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Smoke And Mirrors: What’s really going on with Tito Ortiz?

The news came down late last week that Tito Ortiz would not be facing off with Chuck Liddell at the conclusion of the eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter as previously expected, and in it’s wake a whirlwind of speculation has been circulating through the mixed martial arts community as to what the truth really is behind the smoke and mirrors.

UFC President Dana White has recently confirmed that the UFC was targeting a bout between Randy Couture and Rich Franklin after it was reported at numerous sites that a fight between Franklin and Liddell had been brewing, but at this point the bottom line is that there’s no telling what fights are and aren’t being booked. However, the one thing that has become painfully apparent is the fact that something is definitely up with Tito.

The latest from the Ortiz Twitter feed is that a gnarly case of the flu is to blame for the recent turmoil apparently created in his absence from the completion of TUF 11. Check out the latest sequence of events below…

This is the worst ful I have every had. More IV’s please.
4:20 PM Mar 15th via UberTwitter

Sorry flu. This sucks!!
4:28 PM Mar 15th via UberTwitter

Nice to be home. They put 6 bags of fluid in me. I’m better now. I lost 15lb. I though I had swine flu but I didn’t. Just a really bad flu.
about 16 hours ago via UberTwitter

Of course it was recently, and randomly (during a interview with Frank Mir) reported that Ortiz had suffered a shoulder injury, but Tito makes no mention of it.

Could this be a big publicity stunt to drum up interest in The Ultimate Fighter Season 11? Hopefully not, but stranger things have happened.

One thing is for certain, and that is the fact that the unknown factor combined with the UF’s ability to keep the fire contained for as long as possible will absolutely serve to drum up interest on the upcoming television show with a debut date of March 31.

Perhaps the most revealing of all of Tito’s tweets is the one he typed up just two days before the devastating near swine flu incident.

This is all news to me!!! Look at Dana Whites twitter if you don’t believe me. The show will tell the tale. Have to watch it on the 31st.
10:02 PM Mar 13th via UberTwitter

It appears as though a “stop snitching” policy may have been handed down by the UFC, as everywhere we look, people that should know, either don’t know or they’re not talking. Stay tuned.

  • fightfan says:

    Bags and bags of IV’s. Worst flu EVER. LOST 15 lbs!! Etc, etc, etc. This was On March 15th.

    Here is Tito on Twitter….on March 12th and 13th.

    “.Im at the airport if I push real hard on the screen I can see a little . I will get a new phone. Later. I love you jenna. On ym way to az to ”


    “on my way back home to see my girl and my boyz. so happy ”

    I thought he wqs deathly ill was and taking in 6 IVs and losing 15 lbs????? NOpe, he was traveling a somewhere in the country by plane for soem period of time.

    F**cking lying tito

  • Rece Rock says:

    Chugg a chugg a Chugg….

    wait what’s that noise?

    Oh wait, it’s the UFC hype machine rolling through a town near you.

    Tito probably puts on a performance and a half for most of the season- dropping one liners and talking mad shit to Chuck, then all of a sudden tragedy strikes and he can’t fight Chuck… then the drama ensues……. whoa is me.

  • Madmax says:

    Tito’s just chicken to fight chuck. Cant really blame the guy, I wouldnt want to get beat half to death by CL again either. IMO. I dont think TO will ever fight again in the UFC or anywhere else. He’s done!

  • kcotemma says:

    Personally couldnt care less about what actually stopped the fight from happening, more pissed off off at the fact that another big ufc fight didnt happened.. And more pissed that tito isnt fighting, im not a huge tito fan, but man this guy can never come through it seems.. wow the ufc is having troubles with the big name fights !!


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