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James Toney: It’s a lose-lose situation for Randy Couture, he’s gonna get knocked out

James Toney and the UFC have combined to create a whirlwind of heated debate and speculation following recently revealing the news of the all-time boxing great’s signing to the biggest fight promotion on the planet.

During a recent appearance on‘s OnTheGrindBoxing radio show, Toney went on to reveal the terms of his newly inked UFC contract, stating,”It’s 3 fights over 2 years with an option for 2 more after that, but I’m gonna take it as it comes.”

In what should come as little surprise to most, “Lights Out” feels certain that no man in the UFC will be able to stand up with him for any duration of time without having their head detached from their neck.

“If a guy gets in there and try to take me to the ground, he might see his head go into orbit,” said the boxing legend. “The head is going into orbit, for real. These guys in MMA, they good wrestlers and good grapplers and good kickers, like girls, but, you know, when it comes to throwing them blows, they ain’t got a chance in hell.”

Whether you love him or hate him, if you’re an MMA fan, odds are that you have an opinion on the man. The way James sees it, he doesn’t care how you feel about him as long as you pay to see him fight; which many undoubtedly will.

“If you hate me, come see me try to get beat, if you love me, you enjoy the ride, have a good time and eat your popcorn,” said Toney.

A fellow fighting legend by the name of Randy Couture recently called out the decorated boxer in a Twitter message; a challenge Toney seems to be welcoming with open arms.

“If he tries to throw blow for blow with me, he definitely gonna get knocked out,” said Toney on a potential match-up with Couture. “That’s a given, you know what I’m saying? If he tries to take me to the ground, it ain’t going to be easy, you know what I’m saying? He’s still gonna get knocked out. Either way, it’s a lose-lose situation for him.”

  • He funny. Randy has been hit by brock lesnar with 4 ounces gloves ha ha ha. James is funny guy.

  • Angry Mike says:

    If he shows up in poor shape, disrespecting Couture and the sport, I hope Couture beats him stupid. Or more stupid than he already is. But if he’s prepared and in shape, you have to take the guy seriously. He’s got a puncher’s chance, and he’s a pretty good puncher.

  • thaladiezman781 says:

    Toney has no idea. I think that he is just talking to get the recognition for his first MMA fight. That being said, he is to closed minded. If he goes into an MMA ring thinking that just boxing is going to beat a true mixed martial artist he has another thing coming. It’s going to be real hard to hit someone’s head with an uppercut if they are going for a single leg (which Randy is the best at) I think that Toney is all done!

  • Dufresne says:

    He’s about as solid a puncher as MMA has at this point. Notice: “Puncher” This isn’t boxing Toney, it’s MMA, and you can say they’re good kickers “like girls” but if he gets in there with Muay Thai expert, those kicks are gonna be coming from a full grown man.

    But he’s right as far as it goes with Randy. If Randy steam rolls him, so what? A MMA newcomer gets demolished by a multi-time, multi-weight class legend. Where’s the shame in that? But if Randy catches one on the chin? That’s flat embarrassing for Randy and MMA as a whole.

  • danw84 says:

    He’s planning on knocking Couture out from the bottom?

    Man I hope he gets wrecked. I really hope they put him against a good BJJ/Muay Thai guy who can show him how much like a girl they kick, then just choke him out.

  • KTru says:

    Dufresne, solid points

    and Toney is already becoming an excellent self-promoter. I just wonder what makes him think a wrestler will have a tough time taking him down? Does he know something we don’t?

    and is he fighting at heavyweight or lightheavy?

  • Fight2Night44 says:

    Can Mr. White put this fat washed up ignorant man against Anderson Silva? Please. I promise Silva will stand with Fatboy and destroy him. It would be my and the whole MMA world’s pleasure to watch the Spider put his knee through Toney’s face. Make it happen Dana show this to guy that this isn’t the fixed world of boxing. Show him you have to earn everything in this sport.

  • islandguy says:

    This kind of harkens back to the early UFC thing.. kind of “Can a boxer beat a wrestler?” kind of thing. What the hell. Let’s do it. Just not as a main event please.

  • Rich S. says:

    Randy’s chin isn’t getting any stronger.

    It’s easy to get mad at Toney for coming in so cocky, but you’re crazy if you think a championship boxer doesn’t have a good chance at knocking Randy out..

    Toney is only a few takedowns away from a loss.. But, give him just a minute or two on the feet and we’ve got ourselves an upset..

  • Lerner17 says:

    Islandguy, I have to agree. Certainly NOT as a main event. Regardless, with Toney’s first fight somebody is going to get an ass made out of themselves. Could be him, could be his opponent if he’s dumb enough to try stand up and throw punches and not kicks, who knows?

  • Makington says:

    Well we already saw what Randy did o the feet with a striker that was much better than him when he fought Brandon Vera. Does anyone believe Randy would throw even one punch with Toney? Although it wouldn’t make any sense ranking-wise, I could see Dana giving Randy that last title shot if he beat Toney. Now I know that sounds crazy to us, but a casual fan doesn’t know how new and in all likelihood awful Toney will be at MMA. All they know is he is a big name, and Randy must be some uber fighter to beat a guy like Toney. They’re the same people who think beating Kimbo is a HUGE name on your resume.

    Frankly, I’d be surprised if Randy even threw a punch to set up the takedown. I can see him shooting and putting Toney on his back with absolutely no trouble where he toys with him on the ground enough to frustrate him and prove to boxers everywhere how hard it is, then finishes him off.

  • Matthew says:

    those girly kicks would have to hurt those old knees. 3 good ones and his leg is useless.
    I hope we don’t end up with another Tito, all talk before the fight and all excuses after it.

  • adamsfamily says:

    You’ve got it in one Matthew – Give him Tito

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    God I hope someone stands with him and drills him with a flying knee or spinning backfist, something unorthodox to a boxer. Or Randy grabs him and GNP’s the soul out of him. I really want Toney to get crushed, beat down and embarrassed.

  • Erbros says:

    Toney is getting people talkin, & that’s good for his career in MMA. If he loses quickly but gets the huge ratings, they’ll figure out a way to keep him on board.. fighting fellow stand-up brawlers & such to make for a good punch-fest.

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    FightFan313: He funny. Randy has been hit by brock lesnar with 4 ounces gloves ha ha ha.James is funny guy.  

    Yeah but Brock is no boxer and Brock would lose to Toney in a boxing match too.

  • crane_style says:

    I love the debate! Regardless of what you think about this guy, it’s great for the sport. MMA vs boxing! Who doesn’t have an opinion about that?

    I think Toney’s chances vs. Coutre slim. Yes, he has a punchers chance, but if they fought 100 times, I’d bet the MMA guy takes out the slugger 90-95% of the time.

    The thing that I find interesting is that Toney seems to think he’ll get a free shot at anyone trying to take him down. A good wrestler can take both your legs while you’re punching air.

    Think maybe the guys “teaching him a ground game” are saying what Toney wants to hear so they can collect a paycheck?

  • inkythewinky says:

    i’d like to see him fight carwin or gonzaga if hes at HW, for LHW i would say Rampage or i would love to see anderson silva beat the mess out of him

  • Matthew says:

    Think maybe the guys “teaching him a ground game” are saying what Toney wants to hear so they can collect a paycheck?  

    And i think this statement will be proved correct. Someone is boosting this already inflated ego with unrealistic statements.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    They will give him Kimbo eventually, two people who have little to no ground game, and like to stand and trade.

  • Guthookd says:

    If the UFC’s intention is to build him up I think we can safely assume an eventual bout with Houston Alexander and then one with James Irvin. Maybe Kimbo. And then maybe even Chuck or Forest.

    I hope the intention is to embarrass him though……there are many fighters without a name in the LHW division that could get that done….Eric Shaffer, Ryan Bader, Jesse Forbes, Jon Jones and many with a name that could also do it…Randy, Rashad, Matt Hamill, Rampage, Lil Nog, Tito, Sho-gun, Anderson Silva, Brandon Vera.

    It will be obvious which way they’re taking it as soon as they announce the first fight.

  • tlester4130 says:

    personally, i would like to see a matchup with toney and anderson silva. finally someone who would likely actually FIGHT anderson, and not spend 3 rounds running away or the first 30 seconds lookin at the ceiling…

  • danw84 says:

    I doubt they’d have him fight Forrest if they are trying to build him up in any way. Forrest usually goes in with a really smart game plan. Look what he did to Rampage knowing he’d lose if he tried to trade punches with him, he’d work the leg kicks even more and stay WAY away from a guy like Toney.

    Someone said have him fight Tito, and I love that idea. Tito has good takedowns and ground and pound and could easily embarass Toney well which would be good for the MMA guys, but if Toney knocks Tito out then it’s a guy people easily can say was past his prime, etc., and plenty of people love to watch Tito lose anyway. Seems a good situation either way, plus it’s a really well known name that would draw a huge crowd.

  • Makington says:

    This is all assuming he fights at LHW. I don’t mean to disrespect Toney, but his belly is looking pretty permanent nowadays. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fight at heavyweight either. Couture still looks like the most sense to me. There are a number of good reasons……but I’m lazy and tired so I’ll assume that the obvious reasons are on everyone else’s mind too.

  • twyg says:

    First I don’t think James can make LHW, so if Randy wants the fight he would have to move up (not a problem). I still do not like this matchup for Randy though. His gameplan of late seems to be to get guys against the cage and use dirty boxing, and if he tries that and gets hit good night. When was the last time Randy actually shot on someone? I like the Tito fight more because Tito will shoot and beat Toney with GnP. Tito could move up no problem and take this fight. Besides that Tito will talk just as much shit and hype the fuck out of that fight; Randy is too nice a guy to get in to a verbal pissing contest. Cain would be my other choice because he will get the takedown and end it quickly. The only problem with him is that he was dropped by Kongo and if Toney hit him like that again lights out thanks for coming. Tito/Cain is the best option if you want to show that a straight up boxer has no business inside a cage.

  • sexy-yama says:

    3 fights in 2 years, quite lenient, you’d think he’d want to fight 3 times in a year which i’d rather see but i guess his still an active boxer

  • sexy-yama says:

    neone no why my gravar doesnt show up,is this a g rated site do tell?

  • heavything says:

    if Toney isn’t in shape, the clinch will exhaust him and render him useless if he is taken down. I can foresee just about anyone submitting him.

  • manny says:

    Who doesn’t want to fight a mma legend in their ufc debut only to be tko by gnp.
    I will not watch this fight not interested in ufc’s 1st freak show

  • manny: BORING!Who doesn’t want to fight a mma legend in their ufc debut only to be tko by gnp.I will not watch this fight not interested in ufc’s 1st freak show  (Quote)

    Zuffas first freak show, let’s not forget Emanuel Yarbourough Vs. Keith Hackney or Teila Tuli Vs. Gerard Gordeu. So its Zuffas first freak show and the UFC’s first in awhile.

  • QueenKong says:

    It’s so cool that Toney has come to UFC.Win or lose he’s a great warrior.I hope he gets a lesser opponent to start and then Randy.If Chuck could ko Couture,no doubt Toney can.

  • danw84 says:

    Horrible reasoning queenkong.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I think even with all the hype and this being a hot topic – we won’t see Toney in the octagon for quite some time… Freak show or not UFC isn’t going to just throw him in there with out some basic skills… think of Kimbo as the blueprint on how to have a freak on your roster and still feel like although he’s there for ratings you can justify calling him a mixed martial artist. Zuffa isn’t in need of a ratings boost anytime soon with all the quality cards coming down the pipe… just my opinion.

  • s13 says:

    This would make for some good matchups…be open minded for a second and think about some things that Toney said. “I am the purest fighter out there.” Well Dana can say “We have someone else here who thinks they’re bonified as a ‘pure’ fighter as well.” Enter Kimbo Slice…that matchup would easily be the biggest selling ppv of all-time IF the UFC wanted to do something from a pure ratings (and guaranteed slugfest) point of view. Its a win – win for everyone. Kimbo has been working his ground game as shown in the Houston fight, its very very green and basic but that’s still enough to make Toney HAVE to think about going to the ground. If Kimbo loses by KO then hey, he went out on his shield by a Champion boxer, one of the best of our time in fact. For James Toney, its not biting off more than he can chew since we all know Kimbo comes to bang. If Toney wins which he most likely will, it would serve as an awsome splash for a first go in MMA with the amount of PPV traffic its going to cause which will bring LOTS of boxing fans over to MMA and even more casual MMA watchers into hardcores. It would be the best first fight he could possibly get. If he loses (which there is a good chance of if Kimbo used his ground game) Toney would have huge egg on his face which about %90 of the people out there want to see. So what am I getting at? That will set up his next fight to be absolutely demolished since he’ll no doubt run his mouth for the next 6 months until he fights again…someone like…oh, Cheick Kongo…or uh…Junior Dos Santos…or maybe Anderson Silva. If you want to please boxing AND MMA fans and play both sides of the fence, then you match Toney up with Tito Ortiz. Why? Like someone said before, if Tito loses MMA fans won’t care since he’s a shell of himself, and boxing fans can gloat all they want because again, we won’t care. If Toney loses its expected, MMA fans will go on knowing what they knew to begin with and boxing fans (who have been in the dark for the last 20 years) will finally have the light turn on. What makes this fight awsome? The drawing power alone is going to be ridiculous, both guys will take this fight dead serious and not want to lose to the other one because of the trash talk that’s going to be thrown around. Toney WILL train for this fight and I bet he’ll sport a 6 pack on top of it. Tito will make sure not to have ANY issues because this would be an inexcusable loss and a reality check fight that he desperately needs to be FORCED on him so he can stop duping his fans with post fight excuses. Ok I’m done for now…just think about that for a bit though.

  • Xspur says:

    adamsfamily: You’ve got it in one Matthew – Give him Tito  

    Some fights I think “I don’t really care who wins, I’d like to see either one of them win.”
    In that fight I’d think “I don’t really care who wins, I’d like to see either one of them lose.”
    It’s to bad Tito is already commited to fighting Chuck after TUF.


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