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Dan Henderson: I have to be careful with Jake Shields; He’s dangerous

With his Strikeforce middleweight debut and title fight against Jake Shields being made through Strikeforce yesterday, Dan Henderson recently took the time to speak about his thoughts on the upcoming match-up with the Cesar Gracie trained champion.

“I appreciate all of the fans’ support in thinking that I’m going to beat (Jake) Shields up, but he’s still dangerous and I don’t want to overlook anybody,” said Henderson. “I’m just going to make sure that I’m prepared as I would be for anybody else that’s a champ at their weight class. He’s obviously finished a lot of guys, and like I said: I just want to be careful, and he’s dangerous.”

Check out Hendo speaking on the upcoming title fight below:

  • Angry Mike says:

    Henderson is way too experienced to say disrespectful things about an opponent. Why give an opponent additional motivation by running your mouth? And I’m sure Henderson isn’t overlooking Shields, but no way do I believe that Henderson feels threatened by Shields.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Dan has a lot to lose here so I think all the pressure is on him. He is the guy that was a two division champ in Pride, and the natural MW fighter. He is the one that left the ufc for SF. Jake is the underdog here and I still think he is going to find a way to win this fight.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Just being a nice guy.

  • Gurthee says:

    Think Bisping. Remember when Dan went back to his corner after the first round of that fight and said Bisping hits like a little bitch? Well, I think Bisping is a much tougher guy than Shields. I don’t see how Shields has a chance against Dan. Shields couldn’t finish 2 bullies on “Beat Down”, how’s he gonna finish a guy like Dan? Get ready for the next round of funny .gifs featuring Shields instead of bisping.

  • Rich S. says:

    Dan really does need to watch out..

    Usually, when someone is so OVERLY qualified to win a fight, they end up catching some problems..
    Just look back on Marquardt/Sonnen, GSP/Serra, and a few others..

    As much as I think Dan should win this fight by anyway he wants, the upset is going to be in the back of my mind all the way ’til fight night..

  • xtreme_machine says:

    i feel sorry for Shields

    Hendo is going to send him back to WW

    well he deserves it for almost [email protected] up the debut of SF on CBS

  • LiverPunch says:

    If you don’t think Sheilds can win this fight you are wrong. I think this is very dangerous for Hendo. The only thing that makes me think that Hendo IS going to win is his take down D. Remember 3 of his 7 loses came by sub and the other 4 by dec. Shields is a very good fighter, don’t write him off so quickly.

  • BillyWarhol says:

    Smart Thinkin’ Bo Binkin’!!! It’ll be a Great Fight + Hendo is a Great Champion!! Class Act!!

  • edbuzz says:


    I think all of the former Pride fighters have prematurely aged due to the intense battles they all fought in over in Japan. I like Hendo but something is telling me my money should be on Sheilds. This is a young man’s sport.

    Antonio Minotauro Nogueira, Wladerlei Silva and Dan Henderson have really looked old in their recent fights. Even if they’ve won it wasn’t impressive. Yeah Hendo caught Bisping with a shot from his ankles but outside of that, he wasn’t impressive before moment. Their reputations are more impressive than their abilities at this point. Mark my words.

  • Patrickk says:

    Whoever thinks Shields is going to beat Hendo in any way, shape, or form needs to watch Hendo vs. Anderson Silva and ask yourself, will Shields hold up that good to Anderson Silva: One of [if not THE] Greatest Fighter on the Planet?

    And Henderson looking old? Come on…that’s just nonfactual babble. When Hendo fought Bisping he was just waiting and setting up Bisping for the “okie doke” aka for the home run knockout! Bisping gave Hendo absolutely no problems whatsoever and Hendo was never in any type of trouble, nor did he come out with any scars. And Hendo’s striking vs. “Ace” Franklin was up-to-par, considering Franklin is a top-tier world class striker.

    …Hendo’s got Shields on lock, and there won’t be enough Shielding for Shields to Shield with to stop Hendo.

    I say KO by overhand right [hopefully]!


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