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Strikeforce signs Andrei Arlovski

Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski has agreed to a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce today, according to

The deal will last sixteen months, and his first fight is expected to be against Antonio “Big Foot” Silva in May.

Silva’s Strikeforce debut came against Fabricio Werdum, a fight that he lost by unanimous decision at “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” in November.

This will be Arlovski’s second fight for Strikeforce, and is looking to erase the memories of his twenty-two second knockout loss to Brett Rogers, a fight that he took on a month’s notice.

Since the loss, Arlovski took time off to reevaluate his career, and fought in a exhibition boxing match against Fres Oquendo this past weekend. Arlovski has also started training with Greg Jackson in order to refresh his game.

The fight between Arlovski and Bigfoot is expected to take place on May 15 from St. Louis, Missouri.

  • inkythewinky says:

    ppl hate on him but man, i love this guy, w/o the doomed flying knee on fedor he was looking good, i would like to see him fight tim sylvia again, and after a couple wins i would pay to see him fight fedor again

  • Dufresne says:

    This is a smart first fight back for both Arlovski and for SF. Arlovski brings name recognition to the fight, Silva doesn’t have the KO power than Rogers or Fedor, and Silva can take a pretty good shot all of which adds up to higher ratings and an exciting fight which equals more fans and more money.

    How’s that for MMAth!!!

  • KTru says:

    not sure what the Strikeforce brass is trying to do.

    while AA being signed is good and his upcoming bout witj Bigfoot is compelling, recent news has Alistar Overeem (yes that Overeem) fighting Brett Rogers in a non-title fight. Reason being, Fedor is holding out on his contract, according to Alistar.
    quite the drama unfolding

  • KTru says:

    forgot to mention, supposedly the Fedor/Werdum is far from done.

  • LiverPunch says:

    If this is true and Fedor and Werdum fight on this card aswell, it is shaping up nicely.
    Ktru where did you get this info from?

    Just a side note, but why is it that if SF has difficulty setting a fight in stone ppl are all over it hanging shit all over the SF banner and yet the same thing is allways happening in the UFC? the amount of times title fights or just fights have been anounced in the UFC only to have the fight changed or the fighter put on the outer for political reasons is all but constant. Remember SF is new and has got to bend in the wind if it is to stand any chance. The enemies it has are powerful and have a lot of influence. So give the company a little slack and just enjoy Arlovski, Rogers, Lashley, Bigfoot, Fedor, Aleks and Werdum with perhaps the odd Gracie, Sylvia, Monson, Barnett, Fujita or Kharitonov slugging it out for whatever reason, because lets face it, the HW belt in SF is really a farce as it stands. It will get sorted out just give it some time. If you recall the UFCs early days it was nowhere near the company that SF is at a similar stage.

  • fetussandwich says:

    While the only thing what I’m about to type has in relation to this article is the Strikeforce heavyweight division, how asinine is it that Overeem’s first fight since winning the title 2+ years ago is both A. against Brett Rogers and B. not a title fight? Even with the AA signing, the division is a joke until they start taking this championship situation far more seriously.

  • qat says:

    i like that, and bf vs. aa is a really nice fight. i hope aa gets back on track and will have a couple of nice fights left.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Is the reason for the bout being a non-title fight because the Rogers Vs Overeem is going to be in Dream?.
    Fedor holding out on his contract? does that mean it was a contract stipulation for Fedor to fight Overeem? and does that mean that Overeem is a dick for implying that Fedor is holding out when he himself has been holding out on SF for 2 years?…yes it does.

  • edub says:

    It’s been talked about on a couple of other sites that Fedor wants to have Alistair Overeem pet through blood testing before they fight. There has also been some rumblings of Coker and M1 having problems in negotiatiions considering copromotion. Who knows if either are true, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Dufresne says:

    edub: It’s been talked about on a couple of other sites that Fedor wants to have Alistair Overeem pet through blood testing before they fight. There has also been some rumblings of Coker and M1 having problems in negotiatiions considering copromotion. Who knows if either are true, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  

    Overeem wants testing and M1 is having issues with copromotion? Never saw that coming.

    How’s life been for you edub, been missing your insight lately.

  • edbuzz says:

    I have to say I’m not a fan of Andre Arlovski. He always seems like he’d rather out-point his opponent, like a sissy boxer, than to bring the pain and smash his opponent’s face in. That’s why the UFC got rid of his ass. If he’s going to train with Greg Jackson then I’m really excited to see the new and improved Andre Arlovski because this guy has the talent to be a really good MMA fighter.

    Personally, I enjoy Strikeforce more and more everytime they sign an ex UFC fighter just from a standpoint of familiarity with the fighters. I like watching Scott Smith, Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz, Dan Henderson, and a few others. Strikeforce is getting better and I hope they continue to offer more money to UFC fighters to jump ship.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    Okay Strikeforce this will help you kick Overeem and his bullshit to the curb! Who did he fight to get that belt? I don’t remember. AA is back good to see. When he’s a sniper he’s dynamic but when he’s a slugger he closely resembles Glass Joe from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

  • Rece Rock says:

    Bottom line is that Overeem fighting Rogers is pointless…

    If it’s for the belt you have the chance of Rogers getting the belt and he’s not the HW Champ SF needs to carry them to the next level and basically your saying he’s a number one contender after losing to Fedor…?

    If it’s not for the belt and Rogers wins then you have an even bigger back lash against your paper champion Overeem and when he does finally fight Fedor for the belt its not even like a Championship bout…

    SF needs someone with balls that will simply strip this guy and just have a HW mini Tourney and get a real champ in there.

    And Don’t get me started on LW championship fight… Melendez’s belts on the line but the Dream LW belt isn’t ??? soooo if shinya aoki wins he goes back to japan with the SF belt and can pull an Overeem if he feels like it or only come fight in the US once every like year in a half… way to go Coker, that’s the way to make sure you have fighting champions in your promotion…

    SF should stand for Stupid Fucks.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Very happy to see Andrei back in the cage. Bigfoot will be a tough fight but for sure a winnable fight for him. Either guy who wins this is in a good position though.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Strikeforce, UFC, Shark Fights…. I don’t really care, just glad to see The Pitbull back in action. I hope this is the start of his comeback trail. He wasn’t the 2nd ranked HW in the world for nothing. I’ve said it before that the dude obviously has talent, just hopefully his mental game can be up to par with the physical. Maybe working with Greg Jackson has done that.

  • Its always nice to see the pitbull back in action. So far he has at least been one of the few to make Fedor look human, he was the first guy to hurt TIMMEH!(Cuz come on, Big Tim didnt even know Mir shattered his arm.) and according to everything I’ve read on him he’s the biggest class act out there. A few bad losses have made some people spit on his legacy but if the old pitbull shows up quick and throwin combos, this could be great.

    And I agree Rece Rock, it sucks to see a great promotion make such stupid decisions. Strikeforce has the ONLY current chance of even competing with the UFC right now, and they keep blowing it.

  • edub says:

    Dufresne: Overeem wants testing and M1 is having issues with copromotion? Never saw that coming.How’s life been for you edub, been missing your insight lately.  (Quote)

    Been alright Dufresne. Since my work’s web filter started blocking fiveounces I haven’t been able to get on here as much. Army sent me packing too, so that was cool. I try and get on here before and after work nowadays.


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