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James Hammortree TUF 11 Blog

First things first: Chris Cammozi is a champ. He was a great training partner and it was a big loss for team Ortiz. Not many people will train and get punched and kicked while having a broken jaw. Chris knew it was broken and didn’t tell anyone so that he would have a chance to fight, but Dana made a good call because Chris could have been really messed up.

With Chris leaving and Clayton losing the first fight, team morale was down a lot. I was definately wanting to change all that with a win over Brad.

I thought the fight itself was fun to watch. With that being said, I could talk about how I thought I won or how the judges were not watching the same fight, but the bottom line is that I left it in the hands of the judges and I should not have let that happen. I wish it would have went different but Brad fought hard as well and he came out on top that day. I can only prepare for the future and look to be more dominant in the cage!

There is a lot that is starting to happen in the house. Without spoiling any of the fun I will say that there is a common problem on team Ortiz and I think America know who or what the problem is. I will give you a hint and it ryhmes with smager! Haha!!

One thing that the viewers might like to know about the fight is in the first round when I went for the first takedown and Brad hip tossed me and landed on top of me, I really jacked my ribs up, but I don’t quite….

Keep watching the show and there is a lot more exciting action.

Stay tuned….

  • fanoftna33 says:

    This season is turning out some good fight, unlike the last one. Hammortree vs Brad was a very even fight throughout. A very gutsy pick from team Liddell. Both guys shoul feel well as this is the type of fight that gets you invited back. It seems as if Yeager is going to be this seasons bad guy, why do we always have to have one of them?

  • Dufresne says:

    Yeah Yeager is already on my nerves as well. I understand having fun when there’s nothing else to do, but do you have to do it by being a pain in the ass to everyone else? And the goal of training is not to hurt your teammates, even if you hope to end up fighting them further down the road.

    The Hammortree/Tavares fight was a lot of fun to watch. It looked like Hammortree had the advantage in overall power and wrestling while Tavares had the slightly more technical standup. It was a really close fight and I was actually a little surprised that it went to a 3rd round simply because I thought Hammortree won both rounds by a thin margin.

    Overall this season is looking like it will be much better than the last few seasons, especially last years. These guys are going 3 full rounds with some intense wrestling/clinch work and they still look less winded than the majority of season 10 fighters did after 1 boring round.

  • MickeyC says:

    Looks like next week will be good. Two fights, and as angry as they showed Tito on the clips, he must lose at least one of them.

  • KTru says:

    I laughed when Tito after the 2nd Rd was like,”look at him, he’s exhausted”, neverminding the fact that Hammortree was as or more.

  • MickeyC says:

    I love how Tito was like ” he had a mount” & “side control”. His facial expressions had me rolling.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Close fight, but I couldn’t complain about the scoring on the third round. Hammortree had Tavares pinned against the cage for the last part of the round, but wasn’t scoring. Tavares was throwing some hammerstrikes and punches. They might not have had much mustard on them, but they scored points.

  • Madmax says:

    VERY close fight, although I felt Tavares barely won Rd 3 and thus the fight.Seems Tito might need optical help………..

  • Kuch says:

    I didn’t think Hammortree pulled the trigger as much as he should have. He seemed tentative with his strikes while Tavares caught him with some good. shots on the feet.

  • crane_style says:

    I see some of Tito’s point, it was only an attempted submission. But though Tavares never really came that close to pulling it off, he still kept a dominant position and controlled Hammortree enough to make him keep defending most of the round.

    In the end, he couldn’t improve his position. Mind you, after about two minutes of that, it was obviously a deadlock and ref the should have stood them up.

    If James had done something significant from the side control or mount positions he had, maybe it would have been different.

    But if there was ever a dude with a name that belongs in MMA, it’s gotta be Hammortree. A close and tough fight to lose, but I’m guessing that this season, it’s gonna happen a lot.


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