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James Toney: I want Brock Lesnar first

James Toney will be a guest on tonight’s Inside MMA  on HDNet.  In the preview clip below, the 12 time world champion talks about potential fights and his desire to fight Brock Lesnar in his MMA debut.

One has to wonder if Toney is doing a masterful job of hyping his debut  or if he really has no idea what he is getting himself into.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m sure he does want Brock first. If he gets lucky and lands the KO shot he can brag like hell that he walked through the biggest name in MMA on his first shot.

    Sorry Toney, not gonna happen. You may have gotten into the UFC when you really didn’t deserve it, and you may get a much bigger name than you deserve as a MMA newcomer, but there is no way in hell you’re getting a championship bout, or even a former champion if Brock loses to the winner of Carwin/Mir, on your first shot. Not unless they give Randy his wish to run you over.

    This is just hype, and he’s doing a hell of a job selling himself.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    really the boxer wants to get in with the best wrestling in the HW division

    I hope he gets his @ss kicked by GnP so that all the boxing fans can STFU about MMA being a side show to boxing

    and to all Boxing fans : Move over because WE are talkin Over!!!

  • 3OAM says:

    Of course you do.

    You want Brock Lesnar first, I want ice cream. Guess which one of us is gonna get what we want.

  • LiverPunch says:

    He doesn’t want Lesnar and he is not going to get him either. He is just trying to hype up himself.

  • gy614x says:

    this fight, i would pay $300 for….makes sense, no but wow i would love to see Toneys masterful ground game……

    heres exactly how the fight starts, Toney and Lesnar touch gloves, Toney attempts to “throw them bones” and lesnar picks him up and dumps him on his head… this point Toneys extreamly uncomfortable being as he just shit his pants trys to squirm and scramble to no avail, lesnar then advances into side control, and pounds the shit out of his face…

    for real, this guys hype is actually irritating me, if Frank Mir, a former champ, and one of the sickest BJJ guys in the heavyweight division couldnt defend Brock off of his back, what the hell does this guy think hes gonna do?

    it reminds me of every time a new guy comes to our gym with a street fight mentality, or boxing for that matter, they end up on their back, and become fish.

  • Guthookd says:

    LOL at this god damn bafoon.

  • Dufresne says:

    Let’s not forget how fast Brock is on the takedown. He managed to surprise former champs Mir and Randy on the speed an power of his shots, and they’ve been fighting wrestlers their entire lives. Toney, who’s been “wrestling” for a few months tops thinks he’s gonna be able to land the magic shot on him? Toney hasn’t weighed in at over 240 in his entire career and he wants to take on an elite wrestler that cuts weight to make 265? That’s just stupid.

    I’ve been drinking in case everyone’s wondering. That’s why I’m posting again. It happens.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    “Tito Ortiz…or whatever his name is.”

    Heh. Too funny.

    This whole thing is silly though. Like Freddie Roach said yesterday, “If he [Toney] fights a quality ground guy, once he goes to the ground he’s gonna get killed. But, if a guy chooses to stand with James, James is gonna destroy him.” Simple as that. Not a ton of intrigue for me.

    Boxing and MMA are two different sports. Obviously there are similar elements but at the end of the day they’re very much different from one another. I don’t understand why people can’t simply appreciate each on its own. I prefer MMA because it’s much more dynamic, but I’ve been a boxing fan and will continue to be. This back-and-forth machismo crap where people somehow want to prove which sports is better/tougher/manlier [insert your own favorite adjective here] is just dumb & immature.

    But admittedly, the entertainment factor will be there so of course I’ll be watching, no matter how gimmicky this whole thing is.

  • crane_style says:

    Ever notice that when someone gets on TV and says, “I’m not this”, how often it turns out, that is exactly what they are.

    “I’m not a sideshow”.

    Hmmm. A chubby boxer well past his prime, saying outrageous things to hype up a fight that he has a slim chance of winning, and that most people are only interested in because of the mma vs. boxing debate?

    Step right up folks, welcome to the James Toney sideshow!

  • fetussandwich says:

    How dare they bring in a humble Herschel Walker? I’ll soooo make them watch me eat my own words by hiring a visibly out of shape ex-boxer to talk shit up and down every division of a sport I am trying to be the ambassador for.

    That was my Dana White impersonation by the way.

  • Lich King says:

    The people who are not giving him a chance and saying he has not shot in MMA are the same people who probably said Hershel Walker and Brock Lesner had no shot when they began, cracks me up how people jump on the band wagon. There are tons of people who did K-1 or another stand up that have some pretty good ground skills. Mirko Cro Cop had some good ground defense skills, KJ Noons, ect.

    James Toney will get in shape for this, he is used to training for 12 rounds. He will take this seriously and if he touches anyone in the entire Heavyweight division, they are going to sleep.

    Also, look at Kimbo’s last fight. His ground game used to be so bad! It is still not awesome by no means, but it is actually decent to the point where he can defend submissions and ground and pound.

    He has more then a puncher’s chance against anyone in the Heavyweight Division. In a fight vs Randy Couture or Brock Lesner I see James Toney connecting early and putting them to sleep.

  • Lich King says:

    The fact that James Toney does not really need to learn or practice anything from boxing means that he can devote all of his time to Grappling. Which means he could get really good in double the time of anyone else. A James Toney who has good enough ground skills to defend some takedowns, submissions, and get back to his feet spells ZzzzZZZzzz for anyone.

  • danw84 says:

    He can get good in double the time as anyone else? Judging by his attitude, I’ll agree with that, even if it isn’t what you meant.

    Although it might be closer to triple.

  • Matthew says:

    all i heard was “(mumble, mumble, mumble) sideshow (mumble mumble mumble)”.

    The more i see of this guy the more i think he should be retired from everything. I really hope whoever he fights does that. Violently.


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