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“Bones” Jones vs. “The Janitor” official for “UFC on Versus 2”

The Ultimate Fighting Championship made their second event to be broadcast live on The Versus Network official today, finalizing a long expected main event between the fast rising Jon “Bones” Jones and Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko.

“UFC on Versus 2” will take place on August 1 from the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

Also made official today for the event is a middleweight showdown between Mark Munoz and Yushin Okami.

While not set in stone through the promotion at this point, other bouts expected to make the cut during “UFC on Versus 2” include Joe Stevenson vs. Takanari Gomi, Jim Miller vs. Gleison Tibau and much more.

  • Hohlraum says:

    I’m glad that Jones turned down the fight with (Little) Noguiera. They are both great fighters and deserve to be eased into their careers against fighters with similar records/experience. I think if Jones demolishes Matyushenko he could safely step up to some of the top 10 ranked fighters.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m a huge Jones fan, mostly because he seems to be as good of a person outside the cage as he is a terror inside it, but this isn’t exactly a cake walk. The Janitor is a tough SOB and if Jones doesn’t prepare properly or for some reason looks past this, he might find himself in a clos fight. However, if he comes out like he has in every fight of his I’ve seen, The Janitor may need facial surgery on Monday. Those elbows of his are vicious!

  • slammy862 says:

    The Janitor has some impressive wins under his belt, but Jones is a wrecker.

    Should be a good test for the future champ Bones.

  • Dr. Sardonicus says:

    Love watching Jones fight. Barring mishap, he will eventually be a wonderful champion for the sport. I feel Jones could beat anyone in the division now and Matyushenko is no exception.

  • MickeyC says:

    I see Jones getting a stoppage due to elbows pretty early and eazy in the fight. No disrespect to the Janitor, but I’m ready to see jones battle some harder fights. He is wrecking inhis fights & has not even been tested for real.

  • nate says:

    perfect fight for jigga jones. no reason to fast track him just yet. & theres no reason to pad his record ala bobby lashley & s.f. vlady is perfect. not a can. not a beast. but a good test. keep him (jones) active. this way if jigga jonesy loses a couple fights he wont get cut right away.

  • Rece Rock says:

    UFC knows this guy will be a big draw for them and they are def. grooming him for future contention…

  • Niv says:

    I think Jones is a good fighter but he has a long way to go as far as I’m concerned before he’s dubbed the next Champ.

    Let him continue his progress and fight decent fighters, but at this stage a lot can happen and we’ll see where he truly lies when he faces some adversity.

    Let’s not forget the current champ is going to be a nightmare to dethrone and I think the Rua era will last a long time, so Jones may have to wait a while before he gets what everyone is already giving him.

  • stone says:

    Im gonna get alot of disagrees on this one!… Hohlraum says Jones turned down a fight w/ lil Nog? If he did, thats crap… That would have been a fight! We all know he’s gonna run right thru Vlad. Vlad is too old school for a young buck like Bones! Bones really pissed me off against Vera! Yeah he dropped an elbow from hell… But you gotta admit! If he wouldnt have stopped Vera w/ the elbow, we would have been in for a long borring fight of Bones taking down Vera over n over again… When we all heard the Jones vs. Vera fight announced, we ALL got ready for a “strikefest” Jones has awesome unorthadox strikes, spinning elbows and fast heavy hands and Vera’s thai boxing is pretty damn good… When the bell rang, what did we get? No stand-up war at all! Jones went straight for the takedown, Vera kicked him off and he went for the takedown again! It all goes back to the “greg jackson strategizing”. I just hope the G.Jackson camp doesn’t make him a borring fighter like it has the other G.J. campers! GSP fights have been lame and borring every since he hooked up w/ G.J… Rashad’s fights are always lame, until he knocked out chuck in the mid 2nd round that fight was also lame. Joe Daddy fights are borring now! Melvin Guillard’s last fight sucked etc. etc….PLEASE BONES, DONT TURN INTO ONE OF THEM!

  • AR15 says:

    I can kinda see what you’re saying there Stone. I agree that he shouldn’t of turned down the fight w/ Lil Nog. I never like to see a fighter turn down fights, for any reason. Whether it be contract issues, porn star issues(Tito) or u just being flat out scared to fight that particular fighter. Its my belief that no matter the opponent, you need to go into every single fight prepared to win & not scared to lose! IMO, you actually learn a lot more in a loss than you ever will in a win……….& thats about where our agreeing stops.
    GSP & Rashad Evans…boring fighters?????? If you honestly think this is true, then i would suggect just sticking w/ K1 or Boxing. The ground game is exciting to watch…if you understand it.

    Bones in 2nd via Dr. Stoppage from sharp, heavy, leathal elbows!!!

  • stone says:

    @ AR15… I love the ground game… The Diaz Bros., Nog, Maia, Hazelett, Cole Miller and on and on! It’s not the “Ground Fighters” it’s the “I can win this by decision” fighters!!! GSP (just as one example) is one of the best strikers, his KO vs. Jay Hierron i can watch over n over again! But c’mon! The Koscheck, Serra 2, Hardy, BJ Penn 2 and whatever other fight he fought after the KO lost to Serra have been absolutely rediculous!!! I know it, You know it and even Dana White knows it! “Submission of the Night” is my favorite bonus, hands down!!! I just want to see fights finished! I sure hope Rashad comes to fight! but when DW dangles the title shot in his face its almost a sure bet he’s gonna “strategize” the win!

  • Dr. Sardonicus says:

    GSP & Rashad Evans…boring fighters?????? If you honestly think this is true, then i would suggect just sticking w/ K1 or Boxing. The ground game is exciting to watch…if you understand it.

    My sentiments exactly. Even new fans can quickly grasp the basics of the ground game just by watching a little.

  • AR15 says:

    Ya…I feel what you’re saying Stone. I wanna see fights finished too, but at the same time I have to give great fighters like GSP & Rashad the benefit of the doubt that they are truly wanting & trying to finish the fight. So really if anything I’d say thats a testament to the competition they face. Granted they havent been the most exciting fights in the world to watch. It’s still entertaining(for me) to watch a battle of passing & regaining the guard, attempts & escapes of submittions even if little strikes are thrown. I always want to see the fight finished, however if you have to true warriors at heart that cant finish one another in 15 or 25 mins, i cant call em boring fighters. Thats just me

  • AR15 says:

    thats…”two true warriors…”


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