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Junior dos Santos wants Cain Velasquez next

On the heels of what could easily be described as the most impressive performance of his career in a first round battering of Gabriel Gonzaga, Junior dos Santos says he’s “ready for a title shot”, and he’s calling out names on his way to the top.

In a recent conversation with, “Cigano” made it clear who he would prefer to face off with next.

“I’d like to fight against [Cain] Velasquez,” said Dos Santos.

“His wrestling is superior than mine, but I think I can surprise him on striking. I’d train a lot of ground game or this fight too, it could make some diference.”

When asked if his motivation to duke it out with Velasquez had anything to do with the undefeated heavyweight’s recent victory over fellow Black House trained fighter Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Junior stated that the revenge is not his to be had, but Nogueira’s.

“It’s not about revenge, I’m cool with that, so does Rodrigo (Nogueira),” said Dos Santos. “I’d fight Cain for who he is, an undefeated fighter, a great fighter inside the UFC. I’d like to face him because of that. This revenge thing, I think Rodrigo can get that.”

While nothing has been announced by the UFC as of this writing, then revelation of a fight between Dos Santos and Velasquez in the near future seems to be more of a formality than anything else. The pair of fast rising heavyweight knockout artists are on an unavoidable collision course.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I want this fight, too!

  • Dufresne says:

    This fight makes the most sense. The interim title fight will give us the obvious #1 contender, but that leaves both Velasquez and dos Santos sitting on the sidelines as the #2 and #3 respectively. Why not let the young guns duke it out to see who gets next?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Everybody would like to see this fight but no way the UFC puts thier cash cow in there with a guy that would ko him likely in round 1. Hell Kongo who has no ground game and a highly over rated striking game took Cain the distance, Juinor would maul him and then the ufc would be left without a prospect.

  • qat says:

    this simply became my most anticipated hw-matchup, before any other, title-fight or not.
    hope it will happen soon.

  • doonerthesooner says:

    I think Cain would be the favorite in this fight. Not only because he’s undefeated but his best win is better than JDS’ and it’s a given that he’s gonna put JDS on his ass, his take down are too much to stop he’s like a giant Matt Hughes with better stand up

  • blue says:

    This fight really should happen. The queue to fight Brock for the HW Belt is deep right now:

    1) The winner of Mir-Carwin
    2) Velasquez
    3) JDS
    4) The loser of Mir-Carwin

    Who are you going to have Velasquez and JDS fight while we wait for the Mir-Carwin winner to recover, fight Brock and then for the new undisputed HW champion to recover?

  • Rece Rock says:

    The best Idea I heard thus far was to let them fight on the same card as Brocks return so that the winner of the Brock fight and the winner of there fight have the same amount of time to heel up and you got not only the HW championship bout on the card but you also have the #1 contender fight on the card aswell… find out whose next to fight for the belt and a championship fight all in one night..? I dunno sounds good though.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    i Knew it was going to happen

    because it is the most logical thing to do if the winner of carwin / mir comes out healthy and faces brock on the summer

    then winner of Cigano / Velasquez the perfect contender to the title

    i say put this fight in the same PPV as lesnar vs carwin/mir

    that way the build to the HW superfight of the decade

  • xtreme_machine says:

    fanoftna33: fight but no way the UFC puts thier cash cow in there with a guy that would ko him likely in round 1. Hell Kongo who has no ground game and a highly over rated striking game took Cain the distance, Juinor would maul him and then the ufc would be left without a prospect.

    dam i do not know why the are killing you here

    you make a lot of sence and agree with you but i belive that it can happen

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I didnt mean it to sound like I hate Cain, I think he is a great fighter but I really dont like his chances against Juinor, and honestly Dos Santos will just get better wrestling and Jiu Jitsu over time and as we have seen time and time again with high caliber wrestlers they may develope good striking but they will not develope the kind of striking a fighter like Junior has. I think this fight will happen eventually but the ufc can make a ton on a Cain Lesnar match up and they will not want to spoil his record with this fight to soon.

  • Rich S. says:

    It’s pretty obvious by now that I’d much rather these guys be fighting for the interim belt..
    I mean, Kongo and Gonzaga are among the LEAST impressive guys that Cain and Dos Santos have defeated collectively, yet they are the ones that projected Mir and Carwin into their huge bout.. Just sayin’..

    BUT, I still love this fight.. I don’t like the fact that these guys actually have to sneak ONE MORE WIN in for a title shot, because I think they both cemented their right to one a fight or two ago.. But, again, this is an awesome fight.. They are both Heavyweight up and comers, and to me, they BOTH seem invincible.. I can’t think of a guy (aside from Brock) that either of these two wouldn’t totally crush..

    I’d root for JDS, but pick Cain to win..

  • Guthookd says:

    Good idea JDS. I don’t even have a pick for that match. Let’s have it!!!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    You guys are crazy! Just as easily as Cain could possibly get picked apart standing, remember JDS has not been tested against a high level wrestler. which is the most dominant martial art in the UFC. Cain wins in a GnP UD

  • Makington says:

    I think the only reason they haven’t started this fight up is because they’re waiting to see if Mir/Carwin ends injury-free. This fight SHOULD happen. But say they make this fight, and Mir chokes out Carwin after getting his face busted up(just sayin’) Now there’s nobody to fight Brock come July. I think Dana is holding off to make absolutely sure Brock, and the fans, don’t have to weight any longer than we have already to see the belt defended. If Mir or Carwin emerge victorious without any injuries I think we will be seeing Velasquez/JDS and Lesnar/Mir or Carwin. I like the idea a couple posts above me of them on the same card too.

  • chiggs says:

    OMG!!!!!! I have been sayin this for months. Dos Santos is the hottest HW on the planet. Even though we havent seen his groung game, it cant be to shabby hangin with the noguera bros on the reg. Future HW champ. Must fight cain next, then gets lesnar or mir. Hold on to your seats, its gonna be a fun year in the HW division.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    The best senario for the ufc would be for :

    winner of Carwin / Mir to get injured (not wishing anything here is just a senario)

    then he get Velasquez vs Lesnar
    winner of Mir / Carwin vs Dos Santos

    Then after all the dust is settle the super fight
    which I think would be

    Dos Santos vs Velasquez for the undisputed HW chapionship

    Also maybe Brock vs Mir 3 ( non tittle )

  • Dude Bros . this would be a awsome fight. Dos Santos will win this one for sure and Dos get the winner of Mir Carwin. Sweet!

  • redness says:

    Man is there any divison that is more exciting then the UFC HW.

  • nate says:

    mir,carwin,jds,cain,brock ALL need to fight eachother soon. ALL are great fights. but i still feel that carwin & jds are the future of heavyweight supremecy. i dont see cain beating jds whatsoever. if kongo can almost drop cain & force him to shoot & still not get pounded out? there is no way cain gets away with that with jds. he comes from the most dominant camp regularly rolls with nogs & has a. silva & lyoto around @ times for training. sure cain can get him to the mat but he wont be able to do anything to end it. i expect nothing less than a jds (t)ko before the 3rd. better standup & boxing is what finishes fights. high level wrestling isnt enough on its own.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    nate, I cannot believe you are suggesting that boxing is the first ingredient in a great fighter. Take a look at the history of the HW div in MMA. Fedor, Big Nog, Randy Couture to name the most dominant. All grade A grapplers, understandably they have other effective tools as well hence Mixed Martial Arts. In the heavyweight div relying on stoppages from stand n bang is not a good game plan. Chk out the heavyweight greats theres more than a fair share of Decisions

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    It’s not like either of them suffered damage in their most recent fights, I want them to fight tomorrow!!! If Brock wouldn’t have gotten sick we would know alot more about the division, it is a shame. I hope he is right and comes out like a bad ass again.

  • inkythewinky says:

    i am going to lol because if you look at dos santos ufc career he has literly fought great competition and is only getting thrown worse and worse, example: 1st ufc fight- werdum, ranked the highest out of all his oppenents so far, dos santos wins and who does he fight next? – stephan struve, who almost got fired if he didnt beat that denis stonijch guy, so dos santos beats him and what top comp does he face? a scared crocop…. who would prolly get beat by struve….k so dos santos is winning but moving down in comp. i will say yvel i thought would have been a closer fight but still hes way lower on the scale than werdum then they throw him gonzaga who got beat by werdum twice… its just weird he seems to be fighting lesser fighters than greater ones, but yea him vs cain would be tight but dont be surprised if cigano has to go thru buentello, chris tuchner, and mustapha al turk first… that order…. yikes lol

  • cdrg says:

    I think that since the fight with Mir vs Carwin is already set that it should be Cain vs Brock, then the winner of that vs the winner of Mir vs Carwin. let Dos Santos rest or fight one more fight then fight for the title. But i really think that it should be Cain vs Brock and Dos Santos vs Mir and Carwin should not be getting a title shot even if its not the real one, he should have one or two more fights because hes only beat 1 A-class fighter in Gonzaga.

  • I think Lesnar/Carwin or Mir and JDS/Velasquez at 116 would go a long way in repairing the image of the HW scene in MMA.

  • twyg says:

    I love the idea of this fight but I don’t think it is going to happen soon. Why you ask, because why eliminate a contender that you have spent so much time building up. If either of them loses soon they don’t get a title fight. Brock gets winner of Carwin/Mir then winner of JDS/Cain then what? No better to have Brock fight the interim champ then Cain, and then Dos Santos. By that time loser of Carwin/Mir has got a few wins and gets a shot. After that maybe Duffee is making some noise. Business wise it makes sense to draw this thing out. As for who do they fight in the mean time, one more fight each then put them on the shelf. Hell Carwin hasn’t fought in like 15 months. When all of that is said and done maybe Fedor comes in and we get what we all really want.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    this fights makes sense to me cause im selfish.
    im starting catch up with the Cain Wagon and one more ass wooping like he did with Nog i will be in the shotgun seat.
    Cain will win this one if it ever happen

  • Ramses Cordova says:

    Cain will beat anyone, He’s the future champion for sure.
    Mexican Heart.


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