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Advertiser Spotlight: Ninja Assassin now out on DVD

From the producers who brought you the Matrix franchise comes Ninja Assassin, a sleek action-packed thriller to be released on DVD and Blu Ray following its theatrical release last November.

The movie chronicles the life of Raizo (played by Korean pop star, Rain), who is raised by the Ozunu clan with the intent on developing him into a super assassin.

Entrenched in the ways of the clan, Raizo refuses to leave the group of trained killers in spite of the fact that his love interest, Kiriko, played by Anna Sawai, flees for the group. It isn’t until her capture and killing by the Ozunu clan in which Raizo’s loyalty to the clan that raised him begins to come into question.

A stylistic masterpiece with cutting edge fight scenes, the plot of Ninja Assassins heats up when Riazo begins to rebel against his master, Lord Ozunu. After a brutal violent encounter between Raizo and the Ozunu clan, he somehow escapes and re-dedicates his life to doing everything in his power to foil the assassination attempts that the Ozunu clan attempts to carry out.

Now stalked by the Ozunu clan as they attempt to eliminate him, Raizo finds himself aligned with an attractive Europool agent who further exposes the nefarious dealings of the Ozunu clan.

With a run time of 99 minutes, Ninja Assassin is a new-age martial arts movie that takes the Saturday afternoon “Kung Fu Theater” films many of us watched growing up and completely reinevents the genre. For adrenaline junkies who appreciate action thrillers, Ninja Assassin easily fills the bill and will take you on a fantastic martial arts thrill ride.