who cares I guess.

    So, Baker vs. Schlemenko. I pick Baker via something special.

  • JBAR says:

    Dana needs to show the video of Hess fighting with a dislocated knee and wanting to continue to fight with it when he gives his do you want to be a fighter speech to guys. Adrenaline or not that was a gutsy performance. It was killing me watching it when he was pulling guard and continuing to work. Hope he is able to recover.


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