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Mike Swick needs elbow surgery, won’t be fighting in April

Mike Swick may have earned his nickname based on the speed of his punches but it unfortunately appears as though his return to the Octagon will be anything but “Quick” due to an elbow injury the American Kickboxing Academy staple suffered in his UFC 109 bout with Paulo Thiago.

Though the nature of the actual damage remains a mystery, the Nevada State Athletic Commission first pointed out the potential problem on their list of medical suspensions for the event, stating Swick “must have left elbow x-rayed and cleared by an orthopedic doctor” or would be unable to compete until August 6th, 2010.”

Little had been heard about the situation until now, as Swick himself recently shed a little light on the matter via his Twitter page:

Doctor appointment on Monday to figure out how they are going to fix my arm which is most certainly only with surgery. MRI results were pretty bad.

Previously, the 14-4 Texan had been mentioned as possibly facing former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra at a Fight Night event being planned for April 17th. However, Swick has removed himself from consideration due to the nature of his shoulder, confirming on Twitter that he is “not fighting Serra”.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    To bad we dont get to see Swick Serra, but if the rumors are even close Serra vs Paulo Thiago would be a even better fight imo.

  • 27jride says:

    Yeah Swick/Serra would have at least been a fun fight to watch regardless of not having any serious meaning behind it. I hope he comes back strong…. He’s been very on again-off again for the past year and a half but, he used to be one of my favorite fighters to watch. Still is a favorite that I root for but unfortunately I’ve had lower expectations lately. There’s a guy who you can pretty much tell if he showed up to fight or not within the first 30 seconds of his fights.

  • Unabomberman says:

    Jeez…hope the dude pulls through.

  • thunder okami says:

    I hope he pulls through and I hope he moves back up to 185

  • KRS 27 says:

    So he is out till Aug or Sept?

    That sucks.

    I think the UFC should make this card for the fight night to counter SF. If they can.

    Kimbo vs Mittrione
    Nogs vs Cro Cop
    Serra vs Paulo Thiago
    Thiago Silva vs Bader

    I’d say that is a pretty nice looking card on short notice if they could do it.

  • sexy-yama says:

    swick kinda small for mw and guys like sonnen and yushin would sit on him

  • inkythewinky says:

    serra vs condit would be good

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