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UFC Undisputed 2010: Five changes to make UFC Undisputed 2010’s career mode better

THQ has announced many changes to UFC Undisputed 2010 gameplay, adding the ability to pick you own strikes and submissions in create-a-fighter, ability to use the cage, three news styles, and online fight camps. While this is nice, it seems like THQ is going to stick with their original career mode set-up which was criticized by many of the journalists in their reviews for being lackluster.

With EA MMA on the way and their claims of a “Robust” career mode, one would think that career mode would get a major overhaul in order to persuade any potential gamers who were thinking of saving their money and buying EA MMA.

So  I’ve racked my brain and came up with five ideas that could make the Career Mode you know….interesting.

5. Being the Villain

Brock Lesnar has shown us that being the bad guy in MMA isn’t a bad gig. Fans pay more money to see you get your butt kicked and that means more fights and more money. In UFC 2010, you could do interviews in—which you trash talk about your opponent about how they lost their last fight to a bad fighter, talk about how your going to claim that Knockout of The Night, etc. Doing stuff like this enough times would draw people to boo you come fight night, and hell you could have the option to hit your opponent when puts his fist out at the beginning of the fight. If you lose the fight, claim that the ref did it, or that Josh Barnett put your dog in a Kimura when he came to visit. It would be nice to actually have some variety in your career mode, because let’s face it being good only gets you the respect of the fans and Dana White constantly tweeting you about meeting him at Pinkberry for a chocolate frozen yogurt. Being the villain would be a nice curveball, and something that would make career mode fun.

4. Post-Fight Damage/Injuries

Let’s say that you just got out of a five round war with Anderson Silva, in which he used your legs and body as target practice for kicks. That would mean that when you go back to training you move a bit slower do to the damage that was done in the previous fight. If you suffer a knockout, you can train on the ground until your trainer would feel that can return to stand-up training. Injuries can occur while your training and there’s a risk/reward system if you decide to return early from training you could re-injure yourself and delay your return to fighting even more, or you make it through training injury-free and can return to training and prepare yourself for your next fight.

3. Balanced Pacing During Fights

When it comes to this sort of thing in most boxing or now MMA games, you seemingly run into a wall of unbalance. You can either throw an extravagant amount of strikes in one five minute round without losing much cardio or you lose a lot of cardio by throwing a one strike too many. The last Fight Night game added this problem in which you could throw about 200 punches in one round without even breaking a sweat. In Undisputed, special moves like head kicks and superman punches could be thrown at a relentless pace without facing any discipline if you knew when to back off at the right time. These moves are considered special for a reason, and throwing them should yield a significant amount of energy loss. This would also help in the online mode where xxxSuperPWNGAGEPRN13xxx will relentless do this and this call you a “f***** b****” when you submit him.

2. Expanded Sparring

In the last game, sparring was basically having a three minute fight that would give you points for listening to the directions. If would to see skill-specific training such as the new ability to work against the cage. You get a list of the things that you are supposed to do: Five points for getting your opponent against the cage, three points for every successful strike you land against the cage, and ten points for every takedown you land. For cage defense: Five points for defending the takedown, three points for blocking the strikes, and ten points for escaping and taking the fight back to the center of the cage. You also lose the same amount for letting the opponent beat you senseless. I also wouldn’t mind seeing minor stuff like heavybag training, stand-up sparring, and ground training.

1. Better Matchmaking

The one major gripe that I had with the career mode in the game was the matchmaking. In my first attempt at Heavyweight, I started off 4-0 with my biggest victory being over future champion Eddie Sanchez (don’t ask) and was given the opportunity to face Brandon Vera who had lost two straight fights. I took the fight and trained extremely hard, but when the fight began I was completely destroyed in under a few minutes. Despite my fighter being around Vera’s size, I moved significantly slower and Vera manhandled me and took me out with knees. I figured that they would offer me more can fights, but the idiot light in my head went off when the chance to fight Cro Cop arrived. I did much better (I made it out of the first round) but I still lost, and I still moved like I had cement shoes on. I realized that the problem with the game was the steep difficulty hike. The matchmaking should be determined on how your performance in previous fights has been. If you’re slashing through opponents like Jason Voorhees at a teenager convention, then your next fight will be against an established fighter. If you’re just taking the fight to a decision by using lay—and—pray, then your choice of opponents will be weaker.

Well, those are my five ideas to make career mode better. Of course, if you have better recommendations or criticisms on how to make it better, please feel free to comment below. The ability to download User Created Content would be a nice add-on since EA had done it so well with the Fight Night games. It would be a lot easier than creating a bunch of fighters and having to take each one through career mode to boost their stats, and sometimes the instructions that some people give for creating fighters can make your head explode.

  • crisis182 says:

    First, I think number 5 is silly. This is MMA not pro wrestling. The other 4 I think are fine. My biggest gripes with career mode are that you fight the same 3-5 guys over and over once you are at the top. The menu system is terrible. And it just comes off a little repetitive. I’ll be interested to see how they go about fixing things.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    i dont mind five that much only cause for given interviews and throwing a little trash talk when the guy you fighting started it. also letting you being the bigger man and just being all GSP like can be cool some times.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    the rest i agree with. more options more fun

  • hindsightufuk says:

    the whole menu thing needs changing. how long does it take to put a logo on your shorts? ridiculous.
    also we need some haircuts for brothers, some dreds and such.
    moving about in weight classes would be good too

  • Everybody already said everything I was already thinkin. How about makin it slightly easier to submit people or not only giving sub of the night honors if its in the first? There have been times I’ve had full stamina and held my opponent in a near submission for almost a straight minute with them having none, mine drains out and Im forced to relinquish the hold. GARBAGE.

  • PsYc0tIkDrEaM says:

    grr these features make me want to get UFC undisputed 2010 for myself now *Since my bro basically hates UFC 09 and basically wants to destroy the disk i got with my money*. EA MMA better fire back with something better. hell i’ll probably get both games.

  • slammy862 says:

    I like the Atari joystick, but the new Sega has MUCH better graphics.

  • MacBatty says:

    What was most disappointing about the last UFC game was the fact that you had to “create” a fighter in order to use the career mode…How crappy is that? I mean most people who buy the game want to use their favorite fighters when playing…..Not just in the useless exhibitions

    Honestly if this new UFC game has not improved on that then im not going to even bother with it….

    If you think about it they kind of promote you to create Strikeforce, Dream, & Pride fighters because you cant even use the UFC fighters in any mode that means anything.

  • thomo says:

    The logo/sponsor section has been changed to make it quicker and less difficult. It is a drag and drop system that will be used in ufc2010.

  • danw84 says:

    Nah MacBatty, that wasn’t even close to the most disappointing thing. Disappointing, maybe, but most? Not nearly. The career mode in general is the most disappointing part. The tattoos for example were just pointless. Generic, meaningless pictures and symbols, or one single letter. Awesome.

    I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, I went through probably upwards of 15 fighter’s entire careers, I loved the game, but there was just so much potential that they missed. No left handed fighters? What?

    I would really appreciate a more active ground game. It felt so stiff and fake, and was all about timing on the joystick rather than where you moved it to. As long as you learned when the animation was over and it was time to input a new move, you could EASILY destroy anyone on the ground that wasn’t as experienced as you.

  • thomo says:

    There is the southpaw option in the new game and you can designate a power hand.

  • DS says:

    I’m with you for 1-4. I could do without 5 (villain), but a twist on that concept could be something along the lines of fighter/gym feuds. If you only train with 1-2 gyms, some other gyms may not have you. Same thing if, for example, you beat a few stablemates from the same gym.

    No, my main fix is this: SCRAP THE ARBITRARY 7-YEAR LIMIT ON CAREER MODE!!! I had a 19-year-old fighter who eventually rose to champion, and then in the prime of his career (age 26), Dana White tells him to retire. WTF!?

    To prevent people from becoming 40-year-old supermen, why not have a simple algorithm that starts to gradually make it harder for you to maintain top cardio/strength/speed once you hit a certain age. Nothing drastic, just something that makes you have to focus on cardio and basics once you hit 35 or something (y’know, like real life!).

  • retrofitting123 says:

    id like to try the game but beer and ufc ppvs are already breakin the bank

  • madheartmma says:

    They should Have a “oops I accidentally knocked out dana white, and steve mazzagatti , went & had a few beers w/ Joe Rogan, and we hooked up w/ ALL the Ring Girls last night” MODE. huh,huh….thad be pretty sweet…huh,huh..

  • Johnnybigone says:

    If EA MMA is like the Fight Night for MMA, I’ll be playing it for years straight.

  • CatchWrestling101 says:

    Thats what they get for going with THQ. THQ sports games suck when compared to EA Sports. Think about it, what football game dominates? Madden for pro and NCAA for college. Boxing? Fight Night. Like I said EA is the king of sports games and THQ sucks. I bet the EA Sports MMA game is gong to be way better than the UFC’s.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I am so pleased to hear you pick your strikes. Are they going to have south paws? I don’t care about the career mode so much. Just get the gameplay right. Restricting wrestler boxers etc so much that they can’t even attempt a head kick was dumb. I had such high expectations for 2009 and was so disapointed. Out of 2009, the earlier UFC games and the THQ Pride game, I enjoyed 2009 the least. Maybe I’m just getting old.

  • danw84 says:

    Or you appreciate a game based on game play, and not just based on what name it carries.

    I got a lot of thumbs down for my comments on the career mode, which I’m confused about as I said I had a lot of fun with it. It was entertaining as hell, but it was nowhere near perfect, nor even feeling totally complete. I totally agree with you about head kicks too. While there could be plenty of people who never WOULD throw a head kick, it makes no sense that they never COULD. I pretty much agree with just about every comment in here, especially the age one and being forced out of the UFC. I also don’t really understand why your athlete never actually ages, it stays the same even as the year changes. Such a simple thing just goes with my feeling that career mode was incomplete.

    I’ll be pre-ordering this and I’m sure I’ll love every minute of it, just as I still do with the current career I made a couple weeks ago in 2009.

    Looking forward to EA MMA too.

  • Rece Rock says:

    they should make this for Wii with a full body interactive suit so you can beat the hell out of whom ever your playing against for realz… should make for hours of fun and trips to the ER.

  • twista1193 says:

    i agree with everything but i would also like just over all more options when customizing your character for career mode! etc hundreds of different tattoos, more hair dye, way more trunks! and i would like different ways of training besides sparring for 2 min or just clicking strength speed or cardio! i agree with the menu needing 2 be shortened ! i would also like 2 see more damage when in the fight bruising, limping, and more blood! this is a violent sport so show it!


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