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Aldo schools Faber, Henderson guillotines Cerrone at WEC 48

Jose Aldo solidified his place as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the sport this evening during WEC 48 with a one-sided schooling of a game Urijah Faber to retain his WEC featherweight championship.

The story of the fight was the right leg kick from Aldo, which slowly tenderized Faber’s left into a bruised and battered mass of flesh torward the bout’s conclusion. Aldo went on to score with a series of kicks to the body along with sharp combinations of punches to the chin of Urijah before appearing to hold¬†back in the final round before the judges ultimately ruled the bout in his favor via unanimous decision.

Benson Henderson entered the ARCO arena a champion and left with the gold still firmly attached to his waist after turning in a convincing first round submission victory over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the rematch of the war waged between the two last year.

Henderson looked to tie Cerrone up early in the opening round before firing off a savage series of knees that cause a goose egg to swell up on the right side of The Cowboy’s head. From there, Henderson secured a takedown from a waist lock in the clinch before catching Cerrone with the fight ending guillotine choke as Donald looked to scramble out of danger. An extremely impressive showing for the defending champion, and the fourth guillotine submission victory in his twelve wins as a professional.

WEC 48 took place from Sacramento, California, with the main card airing live on pay-per-view.

  • inkythewinky says:

    the last round of that was a stinker

  • slammy862 says:

    Aldo is going to Silva/Woods/J Johnson/ this division and that sucks!

    Everybody fighting for 2nd place will not draw sh*t.

    He needs to move up. He has the frame for it.

    Or he can settle in at 23 and rule.

    He needs to move to 155 and fight Ben Henderson or maybe even Penn.(who look like distant cousins)

  • Makington says:

    Aldo looked phenomenal tonight, but I’d say it’s still a little early to say send him to 155. There are still some really great fights at 145. I don’t see him losing, but I think Manny surprised enough people tonight with his KO of Mike Brown to earn his own title shot.

    The freaky thing about Jose is he is starting a kind of Anderson Silva-like dominance of his division and he’s still such a young guy. Basically he could hold 145 hostage for another 10 years lol.

    Faber will need a wheelchair for a while though. daaaaaaaaaamn.

    Very glad with my spent money tonight. I really have nothing bad to say about the night and I wouldn’t mind another huge card again in 8-12 months.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    Yea this card lived up to expectations. Which couldn’t be said of the previous two MMA events.

  • MickeyC says:

    do you think they.will wait a long time before another .PPV? Not sure if manny will get the next title shot. But if not him, who? Maybe an import? Has Eddie Alvarez ever fought at 145?

  • rage says:

    Slightly of topic but this is why i like 5oz of pain easy to read Article not to long and gets straight to the point i hate sherdog and there massive artictles they try so hard to put humor in there articles it seems so false..i hate sherdog sorry i had to get that off my chest!

  • Creature says:

    Anyone else think this is a perfect chance 4 fabor 2 move up to 155 and fight in the UFC? and honestly i think he would be a solid top 5 guy at 155

  • hindsightufuk says:

    personally i think Faber is a little too small at 155, but i’d like to see him try.

    awesome night of fights, for me the most enjoyable event of the year so far, gonna be hard to top.
    i dont reckon they will go ppv everytime tho will they? maybe just keep the set up the same, couple title fights and a few contenders, maybe twice a year? rest of the cards on free tv.

    hope Scott gets his title shot now

  • Dangerous says:

    Not alot of people gave Manvel a chance against Brown and he KO’d him pretty quick. He should get the next title shot but at this point, Aldo looks UNSTOPPABLE. I read somewhere that he’s thinking of trying to become MMA’s first triple weight class champion at 135, 145, and 155. The funny thing is I can actually see him doing it lol

  • LiverPunch says:

    Wow he has solidified his position as a top P4P fighter. They can now have a P4P tournenment in the magical world where that actually means something. Sure he is a great fighter at 145 but will he be able to beat Anderson Silva after they use the super-size-evening-upper ray?. I don’t know about that. I wonder if in that magical world when I keep on going on about P4P will I cease sound like a try hard wanker?. Probably not.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    people throw the p4p title around too much, two fights ago Miguell Torres was in everyones top 5, now no one mentions him. no doubt Jose is an animal, but i need to see him fight for a few more years before considering one of the p4p best

  • They should fold the WEC lightweights into the UFC now. A lot of them will get cut, for sure, but the best will at least be middle of the road fighters there. Give Henderson some more competition, the development promotion isn’t enough for him anymore.


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