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Chuck Liddell talks TUF, the reason Tito backed out, and his fight with Franklin a RearNakedRadio Extra!

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, and current coach on season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell was our guest today on a special Rear Naked Radio extra. Liddell spoke with RNR and syndicated talk show host Richard Hunter today.

During the interview, Liddell discussed  his layoff,  The reason Tito pulled out of their scheduled fight ( Yes you read about it here Exclusively March 17) ,  and his up coming fight with Rich Franklin.

Rear Naked Radio broadcasts live every Monday at 4pm ET and is the official radio partner of FiveOuncesofPain’s Managing Editor Cory Brady serves as a co-host to the broadcast duo of Richard Hunter and Pugs Moran

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  • bigbadjohn says:

    Who’s got Chuck and who’s got Rich? I’m undecided but Rich seems a safer pick. He really hasnt been outclassed ever outside of Anderson and maybe Belfort. Im seeing a decision for this one also

  • OMNIpotus says:

    Chuck had better be careful. NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are really binding and strict. Since this has bearing on as-of-yet undisclosed events on a reality show, he could be in some really hot water. I don’t want to see him lose his Ambassador of Fun title.

  • I could see Ace just piling up the points with combinations for a UD, but I’m pulling for Chuck and a KTFO!

  • Makington says:

    Before, Chuck could get away with having his hands so low with a good chin and fast reflexes. Now that age has worn on, he has lost a lot in both those areas, which has led to the popular knockouts. Just seeing the knees he ate through in his fight with Overeem a few years back at Pride makes me cringe, and now he couldn’t take even one of them.

    Rich looks like he’s just starting going down the same road, which sucks because he’s my favourite fighter of all time. Bias aside, I don’t think he’s as far down the road as Chuck and still has some good fights left in him, more than enough to overwhelm a still dangerous Iceman.

  • Talengard says:

    I’d like to see Chuck get another win, but it might be time for him to hang ’em up. And “Ace” isn’t much better. We haven’t seen Rich Franklin since the second Anderson Silva fight. The Spider broke something in Rich Franklin and I don’t think he’ll ever be a contender again.

  • stone says:

    Yeah Rich n Chuck are “Ol’School” but if the UFC keeps matchin up the ol’ heads it still makes for a good show! I just hate to see a fan fave like Chuck not knowing when to Hang’em up… I swear its gonna hurt to see Chuck lose again but its almost a given… RF will most likely KO Chucky! Kudos to Chuck for always bein the “Finish or Get Finished” fighter… Even his 2 decisions were wars!

  • Chuck all the way. Rich doesn’t have the knock out power IMOP and chucks takedown defense is off the charts. There is now way Rich wins Unless Chucks age is really catching up to him


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