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Fathead rolls out first edition of lifesize UFC posters

Fathead recently unveiled their first series of lifesize UFC posters.

The company was first established in 2005 and has sice marketed hundreds of lifesize wall graphics from a variety of the most popular sports from around the globe.

Fighters featured in the first edition from Fathead include Brock Lesnar, B.J. Penn, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva.

Check out the initial fighters made available below:

  • crane_style says:

    Hehe. When I saw the headline and looked at the photo, I thought the article was calling Lesnar a fat head!

  • Rece Rock says:

    guess they can photo shop the brown pride off velasquez…. don’t think thats good for the lil ones.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i really wish the UFC could get someone in to produce posters/marketing etc for them. pretty much 100% of their posters look like tacky photoshop jobs. The Japanese promotions have some crazy graphics, i really think this is one area the UFC are fucking up. It’s like it is always aimed at kids, some kind of promotion that pro wrestling gets. it looks fucking shit.
    Some of my old Pride memorabilia is fucking awesome, the posters, post cards, programmes, action figures, promo items etc. I think i own 2 UFC posters from the Couture/Liddell match ups.
    I’d love to have some kind of memorabilia for some of the great UFC fights, but i’d actually be embarrassed to have any of their stuff framed on my walls

  • hindsightufuk says:

    and whats wrong with cains brown pride tat?

  • Makington says:

    That’s one thing I always wondered too hindsight. The dudes proud of his heritage, and why not? It’s not racist or anything. When people care about the tattoo it just makes themselves seem like goofs. When it’s not a big deal and he can be proud of his brown-ness is when there is no racism. I think it’s a good thing that he can get that tattoo and it not be a big deal. It’s like in the movie Tropic Thunder. When we can laugh that a white guys plays a black guy, that’s totally a step in the right direction that people find it funny now.

  • iscariot_0ne says:

    For the folks that are talking

    hindsightufuk: and whats wrong with cains brown pride tat?  (Quote)

    about Cains “brown pride” tat. That isn’t Cain, that Junior Dos Santos.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…he can be proud of his brown-ness…”

    OMG… that just sounds awfull… His heritage isn’t about being Brown?? Theres every color mexican in there culture White Black and Brown- Dark / Light…. makes no sense to me besides a gang shout out.

    FYI- I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban… I wouldn’t write brown pride on me… and I wouldn’t want my kids walking around ranting about brown pride… I’m american and we are all colors and shades- American Pride is what I’m all about.

    And my point was you know the UFC and Fat head ain’t putting a poster of a guy with BROWN PRIDE across his chest on the market… why would they so parents and civic groups rant and rave…

  • Kuch says:

    The only real question is this: When is the Arianny Celeste poster being released?

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i thought Brown Pride was more about the movement and the acceptance of other races (especially Latino) in a predominantly white society. I dont know if Cain has any gang affiliations or not

  • DS says:

    Kuch: The only real question is this:When is the Arianny Celeste poster being released?  

    Poster? Nah, I’m holding out for the Arianny Celeste full-body doll! 😉

  • Makington says:

    I only used the word brown-ness because that was the word in his tattoo. I am aware that Mexico is a very multi-cultural country, as is USA, and Canada. I live in Canada so I’m obviously Canadian, but I have German roots and I’m very proud of them. I don’t have ‘German Pride’ written on my chest but I do have a saying in German across my back. I don’t think Cain has the tattoo because he is some thug from a gang and that’s his way of spreading racism. I think he’s proud of where he comes from, which he should be, and I hope we’re at that point in society where it doesn’t matter what heritage you have, you can be proud no matter where you come from.

    I don’t think he wants the tattoo to create controversy, I think it’s quite the opposite. I always thought it was a sign of how accepted other minorities are in society and how that tattoo shouldn’t be offensive.

    I don’t really follow American gangs or anything, but if it turns out that Brown Pride is some sort of gang shout-out than I totally shit the bed, but to me it always just seemed like he was proud of his heritage, and I see nothing wrong with that.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    iscariot_0ne says:

    For the folks that are talking
    about Cains “brown pride” tat. That isn’t Cain, that Junior Dos Santos.

    You fail my friend. Go back and check.

  • qat says:

    well, cain was born and raised in california, brown pride is a big latino gang operating throughout california.
    but brown pride could also relate to the brown pride movement, which is indeed about heritage, civil rights etc.

    now, would a gang-member get such a tattoo (in this style, on the chest), or would a political activist do that?..
    was he ever asked about it in an interview? what did he answer?

  • Makington says:

    At the same time Cain went through college, is very soft-spoken, and doesn’t seem to have much of an ego, but I did manage to dig up an interview where he talks about his tattoo.

    He basically says it’s for his heritage and because he wants the latino population to be considered as equal, which I totally support. At the same time though, he wouldn’t come out and say that it is a gang tattoo if that’s what it really is. I didn’t know about a latino gang that’s synonymous with Brown Pride qat, so I will reserve judgement on the tattoo, but I still support being proud of your heritage and where you came from. Californian gangs are quite a ways away from my own personal geography lol.

  • Sic says:

    The guy pictured above Nate is definitely JDS so I don’t really know how we got on the whole brown pride tattoo subject.

    Either way I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the tattoo. Its great that he is proud of his heritage but I think there are more tasteful ways he could have went about it. Get something like Proud Mexican American. I have no clue if its gang affiliated or part of the brown pride movement or whatever I just think there are better ways he could have went about it.

  • Sic says:

    I should mention as well I like Cain. He seems like a nice enough guy. I wouldn’t think he was a racist by anything he says or the way he acts. I do think he is just proud of his heritage. But for the people who have no idea who he is and already have a problem with the sport I just don’t think it helps at all.

    But hey, I also thought Nog was gonna be able to pull of the win probably in the third round and Cain made him look terrible so shows what I know 😛

  • Matthew says:

    Sic: The guy pictured above Nate is definitely JDS so I don’t really know how we got on the whole brown pride tattoo subject.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    i dont think Rece was saying it was Cain in the picture

  • Makington says:

    I think he was referring to why there WASN’T one of him lol.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Yea Basically…

  • vonkrieger says:

    Ah… The power of the Blog.

    While I love his tattoo. Being Bi-Racial my siblings and I used to refer to ourselves “the Brownies” . It was a term of endearment. How we embraced our racial ambiguity. While this is not the purpose of Cain’s Tattoo; I often wish I would have thought of it first.

    On the flip-side what would these posts look like if Brock Lesnar had a Tattoo on his chest that said “White Pride”. We would be talking about him being a skinhead, KKK Member, racist, bigot, or anything along those lines. Instead, isn’t the real question the importance of the phallic under tones of his “Sword” tattoo!

    I love the randomness of the Internet Blogger!

  • Sans_Peur says:

    Just to clarify for anyone else that may have missed it all… from that holy grail of all reputable research, Wikipedia:

    “Brown Pride or BP may refer to the gang Brown Pride or the brown pride movement. The slogan has been used by Latinos to denote a feeling of self-respect, celebrating one’s heritage, and being proud of one’s personal worth. Brown pride as a national movement is closely linked with the developments of the American Civil Rights Movement, during which noted figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, A. Philip Randolph, Stokely Carmichael, and others protested the conditions of the United States’ segregated society, and lobbied for better treatment for people of all races. This time in the United States also saw the creation of brown pride movements such as the Chicano Movement and La Raza advocating brown pride.”

    I don’t think Velasquez has ever said that it’s a gang-related tat, but I don’t know that he’s ever directly said otherwise, either. I can understand the UFC’s reluctance to start the mud-slinging that might erupt from the mainstream media over something like that, as they already face enough negative publicity. Maybe they could just catch him in a shot that’s not showing it off, such as in the midst of ground and pound while his lead arm is extended, thus obscuring the tattoo. Just a thought. and Vonkrieger, I see your point and totally agree with you on all points.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Ya it sure is a weird thing. The racism and sexism in the white man’s ancestry has tarnished any expression of pride regarding his heritage and for understood reaons. As pointed out before, imagine a White Pride tattoo on a fighter. Brown Pride could be interpreted different ways, atleast its’s not Aleksander Emelianenko’s swastikas.

  • big_9_er says:

    How are they gonna have a Jon Jones and NOT a Chuck Liddell ? WTF ?


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