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Frank Mir: Shane Carwin is a monster

Frank Mir recently took some time out to discuss his upcoming heavyweight showdown with title implications against the formidable and undefeated Shane Carwin.

UFC 111 will take place on March 27, 2010 from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Check out Mir discussing the upcoming title eliminator against Carwin with in the clip below:

  • Rece Rock says:

    Frank Mir for the win…I think we see new man in that octagon saturday night, he’s almost at Brock’s front door he can’t stop now…

  • Guthookd says:

    I hope Frank can win it, but I have my doubts.

    Unfortunately I’ll be at a live event that night so I’ll have to find it later. Rather watch a low level show in person than a PPV any day…..

  • xtreme_machine says:

    i think that Mir might win because he has better movement that Carwin

    so think that he will move around and counter punch Carwins and like Gonzaga showed he can be tagged

    but then again Carwin only needs one and how is to say that he cant land one in 25 mins

  • Makington says:

    Frank ALMOST went an interview without talking about Brock. He just had to bring him up at the end. Regardless though I really liked this interview. He gave Carwin his credit while coming off confident not cocky. Why can’t he do all of his interviews like this?

    As for the fight…I’m still on the fence. I have no doubt that this will be the best Mir and Carwin we’ve seen. Mir has shown tremendous improvements in his heart and striking, while Carwin has proven he only needs to hit you once, flick you even. We still haven’t seen much of Carwin’s ground game but he did well against Gonzaga, and he is a very well proven wrestler from college.

    Oh man, I’m over-thinking this way too much. I’ll stop typing before I make too much of a fool of myself, but I am damn excited for this.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Id MUCH rather watch GSP beat Hardys ass like a salvation army drum live, and possibly watch Mir get KO’d than a low level MMA event in person. Sorry Guthookd. im canadian, i can watch a hockey game if i want to see no-name hacks throwin haymakers

  • Dufresne says:

    He went almost the entire interview without mentioning Brock, why’d he have to screw up in the final seconds?

    This fight is about Carwin, buddy, not Lesnar. You don’t get to fight Brock if you get beat. Focus.

    I slightly disagree here with Mir, they each have clear cut advantages in this fight. Mir is the more technical boxer, Carwin is the more powerful. Not saying Mir is weak or Carwin is sloppy, just that each has a strength in the standup game. Same goes for the ground game. Mir is a very impressive BJJ and Carwin is a very impressive wrestler.
    If this stays on the feet someone is going to sleep. Carwin got rocked by Gonzaga who isn’t exactly the most technical boxer in the world, but Mir got KO’d by Vera who’s now fighting (and losing) as a LHW. Actually all of Mir’s losses are due to KO/TKO come to think of it. So who knows who wins the standup.

    I personally think Carwin’s best chance is to try and emulate Brock here. Get him down, lay chest to chest, and smash your hand into his head. It’s not pretty, it’s not exciting, but when you’ve got that kinda of wrestling and that much size and strength, it works pretty damn well.

  • Dufresne says:

    Makington: Frank ALMOST went an interview without talking about Brock. He just had to bring him up at the end. Regardless though I really liked this interview. He gave Carwin his credit while coming off confident not cocky. Why can’t he do all of his interviews like this?

    LMAO, we were typing the exact same thing at the same time. Great minds, Makington, great minds.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    oh and Frank calls Carwin a monster but cant’t afford to accredit Lesnar with anything. i guess because Lesnar didnt call Mir a legend as Carwin has repeatedly

  • we all have to have goals which mean you have to accomplish what is in the middle. Mir has two of them, beat Brock to prove that he is the better man and become the Champ at the same time. If he dominates Shane then he has a great chance at dominating Brock. All of this depends on if he has been working on getting out from under a high level wrestler. .. he hasn’t talked about that.

    I am so pumped for this fight and GSP vs Hardy that I am having a hard time staying in my skin. I really hope that Mir wins and gets to crush Brock. Either way I think that Mir or Cain can do just that.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i had to laugh when Shane called Frank a legend, twice.

    He isn’t, maybe to his kids, but not in this sport

  • Unabomberman says:

    I honestly think that Mir is selling this Brock thing. I’m sure he’s a sore loser and that he hates having a thorn on his side after having his ass kicked, but I don’t think he’s “obsessed” with Lesnar. Not anymore than Shogun would be with Machida.

    Seems to me that it is way too convenient to mention him at every time he gets when in front of the camera. If you see his pattern of speaking he almost never brings the subject up on his own in any context other than that of competition. Also, we have to take into consideration that these are hype snippets designed to sell some kind of story.

    Frank Mir the everyday man looks to me like that savvy dude on a market pimping his wares. Think about it: Where exactly is it that we get Mir’s input on Lesnar other than in hype snippets or at the prompting of reporters? Him using his genuine dislike of the guy to pimp and garner interest around his product (the fight) comes across as completely natural in his line of work, especially if he wants that rematch bad.

    Frank Mir is a walking, talking infomercial. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Rich S. says:

    I say Mir wins via Knockout..
    Carwin certainly has the tools to beat Mir. After all, his hands are made of something otherworldly, and Mir’s only problem has always been his chin..
    But Mir is just pumping up, and getting better and better.. As long as he moves his head I know he can drop Carwin..

    But, I think Carwin has a better shot at beating Lesnar..
    So, it will kind of be a shame if Mir wins..

  • redness says:

    the changes in Mir has been huge. He seems so foced I dont think he will lose against Shane or Brock.

  • redness says:

    Damn I wish there was spell check on here

  • Makington says:

    LMAO, we were typing the exact same thing at the same time. Great minds, Makington, great minds.  

    I’ve been waiting to see if he can do atleast one interview. None yet. Of course if he beats Shane then I can’t say anything about him talking about Lesnar as he earned the shot, but I still can’t see him taking Shane seriously enough. No matter how much respect he gives Carwin, he still brings Lesnar up way way too much to see where his motivation truly lies. Course it could work as extra motivation too but once again, over-thinking.

    Regardless, I think Mir has all the tools and experience to win this one. Won’t be surprised one bit if Carwin decapitates, er, connects with Mir and ends it though.

    Gotta say Hardy has done a good job getting me almost as pumped for his fight as I am with this one though too.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    At best Shane Carwin is untested, at worst he is overrated. Not saying he doesn’t have a chance but, no one was talking about him being a world beater and next champion before UFC 100 and he didn’t even throw a punch.

    Brock had his post fight tirade and Carwin called him out on his little blog and within a week he was this unbeatable monster that was going to destroy the UFC HW division then then go beat Fedor with one arm tied behind his back.

    A little perspective is needed. Maybe he is that good..I dunno. He had a nice KO over over Gonzaga but, beating Gonzaga seems to me like something you need to do to be considered top 10 HW in UFC, not something that warrants the hype.

    Maybe he dominates Mir and goes on to beat Brock this summer but, until he proves to me he can handle the step up in competition I remain skeptical.

    Just not feeding the hype machine I guess.

  • blue says:

    Let me preface this with I am a big Mir fan.

    But I wish this fight with Carwin was not for an interim title, and guaranteed fight with Brock. I just don’t want to see Mir-Lesnar III (yet). I would much rather see Lesnar-Carwin, Lesnar-Cain or Lesnar-JDS before a Mir-Lesnar III..

    To be completely honest, I have seen both fights between Brock and Mir and I only saw about 5 seconds (between both fights mind you) in which Mir wasn’t in a World of Trouble, and that was the final 5 seconds of their first fight.

  • Kuch says:

    I’m a fan of both guys. If I was in Carwin’s corner, I would tell him to take Mir into the later rounds to test his cardio. Mir has never been known to have much of a gas tank and additional muscle mass plus age isn’t going to help that situation much. The only downside of that plan is that Carwin’s cardio is sort of an unknown entity in and of itself.

    I don’t know what it takes to beat Carwin, so it’s hard to predict. He can take a shot, he can presumably wrestle, and he’s got heavy hands. If he can avoid submissions, he should be pretty tough. Mir has lost via TKO/KO before, so Carwin will probably look to test his chin some more. I think that is his best bet, and makes me give him the edge over Mir.

  • If Frank Can avoid those 4XL soupbones long enough to fire that big left I think he’s got this. Gonzaga avoided that first flurry and tagged Shane when he reset and I think that’s where Frank’s big fight experience will pay off. I hope he breaks his hand though cuz I’d rather see Brock fight Cain and maybe Cain can win and Mir Vs. Cain would be awesome!

  • This fight is extremely hard to pick. Mir has looked great since he beat Lesnar but I am starting to think that the bones in Carwin’s hands may be laced with adamantium.

    Saying that, I’m going to have to go with Mir not based on what we HAVE seen from Carwin but what we HAVEN’T seen. We haven’t seen Carwin go longer than two minutes in the cage. We haven’t seen him against a fighter at the level of Mir.

    Mir is smart. He will take this fight into the third, into the fourth round. He won’t let himself get into a slugfest with a known KO artist and he will test Carwin’s cardio.

    I’m going with Mir by submission in the fourth.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I agree with Sergio as to Mir winning this fight but I will be very surprised if it goes past the second round. I think Mir will outpunch him standing until Carwin shoots and gets submitted, probably in round 1. Great fight though with Carwin having a very legit shot with the power he carries, I just think he will lose here.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    everything on paper, skill wise, and the alingment of the moons says mir wins this fight.
    but sorry i have to go with my fav Carwin. I have been on his nutts ever since his fight in the WEC were he subed Carlton Jones.
    im not going to scream “i told you so” come sunday morning but i wont be surprised when i wake up hung over with extra cash in my pocket


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