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Post-fight brawl at “Strikeforce: Nashville” overshadows lackluster victories for Shields and Melendez

Jake Shields retained his Strikeforce middleweight championship this evening against Dan Henderson in a thoroughly convincing unanimous decision victory. Although it was Henderson who brought a wrestling advantage to the table on paper, it was Shields who had his way with the Greco-Roman grappler in the takedown department on his way to the first defense of his middleweight crown.

A worst case scenario unfolded following the bout as Jason “Mayhem” Miller entered the ring to call out Shields before being shoved by Jake and Gilbert Melendez, and ultimately going to the floor in a heap with Nick Diaz and others. The antics of all involved caused the sport to take a small step back due to the exposure of the event being aired live on CBS. It would come as a surprise if no fines were handed out in the aftermath of the melee. Stay tuned… 

Gilbert Melendez took DREAM lightweight champion Shinya Aoki out of his comfort zone for a solid twenty five minutes en route to a one-sided unanimous decision ruled to be a shutout (50-45) by all three judges scoring the bout ringside. “El Nino” chose to keep the bout between champions standing for the bulk of the contest and dominated the fight from the top position while peppering the Japanese sumbission specialist when the action went to the ground on the way to the first defense of his newly obtained Strikeforce lightweight title.

The pair of title fights took place from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee while airing live on CBS.

Also seeing action was Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, who out-hustled Gegard Mousasi while putting on a wrestling clinic to claim the Strikeforce light heavyweight championship, along with Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who TKO’d Tim Stout in the first round.

A full list of results from the event are below:

Cody Floyd def. Thomas Campbell via KO – Round 3

Dustin Ortiz def. Justin Pennington via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1

Zach Underwood def. Hunter Worsham via unanimous decision

Cale Yarbrough def. Josh Schockman via TKO – Round 2

Jason “Mayhem” Miller def. Tim Stout via TKO – Round 1

Andrew Uhrich def. Dustin West via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1

Ovince St. Preaux def. Chris Hawk via TKO – Round 1

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal def. Gegard Mousasi via unanimous decision (49-45, 49-45, 49-45)

Gilbert Melendez def. Shinya Aoki via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

Jake Shields def. Dan Henderson via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-45, 48-45)

  • Dufresne says:

    I guess I’m eating crow yet again after proclaiming long and loudly how Shields was gonna get his lunch money taken for the last few weeks.

    Henderson got rolled around for about 20 minutes of the fight and other than the first round did almost nothing. I gotta give it to Shields for controlling dominant position, but that being said I find it amazing that there wasn’t a single lump, bruise, cut, nothing on Henderson’s face after all of that. He looked like he had finished a long run, not a 5 round fight where he took 90% of the damage.

    As for Miller, I really don’t think he intended for that to happen like it did. I think Shields’ corner should be the most to blame for the brawl as they were the ones that shoved Miller and then jumped on him. How many times have we seen a fighter come running into the ring after a title fight to request a rematch? How many times have we seen it turn into a brawl? Hell, for all we know the Big Wigs of SF told Miller to go in there to try and drum up some hype for a potential rematch.

    In the end, regardless of who started it, it looked bad for the sport as a whole, but it’s nothing cataclysmic. This type of thing used to happen in boxing on a regular basis, even in it’s long run at the top of the sporting world. If SF takes the right steps and can somehow convince CBS to not cancel their future cards they can pull this back together.

    It did seem pretty reminiscent of the end of CBS’s other MMA promotion though…

  • damonkolt says:

    I don’t understand why CBS cut away. You just had three pretty boring fights where 2 of your best and well known fighters were dominated and you cut away from the most exciting part of the night. Strikeforce is second rate but this could have drawn in the ‘average fan’ like they keep talking about getting. CBS and Strikeforce can’t be above press like this if they want to survive longer than Elite or Afflicition.

  • redness says:

    wow not only was mayhem most likely told to do a face off but how could you not refrain from having a brawl on CBS like that. Come on. also would anyone ever pay for a SF pay pre view in the future Im sure they will have one some day I know I wouldnt. They be gone like the rest with in a year.

  • dpk says:

    MMA was a loser tonight, with these guys actions at the end.

    But Dana White comes out looking better than ever. He refused to over pay Hendo, and now he is going to pick up Shields and have an instant challenger for GSP. Aoki also lost, which should shut some people up about him being the best LW in the World. I’ve said for a while that he would never get a title shot in UFC because there are at least 4 guys who would beat him. UFC also won in the LHW match-up. Mousasi just resigned with Strikeforce for 2 years, and then got dominated. I don’t know how many fight Mo has left with Strikeforce, but if he keeps winning I’m sure UFC will have a massive contract waiting for him just like Shields when he is a free agent.

  • Niv says:

    I have to say that Mousasi looked terrible and even disinterested in his title defense. King Mo showed the wrestling everyone expected but showed nothing else, no ground and pound just take down after take down.

    Not sure what to think of Mousasi right now, I’ve watched him for several years now and didn’t see this type of performance in the cards at all. For his sake I hope he comes back and goes on a tear. His conditioning was suspect as well.

    Melendez and Ayoki was very predictable as Melendez did exactly what he had to do and did it well. Ayoki is dangerous and Melendez exposed Ayoki’s well known weakness.

    Jake Shields is a great fighter. He just showed some real guts and made Hendo look very plain doing so. Nothing but respect for Shields game and he is definitely the top 170lb out there after GSP in my opinion.

    As for the antics at the end of the night, Miller probably thought it was going to be met differently than it did, but when you have the Diaz brothers in the octagon he should have seen it coming. Not the best exposure for the sport, but it isn’t a big set back as far as I’m concerned.

    As for comments like SF will be gone within the year are silly. The card was a good one on paper and the headliner was great. If you think this will kill SF then you must be under the impression that MMA as a whole must be in peril based off of the past 2 UFC cards. GSP had a very uninspiring win over Hardy (who didn’t belong in the fight) and we all know about the last Spider meltdown.

    That’s just how it goes in fight sports.

  • retrofitting123 says:

    disaster ,,,,,,,,im shocked as to why they allowed 20 f,,kin ppl in the ring.KIng mo did well,the diaz brothers went gangster,and now sf is in big trouble

  • fetussandwich says:

    The stupidest decision of the night after the miserable 2.5 hours of the televised card was cutting to commercial break when that brawl broke out. This is without question the beginning of the end for Strikeforce.

  • Rich S. says:

    Get ready for the rant..

    This night of fights was bittersweet for me.. Being the first event I’ve ever gone to, the vibe was awesome, and it was entertaining.. But, I couldn’t wait for my dad (who watches MMA recreationally) to see Gegard and Shinya do what they do best on the main stage.. And, after tonight, it is safe to say that, in those three main events, we saw the ABSOLUTE MOST UNCHARACTERISTIC fights of Gegard, Aoki, AND Hendo’s careers..

    Mousasi fought so unfathomably different from how he normally does. I was nothing short of AMAZED by his lack of submission attempts. I may be miscalculating, but I believe he didn’t attempt a SINGLE SUBMISSION.. How is that even possible? This from the man that has 9 submissions on his record, probably half or more from his back.. And he doesn’t even TRY ANY in this fight? Incredible. That aside, he’s ended his last three fights by TKO, yet tonight, his striking was sloppy and I found myself begging him to just block and survive.. Oh, and the cardio.. I expected King Mo to break, which he did briefly after the first and during the second.. But the more tired Mousasi got, the more energized Mo got.. I was actually offended by the fact that Mousasi was just punching him from the bottom and trying for another upkick highlight KO instead of locking down a submission.. I guarantee he would’ve won by the second round if he would’ve looked for the triangle.. I know I’m getting repetitive here, but how about that takedown defense? I mean, he found a way to do EVERYTHING wrong in this fight.. It’s a shame..

    I’m willing to pass on Aoki. The cage drastically changed his normal strategy. But still, there were moments where I saw an available submission, and he just sat there.. I have NEVER seen him do that.. He normally pops multiple submission attempts off before I can even gather my thoughts.. He did get sort of close on a gogo, and a triangle, but he did nothing to lock them down.. What’s worse is the fact that Melendez wouldn’t just swarm him.. He must have been worried about a flying armbar or leglock because there was no reason to hold back in regards to Aoki’s striking.. I can think of 5 times where a good swarm from Melendez would’ve ended the fight..

    I’m going to keep this part brief, so I don’t let too many biases out and look like an asshole.. I’ll be honest, I was EXPECTING the upset from Shields.. Every time a fight gets hyped up as EASY for one of the guys, or lopsided, the shocker is due.. I knew it would happen, but I refused to believe.. I thought that Hendo would come through for me but he didn’t. I pictured Shields getting a miracle standing knockout, or joining the Nogueira’s and Silva as the only guys to ever submit Hendo.. But if you would’ve told me that Shields was going to completely dominate Dan Henderson for 4 rounds, and mount him 6 or 7 times, I would’ve laughed in your face.. Those body lock to sprawl moves from Hendo were awesome, but other than that, I was amazed by his lack of defense and mobility on the ground..

    Oh, and perhaps this is a testament to Shields’ fighting style, but it’s downright sad when you have your opponent mounted, and are punching him, and STILL, the referee is telling you to work or he’ll stand you.. If I mounted Hendo, I would do all in my power to shatter the possibility of me having to stand with him again..

  • Guthookd says:

    Oah my god….that DID NOT JUST HAPPEN on national television.

    That was absolutely insane.

    Strikeforce will not be seen on CBS again, ever.

    The craziest part, the brawl involved not one, not two, but three Strikeforce champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is the world coming too. Stupid Miller. Disrespect gets you checked.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Look, Mayhem is an act, but with plenty of talent/skill. He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do, and bring more fans to MMA in the process. But what he did tonight crossed the line. I don’t think anyone would disagree.

    And c’mon, Mayhem, you can’t do it with that thug MMA camp. That gang of goofs does what they do — take the fight with their opponent *literally* to the hospital, make obscene gestures in the cage during fights, smoke pot & taunt the athletic association, talk endless shit, and on & on. These guys are a joke.

    Mayhem + an MMA camp with no class ever = disaster.

    Without being overly dramatic, I can guarantee this set MMA back quite a bit. I can’t figure out if Dana is covering his eyes or laughing at Strikeforce. Probably a little bit of both.

  • Guthookd says:

    I would bet my life that Gegard is sick with the flu or something. That was horrible. Either that or he just plain doesn’t have any wrestling at all. Mo did what he had to do, but he did it against a Mousasi I’ve never seen before.

    I’m a new Melendez fan. Total domination through excellent game plan execution. Well done. I hope they do a rematch in Japan in a ring so Shinya has a chance to redeem him self.

    I don’t know what the hell was up with Hendo. Reminds me of that old saying in boxing….the last thing to go is the power. Well done Jake, not you just need to GET some power. Shields should have finished Dan via GnP for sure.

    All in all, I have to admitt, not much better than a Bellator card.

  • Guthookd says:

    Get ready for the rant.. …. Those body lock to sprawl moves from Hendo were awesome, but other than that, I was amazed by his lack of defense and mobility on the ground.. ..  (Quote)

    That body lock to sprawl business only work a couple times and then Jake was on to it. Unfortunately Hendo forgot what underhooks are for……and that he actually has hips.

  • MMASwami says:

    I was most disappointed in Mousasi. I really thought he was a better fighter than what he showed tonight. His gas tank looked horrible and he just got outworked and out positioned. King Mo executed a perfect game plan against a person that many thought was far superior. Got to give the dude props for his excellent performance. The other two title fights were pretty predictable, imho. I was a little surprised Henderson couldn’t keep the fight standing for more than what he did… but come on Shields… you had him mounted for almost 1/2 the fight and could barely do any damage at all…. I hate that there are no elbows in SF…I dont think it would have even mattered… but it’s certainly a tool that would/could have been used effectively for 1/2 the fight at least.

  • A few quick thoughts on tonights event. I officialy believe wrestling to be the best base for any MMA artist…overtaking Bjj.

    Mousasi would have won a 10 round fight. At 22 and now a former champ…That new deal SF signed him to still looks like a good decision.

    King Mo looks unstopable….Not unlike Rampage did at one point. American MMA is superior to all other. This is a fluid sport and that will probably change…but for now, and I think much credit goes to the UFC and their influence, American style is tops.

    I think BJ Penn is still the best 155 pounder in the world but Gilberts performance tonite makes me less certain.

    Did Mayhem set us back or create exactly the kind of controversy MMA needs. I wonder if mainstream media will be running their mouths about what a disgrace it was. How will CBS react. How will Les Moonves react to what happened?

    Is that Ceasr Gracie camp not the most interesting camp in MMA? I wanna see a reality show!

  • xtreme_machine says:

    although it will hurt MMA, Strikeforce, and some good fighters in the long run

    man the last little “JUMP” saved the show for me

    sucks for strikeforce but cant wait to she Dana rip on them

  • CBS’s refusal to cover the brawl was a bad decision. Live sport is news and entertainment!
    If CNN is out covering a tea party and a brawl starts during a live shot on the situation room, you think they would awkwardly cut away?

    If Tom Brady were to slug Mark Sanchez during a coin flip, would the camera cut away? Fact is.. what happened on Live tv tonite was news. Cbs decided to treat it the same way they cover a drunk who jumps from the stands and rounds the bases.

    In the world of mma media, what happened was a story and should have been covered.

  • barbarycoast says:

    I enjoyed the Melendez/Aoki fight and Mayhem vs “The scrap pack” end of the night battle. The Shields vs Henderson fight showed me that Shields hasn’t hit his peak yet(great single leg wrap) and that the legendary Dan Henderson is still tough as hell but falling a step behind

  • king mah mah says:

    I think Dan let his KO over Bisping get to his head.

    He kept looking for a knockout and forgot that he was a good wrestler and grappler.

    How do you bang and roll with Rampage at UFC 75 and then let Jake Sheilds beat you? It’s fuckin ridiculous!

  • king mah mah says:

    Should Jake Sheilds be in the UFC? NO! Absolutely NO!

  • Footballguyy says:

    I try to be open minded about other MMA organizations besides the UFC, but am always disappointed. Strikeforce is a joke! The entire broadcast is so cheap looking with the commentators wearing suits & ties and promoting everything like the WWE. The fights were terrible and MMA keeps taking a step back everytime it is put on national TV. Dana White has to be so glad he let the aging Dan Henderson go and I would never pay to watch Strikeforce. Without a doubt the UFC is the most professional of all the MMA organizations whether we like them or not. Wow, what a waste of time last night.

  • yhknq says:

    Yes Shields should be in the UFC
    i would like to see him come in and fight Chael

  • sexy-yama says:

    i think he would compete at 170

  • Rece Rock says:

    SF never ceases to entertain…
    There was a raccoon in my gargage can last night n I found myself n my wife looking out the window instead of watching the fights from time to time…. Ehhh gotta go where the action is.

  • inkythewinky says:

    i think if shields wants to stay champion he should stay with strikeforce, plus i personally think that as bad as that brawl was when the smoke clears its actually going to be good for SF, i hate to say that but that incident is going to have everybody talking for a long time, ppl who don’t watch mma are gonna check it out on youtube and prolly watch the next SF event hoping something like that happens again (which i hope never happens again) but i bet that will bring alot of attention, sport shows will talk about it and ppl that never heard of SF will start watching (when i was watching ufc 112 alot of ppl around me never heard of SF i was surprised) also i really hate the sf entrances with all the fireworks and dancing, that has got to stop, what will be next? a fighter will come out to custamized music theme songs, talk smack into a mic, then leave wwf style? sheesh, i hope not.

  • Nick Havok says:

    I love Strikeforce (AKA Wrestleforce)…but last night’s card was an absolute flop on almost every level imaginable. I went to bed extremely disappointed and pissed off. I mean how could something that looked so good on paper turn out to be so awful?

    God only knows.

    But I have to take a minute of my day to voice my absolute disgust for Team Cesar Dis-Gracie and the black eye they just gave the sport of MMA.

    Shields, Melendez, and both of the Diaz Brothers (and any other jackass from that camp who was involved) should be swiftly suspended by the Athletic Commissions. A year, two years…whatever.

    I’m just so f*cking pissed off that those Cesar Dis-Gracie dipshits would stoop to such a mindless and barbaric actions while on National TV! I mean WTF! Dumbasses!

    …and what do you know..The first and only excuse that Shields and Melendez can come up with is that they were disrespected. B-b-but he disrespected me! Wah, wah, wah…cry me a river you bunch of oversensitive bitches from Stockton….CRY ME A F*CKING RIVER! And let me ask you this, Team Cesar Dis-Gracie, what about the respect for MMA? Huh, what about that? You guys shit all over that respect by starting a riot for no reason on National TV!

    That is ridiculous!

    Get those clowns out of here! Punishment must insue! I don’t care how skilled of fighters they are. Shields, Melendez and both Diaz Brothers can disappear off the face of the f*cking planet for all I care. And as much as I liked them before…I look at them as a bunch of neanderthal jackasses now. And that is not what I tune into see.

    These guys are a cancer to the sport. They have done crap like this before…and they will probably do it again. I hope the Athletic Commissions step in and do something about it. Enough is enough.

  • Ken says:

    So what you all are saying is Miller was in the wrong?!? He did the same as Brock, Rampage, and many other fighters that want a shot at the belt. he didnt push shields. It was Shields that pushed Miller. And i love the Diaz brothers but Dana cant be happy to have one of his guys on payroll in on that bullsh*t. Strikeforce in all is whack!!!

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Lets pretend that im Jake Sheilds

    -im the SF MW Champ.
    -my 1st title defense is aginst the 2nd coming of Christ Dan Old Balls Never Change My Ways Henderson. Who has been signed by SF to save the company.
    -im put in a situation were they want me to lose.
    -he is bigger then me, stronger than me, and better than me
    -this fight should be over in the 1st cause as soon as the Over Hand Right Hits me im DEAD.
    -IT MY TIME TO SHINE this is a great feeling….
    -wait what the fuck is that CLOWN miller doing in my face?
    -how the fuck did he get into my camrea shot?
    -really rematch??? i wiped the floor with last time and now you in my face
    -fuck off buddy i just proved the world wrong and i have some shit to get off my chest

    and thats how it went.
    whos wrong???
    Sheilds and his crew for being too emotional
    Miller for not knowing that it would be better served to do it at the press confrence
    and SF for not doing it right.

  • Dufresne says:

    And i love the Diaz brothers but Dana cant be happy to have one of his guys on payroll in on that bullsh*t. Strikeforce in all is whack!!

    I think I’m gonna disagree here. I’m a huge MMA fan and until I rewatched the brawl several times, I couldn’t find Nick Diaz in there. A casual fan that got to see one replay isn’t gonna go “Oh shit! That’s a UFC fighter in there too!”
    Hell, for all the trouble it’s gonna cause SF in publicity, network deals, and overall credibility, if I were Nick I’d be asking Dana for a bonus.

  • blue says:

    Strikeforce is in big trouble.

    They just signed two lucrative contracts with Gegard Mousasi and Dan Henderson and both fighters lost the first fight of their contracts. Disasterous! Now Strikeforce has to pay both fighters big money to fight in most likely non-Main Event fights.

    They have to outbid the UFC for Jake Shields, arguably the biggest Strikeforce star at this point (which isn’t saying much).

    They have to find a way to market King Mo and Jake Shields to appeal to the non-MMA fan (I know the MMA fan will still watch them) and both of them have an uninspiring style of wrestling and ground and pound.

    As far as the melee, I don’t think it is a big deal. It will bring puplicity to the sport (although some MMA pundits will not be warm to the bad-puplicity) and CBS knows that train-wrecks make from great television. For example, pure NASCAR fans do not watch the races for the big wrecks but there are casual fans that do, we know it is these casual fans that pay the bills and nobody wants these casual fans to leave.

  • Nick Havok says:

    Nick Diaz was at the very center of it!

    He was standing to the right of Melendez (was wearing white T-shirt) and he was one who went after Miller when Miller decided to shove Melendez back. Nick jumped in and was the one who took Mayhem to the ground.

    Nick was more involved in the altercation than anyone else!

    And with Nate kicking Mayhem while he was down, in my opinion the Diaz Brothers were the most guilty parties involved in that entire melee.

    I think they should be punished the worst…followed by Melendez and Shields next.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    I think I’m gonna disagree here. I’m a huge MMA fan and until I rewatched the brawl several times, I couldn’t find Nick Diaz in there. A casual fan that got to see one replay isn’t gonna go “Oh shit! That’s a UFC fighter in there too!”Hell, for all the trouble it’s gonna cause SF in publicity, network deals, and overall credibility, if I were Nick I’d be asking Dana for a bonus.  (Quote)

    i rewatched it…and i saw him. but i was looking for him.
    and i dont even think he will have to ask for the bouns. the check is already in the mail

  • Davey D says:

    I think think Cory hit the nail on the head when he said “The Melee” sets the sport back a bit. This thing happen on national TV, just as people were waiting to catch their local news broadcast. Not good for MMA as a whole and certainly not good for the Monster that is Srikeforce on CBS. On the flip side, this situation is not new in combat sports. How many times has this happened in Boxing? I’m guessing more than twice.

    Hopefully, the casual fan and/or infrequent viewer of MMA does not relate this episode to the UFC. I don’t care what anyone says, Zuffa runs a First Class organization from the top to the bottom and their brand of product proves it time and time again.

    I’m not going to point fingers or anything. Everything single person involved made their choice and now they can pay the consenquences if either Mr. Coker or the TSAC sees fit to do anything about this. I do wonder what will become of the three Gracie Strikeforce Champions after this whole snafu. It would not bode well for any of the parties involved if all 3 are out for a long period of time. Same goes for Mayhem Miller. We’ll have to stay tuned and see what comes next. Time will tell.

    Out of the three Championship bouts, I gotta say I was most impressed by Brandon Melendez. I don’t remember him getting a lot of love from the fans prior to Saturday night. People mostly wrote him off as going to be submitted inside 5 rounds. I did not. I knew his wrestling would put Aoki in a lot of trouble and his GnP was just vicious. Why did Mario Yamasaki stop the fight when Brandon punched Aoki as he was doing the buttscoot? I think Melendez could’ve finished it right there had it not been stood up then. It didn’t seem like a foul to me as Shinya chose that position and scooted around the ring plenty of times like so. Why not blast him if you can? He pretty much asked for it, no?

    I also wonder of they’ll give Dan Henderson a shot at Muhammed Lawal now that he lost his shot at 185 gold? I do think that would be an excellent fight. I am not of the thought that Dan is done or too old to compete that this level. 205 seems like a better class for him now anyway. Jake Sheilds is an awesome Fighter is his own right so the loss to him shouldn’t be the last we see of Mr. Clinch Gear by any means.

  • Makington says:

    I wouldn’t say exactly someone was to blame specifically. From Jake’s position, I can totally see why he was upset. He was given absolutely 0 percent chance by most everyone to win (including me), and just dominated the guy to keep his belt. Emotions are running high and he’s still jacked up with adrenaline, so I get why he wasn’t exactly thinking as clearly as he might. He just got through fighting (or wrestling if you prefer) for 25 minutes, so obviously the first thought in his head will be fight. Same thing with Gilbert. He got between Miller and the mic and pushed him away, but he was sticking up for his friend. It was Jake’s turn in the light, and he deserved to have his moment after beating a legend. I honestly can’t knock Melendez too much for that cause I’d probably do the same thing. At the same time, they were still the one’s who threw the first punch, and there’s no excuse for that. I don’t condone it, and I still think there should be fines or suspensions handed out but not too severely.

    On the other hand, I don’t think Miller meant for any of that to happen. He’s just such a crazy guy and he kind of forgets that not everyone gets him. I also don’t know exactly why he got in the ring and started calling for the rematch but I think the fact that got people mad was because he did it so randomly. He literally cut the interview off and started calling Jake out, even though it was in his own Miller way. I just really don’t see a clear cut person to blame. Both sides made mistakes.

    On another note, I don’t feel like Melendez’s victory was luckluster at all. He absolutely dominated one of the top ranked LW’s of all time in absolutely every aspect of the fight. I thought the fight was over in the 4th after he rocked him and got stood up. It looked like Aoki was out a little bit so I kind of feel like Brandon got robbed a little bit on that front but other than that he destroyed. And it’s not like he waited out the decision win (Jake!). He was actively trying to finish for all 5 rounds, and even though Aoki’s ground game is possibly as feared as Maia’s, he showed minimal hesitation to go to the ground and punish him there. Great, great performance by Brandon imo.

    phew, end rant.

  • Nick Havok says:

    I gotta say I was most impressed by Brandon Melendez.

    Brandon did record a nice win the other night (I saw the highlights on Inside MMA)…but he didn’t fight last night for Strikeforce.

    That would be Gilbert Melendez :)

  • Makington says:

    Shoot, I called him Brandon too. Gah, too many similar names.

    Imagine if Paulo Thiago and Thiago Alves fought. Now that’d really fuck me up.

  • Madmax says:

    Simply another classless, gangster, punk-a$$ display from the Diaz brothers and the “DIS-gracie” camp.
    DANA should CUT Nate diaz TODAY. If I were DW, i’d have fired his A$$ at 3am this morning.ANY Top5 MW or WW in the UFC would MAUL shields. I’d bet the folks at Tenn. Athletic Comm. are taking a hard look at the calamity post-fight!

    WTF happened to Mousasi, i figured he would destroy Mo.
    Hendo looked bad, nuff said there.
    Melendez fought a great fight, but it seemed to me Aoki never got his cage mojo on, looked really uncomfortable.

    SOMEBODY, needs to bring the entire “CRAP-PACK” under control!


  • egad81 says:

    Seems to be a trend with post fight brawls involving the Diaz boys and company.

    I would say they did if for ratings but they are not that intelligent.

  • Sargent says:

    All the talk about GSP vs Shields makes me want to fall asleep does anyone want to watch 5 more rounds of tackle and hump.

  • Niv says:

    On a side note did anyone notice that Mousasi’s illegal headkick never connected?

    I think that’s the first time I can remember Big John McCarthy blowing a call real bad. He deducted a point on a shot that missed completely. If anyone has it taped check it again and you’ll see it.

    Anyhow I’m posting this because I haven’t heard mention of it by anyone.

    It absolutely had no bearing on the outcome of the fight, Mousasi mailed in his performance.

  • edub says:

    Well let me get started…

    – Chael Sonnen was right when he said Anderson has never faced a wrestler like me. Somewhere along the line of his legendary career; Dan lost his chops. He got single leg’d at will by a wrestler who we all now know is a great one, but wasn’t even supposed to be in Hendo’s league. If Hendo’s was losing so much of the scrambles and the aspects where speed is concerned why would he not start to initiate the clinches; maybe try to get himself back in control of the fight. I think this is another spot where we see a camp going down hill and the importance of great coaching in mma.

    -45 minutes before the brawl on CBS there was another brawl. Kevin Garnett elbowed Quentin richardson in the face and a melee started in the playoff game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. The fracas was not cut away from.
    The point I’m trying to make is things like this happen in sports today. It will not hurt the sport in the main stream. It will get publicity. I started watching the UFC a little bit when Ken Shamrock came back. His feud with Tito and the animosity the had towards each other brought me in a little deeper. It might sound like I have bad taste in saying this, but maybe something like this can bring in more viewers.The 40-70 year-old crowd who watches the nightly news on CBS isn’t exactly the demographic mma should be going after anyway.

    -Coker said in the post fight presser that SF was not involved at all with Miller getting back into the cage. He was pretty disrespectful, and while not dealt with accordingly in any means should maybe have seen this coming. I mean all of Cesar Gracie acts as a family and deals with any outsiders as a threat. I’d say the blame is about 60/40 where Miller is concerned.

    – Gilbert Melendez pretty much did whatever he wanted to Aoki, which most of us on this site thought would happen. New top 5 for 155 is 1. Edgar, 2. BJ, 3. Florian, 4. Melendez, 5. Maynard.

    -King Mo looked about how I thought he would look. He outwrestled mousasi all fight and even though Gegard di a good job of not taking damage on the ground he seemed to not try and all to defend the takedown. This won me 150$, and made me think that Hendo would have absolutely no shot in a fight with MO.
    Which brings me back to Hendo. Now I’m trying to not have any contempt for a guy who was a -550 favorite because nything can happen in mma. However, he seemed to be ill prepared for this fight. It looked to me that he just thought he was gonna walk in and smash through Shields with absolutely no plan B. He was ill prepared for jakes takedowns, and not prepared at all to fight off his back. Maybe the weight cut hurt him and he should go back to 205 and take a fight against someone like Mousasi, or maybe take a shot at Fedor. Styles make fights and anything can happen.
    Where 185 is concerned I think he should be done there. He has definately dropeed to the end of the top ten at that weight class.

    -Dana wasn’t right. Dan still would have been dipatched by Silva, but he would have made the fight a little more exciting. And when he gassed in the 2nd round there would’ve been a stoppage. Dana would not have had to deal with all this stuff where Anderson is concerned.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    i Fn love this news, these fights went as i thought with Shields and Mo getting the wins. I commented on this many times to many thumbs down but it turns out ok. Would have liked to see Melendez get the stoppage though.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I was stunned by the fights. Apparently Mousasi and Henderson didn’t realize they were facing wrestlers. And neither of them looked as if they’d spent enough time on their conditioning.

    I’m pretty sanguine about the melee. Any time you let the Diaz brothers into the cage after a teammate’s fight, you know what’s going to happen. In a way it’s like the old Jerry Springer show. Who cares why the mullet cheated with his wife’s sister? Everyone is just watching and waiting for the hairpulling, eye-gouging, chair swinging brawl. Isn’t that why they allow the Diaz brothers in the cage in the first place? It’s just part of the show.

  • Angry Mike says:

    P.S. I’ve watched post fight brawl several times on you tube. It looks like Nate was kicking Miller while he was on the ground. Great way to rep the sponsor whose shirt he was wearing.

  • Davey D says:

    edit…I meant to say Gilbert Melendez. That’s what I get for posting with a hangover in the early morning. I read somewhere today Scott Coker wants to put together Shields vs. Jacare…that’d be sweet.

  • islandguy says:

    Brawl?? CBS is loving that brawl.. most exciting thing that happened the whole night.

  • MMASwami says:

    Well the early numbers are in….. And the SF show got crushed by a re-run of Law and Order lol…. They’re paying a lot of cash for Henderson (presumably?) because he’s suppose to be a draw for them. Not exactly a great start to his SF career…. but at least he gets to put his Clinch Gear logo on the SF cage floor. They really need Carano to carrying the CBS shows for them.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i was gonna write some comments on the fights here but it seems everyone is more concerned with shitting on Strikeforce, estimating the time of their closure, hating on the Diaz brothers again, and who was to blame for a lame skirmish after one of the fights.

    guess i’ll keep my thoughts to myself!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    best part of the night, would say the same regardless of the sport with that little entertainment value. and if Mo thinks he has haters, he should check out the boatload for the Diaz’s. personally i heart the Diaz boys

  • 3OAM says:

    I wonder what Stephen Quadros would have done in that brawl.

  • Not to take away from the hilarity that was the post-fight brawl but did anyone see one of the most awkward pieces of journalism? I’m talking about Ranallo trying to weasel his way into Shamrock’s interview at the end, even shoving his microphone into the shot. Bravo!

  • LiverPunch says:

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say Jake will not go to the UFC. Just like Mousasi didn’t when you all were so sure he would or Fedor or Overeem like you all tried to imply. Shields is the MW champ and has Jacare, Le, Manhoef, Hendo, Lawler and others to fight in SF. He doesn’t need to fight in the UFC to find good opponents because the SF MW division is a good one. Half of the guys that are saying he will go to the UFC are the same guys who said Hendo would wipe the floor with him.
    One more thing, Hendo lost so what? he won all bar one UFC MW fight against Silva and now you say he is past it after he loses to a non UFCer. Huh? sounds like the same crap I hear everytime a UFC guy DECIDES to go elsewhere and gets beat. “Dana knew that was going to happen and thats why he couldn’t afford to pay him what others would.” Yeah right! It just goes to show you that the fighters like Arlovski, Sylvia and Hendo, who are top fighters within the UFC, struggle against top talent out of the UFC sometimes. Could it be that the UFC is not always a level above? Duh that is the case numbskulls!. Not that every fighter that leaves is somehow drained of their skill as they leave or that because they are offered more money elsewhere they and they leave that it was somehow Dana’s brilliant foresight.
    I just have to say what brainless bias comments people say. People are hating SF as if it had nothing to do with the TOP 5 ranked fighters on display, like it was the SF promotion that caused the fights to be the way they were. You dicks it was a boring affair I will grant you but what the hell is SF supposed to do about it? They are all very highly ranked and skilled fighters and the UFC would love to have all of them, it was just too evenly matched and gameplans did not take into account your need for entertainment. If Anderson Silva’s performance against Maia is what a real MMA promotion looks like and the SF fights were not I think you guys have the wrong idea. It is funny how all of you jump on any oportunity to shit all over the UFC’s comp, it is as if you feel it is your comp aswell like you are somehyow tied to the UFC, bound to it…sort of like…like you are hugging it’s nuts. Keep those nuts nice and toasty warm wont you.
    Well said too edub.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    also i dont see how Shields domination of Dan Henderson is lacklustre. i thought it was an awesome display, may not have been particularly entertaining to everyone but i enjoyed watching it. when was the last time you saw Henderson on his back for 20 minutes?

  • Rece Rock says:

    3OAM says:
    I wonder what Stephen Quadros would have done in that brawl.  (Quote)

    I think he would have just fallen to pieces… His whole body would have just fell apart like he was made Popsicle sticks.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Grr for working nights..set the DVR to record only 30 min after schedule and I missed the post match brawl :(

    I did watch it a few times on Youtube and impression I got was maybe Miiler shouldn’t have butted in on Shields but, I didn’t get the impression he was there to “disrespect” as much as try to drum up another fight and put some money in his pocket.

    Shields camp overreacted from what I could tell. UFC does these post fight matches the right way. Most of the time the challenger/next opponent is standing right beside Dana. Look at Brock/Carwin a little bit of mild jawing but, I never got the impression it was anywhere near breaking into an all out brawl.

    Don’t think this is any sort of major blow to Strikeforce honestly. This happens in boxing ALOT. Miller should have known tho that with both Diaz boys in the ring you are really asking for trouble.

    Overall it wasn’t a horrible event. Don’t think I would have paid $50 for it but, on free TV I feel I got my entertainment value out of it.

    King Mo did what he had to do. I think he might have been outmatched if he kept the match standing the whole time but, Mousasi had NO answer for his take downs and never seemed at all really interested in doing anything off his back. He did land some shots but, nothing that seemed to really deter Mo from coming back at him.

    Melendez/Aoki was I thought the best match up of the night. I will admit to not being familiar with Aoki other than what I’ve read and a few highlights. I think Melendez had the perfect game plan which was to keep it on his feet. Aoki was called a “submission savant” at one point but, he looked over matched the entire fight. I loved when he got nailed a couple time doing that stupid butt scoot and Melendez just dove in and clocked him. I lol’d.

    Shields/Henderson was not quite what I expected but, Shields did what he had to do to win the fight and I certainly can’t fault him for that. Henderson should move to 205 and stay there. He looked really drawn out and just got out worked by the younger guy. I keep hearing Henderson walks around at 200-210 so maybe only cutting 5-10 pounds might be easier than 15-20. I dunno just keep hearing the same thing about his natural weight not making excuses for him.

    The overall production value of Strikeforce is a little too WWE for me. I prefer the UFC style entrances which is just fighter and corner men in a straight walk from the back with their song of choice. The pyro and the elaborate light show and everything I could do without in MMA. I can always turn on WWE any Monday and see that.

    As long as Strikeforce keeps putting shows on CBS or Showtime and I don’t have to drop any money to see them I will keep watching.

  • Hodor2 says:

    Oh, your kidding! The Diaz brothers invloved in a gangster, thug, punkass 6 on 1 fight? I’m completely shocked………………..

    Thank God for the melee because that was the only action that was worth viewing the entire night!! What a horrible night of MMA. Yes, Jake Shields and King Mo can wrestle. Who cares? Not me. Aoki looked like Liethes against Silva which was another one of the worst fights in history. Mousasi and Hendo looked tired, uninterestd and out of gas.

    What a horrible night for Strikeforce and CBS! I was hoping for a great night.

  • blue says:

    If people want to see more exciting finishes from ground fighters then we should make the guard (while on your back) illegal. This one singular defensive-position probably results in more stalemates on the ground than any other position.

    Disclaimer – This post is sarcasm. I am not promoting this idea as I love the wrestling-JJ ground battles of attrition. But for some reason I here more people bash wrestlers for taking their opponent down for a ground & pound and less people bashing JJ practioners for willingly going to their back and just laying no their backs in a defensive position waiting for their opponent to make a mistake.

  • Dufresne says:

    If people want to see more exciting finishes from ground fighters then we should make the guard (while on your back) illegal.This one singular defensive-position probably results in more stalemates on the ground than any other position.Disclaimer – This post is sarcasm.I am not promoting this idea as I love the wrestling-JJ ground battles of attrition.But for some reason I here more people bash wrestlers for taking their opponent down for a ground & pound and less people bashing JJ practioners for willingly going to their back and just laying no their backs in a defensive position waiting for their opponent to make a mistake.  

    What they should do is allow elbows while on the ground. It makes absolutely no sense why you can deliver an elbow to the head or face while standing, but not while on the ground. I can understand taking soccer style kicks to the head of a downed opponent, but the only reason I can tell that they removed elbows is to reduce the number of cuts.


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