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The Breakdown: “UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi”

It’s an amazing time to be a mixed martial arts fan as the first of 9 events in the next 4 weeks kicks off tonight with “UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi“.

This event, which will serve as a lead in to the 11th season of  The Ultimate Fighter, will be broadcast LIVE on SpikeTV 8p.m. ET .

“UFC Fight Night 21” will be going down from the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina and features a lightweight battle between Kenny Florian and  Japanese Superstar  Takanori Gomi as the headliner, also on the card, former The Ultimate Fighter 10 winner  Roy Nelson will fight Stefan Struve  in a matchup between extreme body types, and much more.

As always, please feel free to put up or shut up and join it by posting a quick set of your own picks in the comment section below.


Kenny Florian vs. Takanori Gomi

I waited and waited to make a final decision on this fight.  I think the biggest mistake I’m seeing people make is a focus on Gomi.   Yes he is the former Pride lightweight champion, Yes he is a Grand Prix winner, Yes he was a dominant Shooto champion.  For those of us who have been watching the sport for a long time Gomi has amazed us with his punching power.   Simply put, he is a legend mma’s recent past.

Gomi will have an uphill battle,  it will mark his first time fighting in a cage, and the first time he will contend with the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts which allow elbows to the head of a downed opponent.   Who better to welcome him then Kenny Florian, an ever improving fighter with some of the best elbows in the business.

The question I finally asked myself was this.  All things equal, who wins a fight between  a  prime  Gomi and today’s  Kenny Florian? Nostalgia aside, I still give the nod to Florian.  And unfortunately for Gomi, “prime”  isn’t a word that has been used  in conjuction with his talent for a very long time.

While it’s true Gomi has good wrestling which could afford him some time on the feet and the power to knock out anyone in the division, Florian is too much too soon.

Winner:  Kenny Florian TKO  Round 2

Roy Nelson vs. Stefan Struve

In the oddest looking fight this side of Japan, 6’11”  Stefan Struve will face his toughest test to date in  Roy Nelson.   I look for Nelson to do his best to eliminate what has to be a monster reach advantage by using his superior grappling abilities.   Make no mistake about it, Nelson is among the best grappling big men in the sport, and it will serve him up victories like Burger King does whoppers .   Much like Gomi,  Struve is not without a chance for victory in his match up.   If he can avoid the takedown, and manage to kickbox with Nelson,  it could become a very interesting night for the Skyscraper.

Winner:  Roy Nelson via arm triangle  Round 1

Nate Quarry vs. Jorge Rivera

This has got all the makings for a knock down drag out war.  Both fighters have knock out power and have no reservations about standing and trading with one another.  I think the difference here is going to be technical striking.  Quarry holds the advantage in this department.  Anything can happen and often does, but  Quarry should leave N.C. with the win.

Winner:  Nate Quarry via TKO Round 2

Ross Pearson vs. Dennis Siver

Coming off his recent impressive victory over Aaron Riley, Ross Pearson looks to continue his winning ways against Dennis Siver.   Pearson looked like a totally different fighter in his last bout showing noticeable growth in his young game.  Siver comes into the fight riding a 4 fight winning streak.  While this will be no easy match up for either, I give Pearson the nod based on continued growth.

Winner:  Ross Pearson via decsion


Rafaello Oliveira vs. Andre Winner

Oliveira is the much more rounded fighter with more paths to victory.

Winner: Rafaello Oliveira via decsion

Ronys Torres vs. Jacob Volkmann

Call  Joe Silva the Grinch because he appears to have no love for Christmas.

Winner:  Ronys Torres  via TKO Round 3

Rob Emerson vs. Nik Lentz

Emerson having a 3 year career in the UFC is the big win, but tonight Lentz walks away with the W.

Winner:  Nik Lentz via decision


Gleison Tibau vs. Caol Uno

This fight is not as close as many believe.

Winner: Gleison Tibau via decsion

Lucio Linhares vs. Yushin Okami

Nice guy, great talent, interesting story, but Linhares gets another tough draw in the UFC.   Yushin Okami will out wrestle him for 3 rounds and the decision.

Winner:  Yushin Okami  via decsion

Gerald Harris vs. Mario Miranda

Team GDP member Gerald Harris will continue to grow, and will pull out the victory here.

Winner: Gerald Harris via decsion

Charlie Brenneman vs. Jason High

Tough fight to call, I’m going to side with  Jason High in the nights opening bout.

Winner:  Jason High  TKO  Round 3

  • Guthookd says:

    Rivera over Quarry. Nate is too slow. I think he got lucky in his last fight…..he was loosing until he got a shot in, finally. If Rivera uses foot work he will take this fight via TKO or at the least decision.

    Siver over Pearson. Siver has great head movement and excellent kickbocking with deadly hands. Great takedown defense as well. And, I just like the guy’s style….looping punches, but well placed and mixed with great movement and good kicks.

    Tibau over Uno via TKO g’n’p.. Tibau has some seriously heavy hands and great ground skills. He will dictate where this fight goes.

    Linhares over Okami via submission. If he could submitt Palhares, he can submitt Okami. Okami’s wrestling could pose a problem, but I’m looking forward to that war.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I would have to pick Kenny if money was on the line, but since it’s not I am taking Gomi via 2nd round ground and pound tko.
    Nelson in a close fight with a third round tko in what will be Struves 2nd toughest test as Junior Dos Santos was his toughest test so far.
    I think Silver by ko
    Quarry vs Rivera is a very tough call but I am taking Rivera by tko late third in a terrific battle, maybe top 10 of the year.

  • KTru says:

    Yes fan,
    I would agree that JDS is much more of a test than Nelson.

    KenFlo via TKO Rd 1
    Nelson via Belly Choke Rd 2
    Quarry via UD….Fight of the Night….similar to Nate/Tim Credeur
    Siver via UD…… Pearson is tough, but Denis is a HUGE lightweight, and mean

    Oliveira via heel hook Rd 1 Sub of the Night
    Torres via RNC Rd 1
    Lentz via UD
    Tibau via UD
    Linhares via KO (Head Kick) KO of the Night
    Harris via TKO (GnP) 2nd Rd
    Brenneman via TKO (Strikes) 1st Rd

  • Rece Rock says:

    Stefan Struve will face his toughest test to date in Roy Nelson… Really??

    well any way I wonder who Roy’s nexr opponent will be?

  • MCM says:

    Kenny v Gomi- is tough to call…but mostly because of nostalgia. KenFlo via UD.
    Struve V Nelson – Roy by KO. He’s a high level BJJ blackbelt, but I think he’s gonna wind up KO’ing skyscaper.
    Quarry v Rivera – Quarry by UD in what should be FOTN
    I think Pearson will continue to impress and Okami will grind out the UD.
    I’m hoping Harris comes out looking the Rampage of Old and starts slamming guys….but that’s just wishful thinking.;)

  • Makington says:

    .Linhares over Okami via submission.If he could submitt Palhares, he can submitt Okami. Okami’s wrestling could pose a problem, but I’m looking forward to that war.  

    You’ve got it backwards. Palhares submitted Linhares. That’s the problem with 2 strangely similar names, nobody knows who won the fight after a week.

    I’ve got the exact same picks as Andrest for the main card, for basically the same reasons. What a smart guy!


    If I could only watch one fight though, Quarry/Rivera is easily my most excited fight.

  • Rich S. says:

    1. Gomi via TKO r1
    2. Nelson via Unanimous Decision
    3. Rivera via Split Decision
    4. Pearson via TKO r3
    5. Winner via TKO early r2
    6. Torres via Unanimous Decision
    7. Lentz via Unanimous Decision
    8. Tibau via Unanimous Decision
    9. Okami via Unanimous Decision
    10. High via TKO r3

    1. These guys that come over from Japan normally take one of two roads. The first road: high success, the second road: fade into unimportance. Kenny Florian is the best fighter at 155 right now aside from Penn, but I’m going to go out on a limb. When those fighters DO happen to take the first road, it’s normally in shocking and unbelievable fashion. I know Gomi hasn’t really been his old self lately, but I say they come out, feel each other out, and then Florian gets dropped with an overhand right and finished off with a nasty swarm.

    2. Struve is very impressive, but he STILL doesn’t quite know how to use his body to his advantage. From time to time we see a nice, long, straight kick, or a huge jab, but other than that, he ends up getting inside with his opponents and that just doesn’t make sense. I say Roy exploits that and wraps up a decision victory.

    3. I’m stoked for this fight. Rivera and Quarry are just all around awesome dudes, and they’re always good for a war.. I would like to see these guys just go all out for 3 rounds. But, sometimes Quarry’s on, and sometimes he’s off. When he’s off it’s bad. In his bout with Creduer he looked pretty slow and ended up getting his world rocked a couple times because of it. If he lets that happen with Rivera, he won’t be able to fight through the world of hurt Rivera has for him. But, assuming he’s in top condition and ready to brawl, I say this will be a nice, entertaining 3 rounder, that Rivera squeezes out a victory on.

    4. Pearson shocked the hell out of me when he fought Riley. I was never impressed with him on the show, OR in the finale.. But that night he was on fire. Very hard and unpredictable strikes kept Riley guessing the whole time.. I’m banking on him bringing that same game to Siver. If he doesn’t, it might not end well for him.

    5. I’m really excited to see where Winner goes in this division. He’s impressed me since the first time I saw him fight on TUF, and he’s only getting better. He’s got a tough opponent here, but it’s certainly possible to knock him out..

  • Makington says:

    4. Pearson shocked the hell out of me when he fought Riley. I was never impressed with him on the show, OR in the finale.. But that night he was on fire. Very hard and unpredictable strikes kept Riley guessing the whole time.. I’m banking on him bringing that same game to Siver. If he doesn’t, it might not end well for him.

    Amen on that one. I am a big fan of Aaron Riley and expected him to thoroughly dismantle Pearson. Ross is one of the few fighters that has surprised me so much in one fight that it completely changed my view of them. I was pretty indifferent to him but you can’t help but respect him after a fight like that.

    Aaron Riley got his jaw broken by Spencer Fisher and fought till the end of the round when the doctor ended it and Ross made him quit. It was hard to see cause I like Aaron so much but he wanted out of the ring and the doctor let him. Tough task to do.


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