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Unreleased fights during March 24 “UFC Unleashed” on Spike TV

New York, NY, March 23, 2009 – Spike TV will present a special “UFC Unleashed” on Wednesday, March 24 (9:00-10:00pm ET/PT) featuring four action-packed fights never-before-seen on television including two recent bouts, Clay Guida vs. Shannon Gugerty and Brendan Schaub vs. Chase Gormley, fought this past Sunday night.

The special “UFC Unleashed” fight card includes:

Clay Guida VS Shannon Gugerty (March 21, 2010)

Brendan Schaub VS Chase Gormley (March 21, 2010)

Jeremy Stephens VS Justin Buchholz (UFN 19 – Sept. 29, 2009)

Dennis Siver VS Paul Kelly (UFC 105 – Nov 14, 2009)

The special “UFC Unleashed” will serve as a lead-in to the final episode of “UFC Primetime” at 10:00pm ET/PT featuring welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Dan Hardy as they prepare for their world welterweight title clash at UFC 111: ST-PIERRE vs. HARDY.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Thats cool- I was hoping to see those fights from sundays card… very cool.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    This is great news as all of the fighters deserve some air time.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m pretty happy with this. If you do well, but you’re not on the televised spot I think you deserve some time on a show like Unleashed. I get tired of seeing fights that I just watched or just payed for.

    If they start doing this on a regular basis it will make it a lot easier for them to build up some of the younger/unknown fighters. It’s always a good thing to have some extras in the back in case the run into another disaster riddled card like 108.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yep great idea, i never usually unleashed, but if they show unaired prelims then all is rosey once more

  • BillyWarhol says:

    Yeah I wanted to see Clay Guida fer sure! I was disappointed James Irvin didn’t get a chance to do anything the other night – very Unlucky break for him. + yeah showing these Undercard Fights is Great – I know they’re starting to do that b4 some of the PPV cards and it’s a Great way to get more Fans and yeah Give Airtime to some Good Fighters and Up and comers.

  • redness says:

    guida always puts on a good show I was surprized he was on the under card to begin with

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Yeah love watchin’ Guida fight. I’d rather watch him than Kongo Buentello honestly, by a long shot, against my grandma, I don’t care.

  • Guthookd says:


    It was a great show. Clay Guida did an awsome job and got a finish by my personal favorite choke….the arm triangle…and man, Denis Siver looked great. Siver is one hell of a kick boxer and he knows how to use looping punches very well. Great head movement and great takedown defense. I was impressed. I want a Sherk/Siver fight now. I think Siver would take him, depending on how the ground battle worked out if Sherk could get it there, provided he would actually try.

    Brendan Shuab got him self an easy KO as well. That dude might end up being a name one of these days. He seems to have good striking and a lot of power.


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