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Florian hospitalized with staph infection in knee

UFC lightweight contender Kenny Florian has been hospitalized in Boston with a staph infection in his right knee according to his official Twitter account.

“Being admitted to the hospital, not good,” Florian wrote on April 12. “Minor surgery & IV antibiotics on the way. Damn!!”

The thirty-three year old Bay Stater had been taking a well-deserved Caribbean vacation after his dismantling of former Pride champion Takanori Gomi at UFC Fight Night 21. There the infection developed.

“A staph infection in your knee & being in a 3rd world country = not good,” he wrote.

With the shocking overthrow of lightweight king B.J. Penn in Abu Dhabi this weekend, a healthy Florian now appears a step closer to another crack at UFC gold. The two-time title challenger refused to speculate.

“Not sure why everyone asks me what Edgar’s win means for me, I don’t put fights together, I’ll fight whoever the UFC gives me.”

Florian should be released from hospital within the next few days after his course of antibiotics has been completed.

  • Dufresne says:

    Staph infections are serious business, and if this is actually inside the joint it’s even worse. I worked with a guy that was a few hours away from losing his leg due to a MRSA infection that was inside the joint. Luckily they caught it in time and he was just stuck on IV antibiotics for about 6 weeks.
    Hopefully this doesn’t get any worse and we can see Kenflo back training and fighting as soon as possible

  • Rece Rock says:

    It’s like an mma epidemic… you constantly hear about staph infections in MMA… I’m not a Dr. or a custodian for that matter but I think it would pay to look into how to prevent these cases from happening again and again… Is it the hygene of the atheletes in the gym? is it the equipment or facilties lack of cleanliness? Is it a ignored wound gone to long?or a million other scenarios… I mean why is this a reoccuring problem in the sport? Interesting…

  • Dufresne says:

    Staph is present on everyone’s skin naturally, that’s just how it is. The problem is when it gets through the skin and proliferates faster than the body can check it.
    The main reason this happens in sports like MMA is the constant sparing, rolling, etc that can open up tiny cuts that allow the staph access. If every time a fighter gets a cut or skins their knee, they go and immediately clean and bandage it long enough to heal the amount of cases would go down pretty dramatically, but there’s no way most people would bother stopping practice for a small case of mat-burn.
    Sanitizing the mats and equipment help a lot as well, but that won’t eliminate it. Luckily people are starting to recognize staph symptoms earlier and are more likely to get help immediately rather than trying to ride the infection out.

  • Guthookd says:

    I hope he gets through OK.

  • edub says:

    Hope he makes it through 100%. Kenny has done nothing but improve in his mma career. Hopefully he’s back fighting again soon…….but not against Edgar. That opportunity should be going to Maynard or Penn in a rematch.


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