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UFC 113: Oh, what a night

What a night. Shogun starts his era as champ, Kimbo is cut, and Paul Daley manages to get fired for perhaps the worst post fight action I have seen since Tank Abbot fought in the UFC.

The frustrating thing about it is I am sure there are fans out there who also want to punch Josh Koscheck in the head and as someone who has watched as the 170lb weight class has become the most boring class in the UFC I see where those fans are coming from. But Dana is spot on by banning Paul from the organization, period. As a fighter to be taken down for 15 or in Dan Hardy’s case 25 minutes has to be extremely frustrating. But as a fan it gets increasingly frustrating to see one-dimensional fighters like a Paul Daley come into the cage with one game plan, punch, and discover when your jiu jitsu is lack-luster and you have to wage a takedown defense war against the second best in the organization you are in for a long night and so are we.

I cannot think of a worse fight on paper or in reality than Koscheck and GSP, can you? Two guys who are going to engage in a war of attrition via takedowns after watching a season of The Ultimate Fighter, thanks, but no thanks.

Maybe I am being harsh but I am not sure I can think of a fight at 170lbs that I would want to see with the performances that GSP has put on recently and that despite Paul Daley’s eye gouges, illegal knees, and post fight hockey scrum that Koscheck still did not find a way to finish him a la Anthony Johnson, it is beyond me.

We all got to see the end of the Machida era, the end of the Penn era, I think or at least hope that soon that same fate meets Anderson Silva, and I don’t think I am alone in thinking that Shane Carwin will dethrone Lesnar. But for the next 6-7 months or until after a season of door smashing, bad acting and even worse fights we have to sit through another 25 min takedown clinic before we get the answer to the question of who would be next for GSP.

UFC 113 had some ups and downs and certainly some surprises but for me I walk away thinking that I am embarrassed for every being a fan of Paul Daley, believing that the Karate Kid stuff was real, and looking for something to do on a random Saturday night when GSP and Koscheck will headline a pay-per-view that will make GSP vs. Dan Hardy look like Griffin vs. Bonnar I.

2009 was a tough year for the UFC in the heavyweight division but that seemed to work it self out and become one of the most exciting divisions in the organization. I think 2010 is the year that the welterweights bring a bit of the “show” to the show business of mixed martial arts and not the type of Vince McMahon show that Paul Daley tried to put on Koscheck but exciting fights with finishes because that is what the fans come to see and frankly what they pay for. Right or wrong this is the fight game and fighting to test your skills and fighting to protect the belt have become two completely separate strategies that I would like to see merge together at 170lbs and change up the tempo of the top tier of that division.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Machida era?… yea the guys good and went 16-0 but he only had the title for one successful (questionable) defense… to state a Penn era and a Machida era in the same sentence is like apples and oranges to me… I’m not trying to be cynical just saying…

  • cere says:

    Machida era?… yea the guys good and went 16-0 but he only had the title for one successful (questionable) defense… to state a Penn era and a Machida era in the same sentence islike apples and oranges to me… I’m not trying to be cynical just saying…  

    There could have been a Machida era. It was bad luck on his part the he drew Rua as his first titles defence. Rua has the style, obviously, that machida could not overcome. But, put him up against Rashad, Rampage, Forrest, Jardine, Chuck or any other notable 205er and he would have better than even odds of maintaining his title through a few defenses. Had the UFC not opted to put Rampage in against Rashad and instead put him against Machida, as should have been the case, he might have had at least a single solid defense.

    When did Penn defend against a consensus top 10 p4p, especially one that had the perfect style match up for him? Penn is great, but so is Machida. Rua just has him number.

  • Dufresne says:

    I have to agree that there was no Machida era, and I have to agree that it’s mostly because of the fighter that Rua was and is becoming again. A granite chinned, aggressive ball of destruction. His striking may not be as technically pretty as Machida’s elite level karate, but damn if it’s not effective. He’s smart, watches tape, times opponents and then smashes them in the head a la Chuck and now Lyoto. I’m not saying that Rua will rule the division with an iron fist for years, but he’s gonna be a hell of a fight for anyone now that he’s back in shape and seemingly healthy. I think the LHW division should be thanking God that the UFC doesn’t allow stomps anymore.

    I’m not sure I want to see Silva crushed to be honest. I haven’t been happy with his recent title defenses (his venture into 205 was astonishing though) but I still think he’s the best P4P in the world. I would love to see him win a few more times, fight Belfort (what I really want to see to be honest) and then go up in weight class. I have no desire to see him go to WW.

    As for Kos/GSP II, it’s gonna be one of two things. Another wrestling clinic by GSP, just like the first one, or it’s gonna be a striking clinic which could actually be entertaining. I’m at about 85:15 wrestling:striking at this point.

    Oh and Paul Daley is a chode.

  • blue says:

    I cannot think of a worse fight on paper or in reality than Koscheck and GSP, can you? Two guys who are going to engage in a war of attrition via takedowns after watching a season of The Ultimate Fighter, thanks, but no thanks.

    So Eric, O’Brien has no appreciation for the the ground game of MMA.

  • MCM says:

    “worse fight on paper….” How about GSP v Sheilds, or Sheilds v Fitch, or the one alot of people actually want, Fitch v Koscheck.
    I’m actually looking forward to the Kos/GSP fight. I think Kos will be able to take him down this time and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen GSP on his back. Not saying he’s gonna win, but I think it will be closer than anything we’ve seen in awhile from the WW title holder.
    I too think that Anderson is gonna loose to Sonnen. Anderson has been afraid to go to the ground in every fight he’s had and I don’t see Chael having a problem putting him there. (‘course I though Hardy was a match for GSP too, so we’ll see)

    Rua will also loose in his first title defense…..cause that’s the way the LHW belt works.

  • blue says:

    In their first fight, Kos (as well as most of the MMA World) was taken by surprise that GSP had developed such a wrestling ability and GSP was willing to try and out-wrestle Kos. Before the Kos fight, GSP was considered a striker.

    Kos will not be surprised this time. In fact, I would not be surprised to see GSP elect to fight this this one from his feet and Kos will be willing to oblidge. I am not expecting a fight of the year, but I would not surprised if it was.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    I cannot think of a worse fight on paper or in reality than Koscheck and GSP, can you? Two guys who are going to engage in a war of attrition via takedowns after watching a season of The Ultimate Fighter, thanks, but no thanks.

    i got to this part and stopped reading.
    who exactly is supposed to give a shit about your opinion? opinion pieces are good to read but this is no different than the shit you read on a thousand forum posts from ignorant semi-fans who only want to see stand up fights. is this really what 5oz has come to? is there really no one else available who can put together a decent piece that can actually influence debate instead of just writting down the first piece of shit they woke up with on Monday morning?

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I don’t see anyone beating Shogun right now. He destroyed Rampage back in Pride. I know that was years ago but Rampage has actually become more one-dimensional while Shogun has always been extremely well rounded. I don’t know if it would go down the same way, but I would favor Shogun heavily.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Stylewise, I like Silva vs Sonnen. I don’t think Chael will be able to win, but he is definitely going to bring it. Silva will have no time for mugging. He will be trying to KO a relentless takedown machine, or trying to buck him, or submit him.

    I really want to see Nate Marquardt fight Silva, but Sonnen was able to control Nate The Great for about 13 of the 15 minutes they fought. I suspect, even if the Silva fight goes that direction, that Anderson will find Sonnen’s lightswitch.

  • EricOBrien says:


    I would not say I am not a fan of the ground game as someone who has been involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 8 year, but I would be lying if I said I think these two make for an interesting fight. Are they skilled, without a doubt. But styles make fights and if both men fight “conservatively” as Koscheck said he was late Saturday night into Sunday morning I don’t see this as a striking clinic but a wrestling match and while I can admire the skill I would rather see them take it to the ground and then finish than just control.

    It is merely a preference because I understand the stress to keep the belt because of what it means to be the champ in the UFC so I understand why they do it but I write not because it is the first thing that comes to my head on a Monday but to start discussions just like this.


  • marmalade_sally says:

    We all enjoy see fights finished, but the reality is most of us know that fighters are too smart and well coached to put themselves at risk just for the fans enjoyment. I pay money to see the best guys compete and if that means 25 minutes of top level wrestling so be it. Even matchups between two strikers nowadays can be so cerebral and cautious that fireworks rarely ensue.

  • marmalade_sally says:

    I am more annoyed that after a long layoff we have to wait another 6 months to see the ww title defended. I hate title fights being used to promote TUF.

  • OJ Stevenson says:

    I really want to see Nate Marquardt fight Silva, but Sonnen was able to control Nate The Great for about 13 of the 15 minutes they fought.

    They already have fought.

  • mikefab says:

    Koscheck is on Ferrall Show and said, “I pulled a Ric Flair on the knee. I wanted to get the point and secure the round.” He also said you can see a “cut” on his head after the knee.

  • elkymbo says:

    That was still one of the best nights if fights I’ve seen from the ufc in a long time.

  • edub says:

    See hindfights comment above:

    Why do you think Koscheck would use the same conservative approach he used against Daley? Daley had won way to win. To say GSP has many would be an understatement.

  • EricOBrien says:

    Yes, Daley had one way to win and Koscheck was conservative to insure that he got to GSP and precisely because of GSP’s arsenal is why I think this will be an extremely technical match much like two black belts in a BJJ tournament, subtle movements lost on most of the crowd that will result in a five round decision.

    I don’t see GSP engaging in a stand up war and I think it will be a battle of who can take the other down verse who can defend those shots. A 25 minute game of attrition, not the flashy incredible knock outs that people think of when they think title fights (Carwin vs Mir) and visually that is not all that exciting. Technical yes…

  • Mulletsoldier says:


    It is not often that, after reading such a terrible article, one is presented with the opportunity of telling said author how terrible the article truly was. And indeed, while relatively well-written, the article was quite terrible. Allow me to clarify my opinion.

    Unfortunately, you and your contentions lack a certain significant quality that all writers and their pieces possess: perspective and context. In this case, an adept perception of recent history and the context in which events occur, relative to GSP’s “recent fights.” In reality, the only “recent” performance – in the singular, not the plural as you expressed – of GSP which was boring was Hardy, and it was certainly not an exciting performance. This much is true.

    However, his five fights prior to that – Hughes, Serra, Fitch, Penn and Silva – were anything but, and the last three occurred under the purview of his massively improved wrestling. While the T. Silva fight was quite the clinic in wrestling, it also featured some vicious ground-and-pound on GSP’s part, several submission attempts, but most importantly GSP contesting (and winning) on the feet against his most dangerous opponent. Similar points can be made against Penn, which was not only exciting due to the pre-fight hype, but also because of the astute strategy that GSP’s camp had employed. And as his last “finishes” (discounting Penn’s TKO) the Hughes and Serra fights were thorough domination.

    With all that being said, though, it is none other than the fight against Kos’ teammate which truly illuminates the disappointingly small amount of perspective you possess. While GSP very successfully used his shot against Fitch, the fight was largely contested on the fight with GSP brutalizing a very game Jon Fitch – at one point knocking his mouth-guard into the front row. Now, here is the important question: why was the fight contested there? Not only because GSP possessed a significant advantage on the feet, but also because Fitch’s strong base negated GSP from establishing ground offense. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to expect much different in this forthcoming fight.

    GSP’s wrestling is head and shoulders above Kos’, and that was clearly evidenced by Kos being completely unable to take T. Silva down, while GSP went 90% in his TD attempts. Do we really feel, as a community, that Kos’ wrestling has massively improved since that point. Quite frankly, it has not. GSP will dictate the pace of this fight, and as his striking is more dynamic, expect a varied attack from the champion.

    All in all, I would expect to see such disappointingly inept commentary on CageWriter, but not here.


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