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M-1 Global and Strikeforce negotiate for Fedor to return in June or July

After weeks of speculation that something funky was going on behind the scenes between Strikeforce and M-1 Global to prevent Fedor Emelianenko from taking part in the upcoming April CBS event, it now appears that the two sides have renegotiated terms for a deal that will see “The Last Emperor” making his return to the cage for Strikeforce sometime in June or July.

“I think June, July is realistic (for Emelianenko’s return),” said Evgeni Kogan, M-1 Global’s Director of Operations in a recent coversation with “It’s not 100 percent. Don’t take this as a fight announcement, but I think during the summer.

“We were renegotiating. I think we’re pretty much at the end of that road. After the CBS show, we thought that the terms needed a little bit tweaking — nothing major, just a little bit of tweaking. So, we had a round of negotiations with Strikeforce. Everything went positively. We’re pretty much at the end.”

The news puts any speculation of Fedor possibly returning on a May Strikeforce card to rest, while Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has also confirmed that it is possible that Fedor could headline a yet-to-be-announced June Strikeforce/M-1 Global event.

As it stands currently, Emelianenko is expected to face off with former PRIDE and UFC veteran Fabricio Werdum when he makes his return.

  • Hohlraum says:

    I’d be curious to know why the are negotiating anything. What changed between now and their original negotiations? Is Fedor wanting to fight more often than Strikeforce has been able to provide? or visa versa?

  • jj says:

    Fedor is dead to me :(

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I would guess That M-1 wants more money for there fighter based on how well the fight was recieved, Which you cant blame them for. Hopefully he skips the Werdum fight(which would be good I think) and fights for the title though.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m wondering if they were talking about championship bouts and champion clauses.
    We know SF doesn’t hinder it’s champs from fighting in other organizations and tourneys, but with Fedor breaking a hand every fight out and being over 30 with as many fights/wars as he’s had, I wouldn’t be surprised if SF was trying to get some insurance on him.

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    You never know with those Russians. They are tough as hell and always unpredictable.

  • lalo_g80 says:

    I think Fedor was trying to give back some money to Strikeforce so they don’t cut him and he has to go to the UFC and fight actual contenders!

  • lalo_g80 says:

    Jaja… ok ok I kid I kid…..

    He probably was just asking for more money since his fighting days could be numbered within the next few years. Just like a few years ago when Rampage’s contract needed tweaking before he fought Chuck.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    I cant wait to see him in action and Werdum is a great step up in…….i cant do it any more. Unless he is fighting for a title and i dont care wich org its for, i could care less.

  • 27jride says:

    I really hope Fedor gets some new handlers! What a fucking joke these guys are! It’s so frustrating having the “#1 fighter in the world” waved in front of our faces all the time but his damn zoo keepers only let him out of his cage to perform when it’s most beneficial for them…. he’s just as much to blame for allowing them to pull this kind of bullshit I guess; he should be ashamed of himself! I do believe he MAY be the best fighter in the world but he’s definitely got the most baggage hands down!

  • GAR says:

    As a HUGE Fedor fan im getting sick of this bullshit. Screw M1, and screw Fedor. Fedor belongs in the UFC and should be fighting the top guys in the world, who cares about Fabricio Werdum, Werdum is mediocre at best and doesnt deserve to step in a ring or cage with Fedor. M1 is the scum of MMA, garbage promotion who couldnt promote a fight between a donkey and an elephant. At this stage they should pit Fedor against a Donkey, because i would be more interested in that fight, then a fight against Werdum. Forget about ever seeing Fedor in the UFC because of this crap. His brother said it best, M1 is the reason Fedor is not in the UFC. Also there was an interview where Fedor said he doesnt fight with admiration for the sport, he said its his job. So im sure he doesnt care about fighting the best guy, he just wants a payday and so does M1. All Fedor fans should give up on him fighting top level guys. Fedor’s prime days are numbered, and this bullshit called M1 should go out of business. Mousasi knew best, thats why he left, he is my true fav fighter, a fellow armenian. He will be in the UFC by the years end. He has 1 more fight with strikeforce, a fight in Dream and he should be on his way to the UFC. I no longer look forward to Fedor’s fights, M1 can suck it.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The guy’s one of the most dominant fighters in MMA, possibly the most dominant, and nobody ever knows what the hell he’s doing, or why.

  • inkythewinky says:

    m1-global is scum, this article didnt include this:

    “For us, it’s really important that the M-1 Global brand is acknowledged on these co-promotion events. As much as the partners made a lot of effort to acknowledge the co-branding, the media basically picked up on the fact that it was Strikeforce and kind of forgot about everything else, which wasn’t the most ideal for us.”

  • retrofitting123 says:

    all great comments,the only ppl that care about m1 is m1

  • doctormma says:

    Not even Fedor’s super loyal fans will step up for him… I used to be one.. but this is ridiculous..
    This isn’t good for the sport.. this is what will make us miss the best match-ups ala boxing..

    time to change his nickname from “The Last Emperor” to “The Russian Chicken” how do you say buck buck in Russian?

    This attitude will end Strikeforce quickly.. lets hope not.

    Usually when you get a comment from a manager like this it usually means the opposite of what the douche bag is saying…

    So they won’t be fighting till summer means: they need to fight soon but they are using a time constraint to motivate a quick bump in pay because Strikeforce needs him earlier so they are using it against them.

    Pretty much at the end of the road means: they are at logger heads and can’t get it sorted for May.. because even a fat Russian fighter could get in shape for a fight 2 months from now if negotiations were about done.

    After the CBS show we needed a little bit of tweaking… means: We were not happy at all about the show but instead of voicing our concerns there we will wait until we can hold them ransom and then protest and ask to renege on our deal.

    Nothing major means: It was major.

    We had a round of negotiations and everything went positively. We’re pretty much at the end… this means:

    We are no where near solving this so we have gone to the media to try to get them to budge by pulling their shorts down in front of the UFC and all other competitors. It also means we are open to negotiating with anyone that is why we are making it public to get more offers.

    What this says to Dana is move the WEC to whatever date to avoid their pay per view and counter program with some crazy card to bust their bank.

    Like a good elbow that splits a forehead wide open filling the canvas in minutes with blood.. reminiscent to a bad crime scene… this blow has drawn major blood.. the sad part was it was self inflicted… like Kenny Florian elbowing himself to end a fight.

  • mu_shin says:

    Another Fedor fan thinking “Deja vu, all over again”…

  • darth_irritable says:

    WTF? Aren’t contracts, you know… binding? How can they just “renegotiate”?

    This is moving from sublime to ridiculous.

  • twyg says:

    You ask how can they renegotiate? Well they are russian gangsters and/or Scott Coker is a big pussy that is easily pushed around. I went to the Fedor fight and am happy I did, but this is a fucking mess and Dana was right not to get into bed with these vampires. I call M-1 that because that is what they are. They are an otherwise dead creature that has to suck the life out of the living in order to sustain itself. Look at every promotion Fedor has been involved with and ask yourselves where are they now? Yes there was bad business dealings and the sort but every single one of them? I wonder where will M-1 be when the golden ticket loses its luster? I know I will probably be attacked by the anti-UFC/pro-anything not Zuffa crowd but come on at what point do you stop defending these fucking people?

  • Rece Rock says:

    M-1 just wants to make sure they can have a NASA shuttle launch during there next co- promotion… Strike Force will be low on funds after the April shows payroll I think UFC needs to just go for the kill… Competition and counter programming is not going to continue to be good for the fans eventually it’s going to cost us more money… Ufc needs to just crush them go for the kill and afterwards pick up the handfull of fighters worth having and keep it moving… M-1 will indirectly help in the demise of strike force as it has with other defunct promotions.

  • wifeinthong says:

    When You hear M1s name more then Fedors, that’s a huge problem for me!! M1 brings nothing no fan base 1 fighter thats all, it’s an embarrasment Coker is co promoting with M!. UFC Strykforce please throw M1 out on its ass.

    And Fedor your losing your credibility by the day if you keep hanging with M1.
    Bad association spoiles usfull habbits.

    M1 is nothing more then a leach GO BAQCK TO RUSSIA -leave Fedor -LOL

  • blue says:

    M-1 Global continues to promote the concept of co-promotions among MMA promoters, yet M-1 Global continues to remind us why co-promotions don’t work.

  • manny says:



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