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Koscheck on Daley: I’m gonna go in there, wrestle his a** down and rear naked choke him

There’s no doubting the fact that Paul Daley‘s best chance of coming out of his third bout in the UFC with a consecutive victory rests upon his ability to keep his upcoming showdown with Josh Koscheck on the feet at UFC 113. Unfortunately for the heavy handed Brit, his opponent has a different agenda in mind.

Koscheck recently spoke on the upcoming match-up between the two scheduled for May 8 from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the second edition of his UFC 113 blog over at where he had this to say and much more…

Every time Paul Daley goes to bed at night, he’s gotta think “Oh $%^%, Josh Koscheck’s probably gonna take me down and throw me on my head.’ Every single time he throws a punch, he’s gonna have to worry about getting thrown on his head with a takedown, and that’s where I would be worried if I were Paul Daley.

So if you’re a betting man, you better go to Vegas right now, and put money on Josh Koscheck because now that the guy has pissed me off, I can guarantee you that I’m gonna go in there and wrestle his ass down and rear naked choke him in round one. There you have it. I’ll probably beat him up a little bit before I choke him out, but in round one, he’s getting choked out. And that’s what he’s gonna have to sleep with over the next week – ‘How the hell am I gonna stop from getting taken down and put on my ass?’

  • Dufresne says:

    Well, since the vast majority of Paul Daley’s losses are by way of submission (5/8), I’d say that’s probably the best game plan. His other losses are by decision to wrestlers (with one cause he dislocated his finger, not counting that as a real loss) so I would have to say that as long as Kos sticks to his gameplan, he’s got a hell of a shot.

  • Rich S. says:


    I want nothing more than for Daley to destroy Kos, and remain successful in the UFC.. But, Daley’s weakness seems to be grapplers, although he’s gotten better over the years, and Josh Koscheck is one hell of a grappler..

    I just don’t see how Daley wins this fight.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I think Kos’s best chance to win is on the ground but I think he will win the standup too.

  • MacBatty says:

    I hate Kos but, gotta say i totally respect the fact that he isnt doing the classic “Im going to stand with him” speach that so many Wrestlers & BJJ fighters do….

    I hate listening to a guy talk for the whole preshow about how he is going to knock out the knock out artist and then as soon as the bell rings goes for the take down…at least Kos is keeping it real!

  • Creature says:

    If Koscheck doesnt underestimate him like he did thiago hes got this fight hands down, his stand up is pretty good now and everyone knows his wrestling and subs r extremely good.

    sorry daley but ur about 2 take ur first loss in the UFC

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    This is a Smelling Salt Special. I don’t think Koscheck is gonna be discipline enough to take it to the ground. I think his ego is gonna keep it standing

  • Makington says:

    I don’t think I would say Kos’ striking is better than Daley’s, but I think it’s still much better than he’s getting credit for. I think it’s more than enough to hang with Daley on the feet for as long as he needs to so he can clown him on the ground. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him bang it out with him for all 3 rounds though, as he has for his past few fights. He went toe to toe with Alves for all 3 rounds and blew right through Anthony Johnson who everyone thought was a KO machine. I’d be more nervous about standing with Alves than I would about Daley so I know Kos is either good enough or dumb enough.

    As a person he is annoying as hell but he’s still one of the most exciting welterweights in the game I think. He has too many facets to his game where Paul only really has one. Sure, he knocked out one of my personal favourites in Hazelett, but he really doesn’t have the best jaw to begin with, so I know it won’t happen like that to Kos. Yeah it’s MMA and we all know he could get clipped, but I don’t think this is the fight where it does.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think Kos will take this fight but not by RNC and not in the first round. Round one will be dangerous for Kos because Daley is very explosive with his takedown defense but after the first I think Kos will have wore him down and will get the ko/tko over Daley.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I’m not really a a Koscheck fan–I don’t hate him either–but Daley has a big mouth. I’d be happy to see Koscheck gnp him into jelly.

  • mu_shin says:

    I’d be happy to see a strong wrestler go into the cage and do his job, without having to worry about getting booed by idiot fans who only appreciate a standup fight, and worrying about putting on an “exciting” fight so the powers that be don’t hold the ground game against him… Grappling is a huge part of MMA, just as legit as the striking game, and should be respected as such.

  • Kos is really trying to conceal the game plan. In the UFC preview videos, he’s said that he might stand and bang just to prove a point, and now he threatens with takedowns and a submission win. I think Kos may have also attended WWE marketing school along with Dana.

  • Guthookd says:

    Daley by arm triangle in the first.

    J/K. :)

  • moosebaby02 says:

    dont like either of them. but daley better win unless he wants to end up like the next bisbing by running his mouth. cause i really really think that kos will take him down and teach him a lesson


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