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Main card fighters take home UFC 109 bonuses

Newly crowned contender Chael Sonnen picked up more than a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship when he defeated Nate Marquardt via unanimous decision on Saturday night – he also netted an extra $60,000 for his efforts. Their scrap was named “Fight of the Night” at UFC 109 meaning Marquardt earned an additional sixty thousand dollars to help mend his wounds with as well.

Also taking home an unexpected amount of cash were fellow main card participants Matt Serra and Paulo Thiago. Serra was awarded “Knockout of the Night” after flattening Frank Trigg a few minutes into their bout, while Thiago’s second-round D’Arce Choke of American Kickboxing Academy’s Mike Swick was designated “Submission of the Night”.

The above bonus information was announced at the post-event press conference and originally reported by Sherdog.

  • Nick Havok says:

    It’s funny how the UFC often rewards fights as ‘Fights of the Night’ for the simple fact that someone was bleeding.

    Take away the blood…and the Marquardt-Sonnen fight was garbage.

    Man humping at it’s finest.

    …and yeah, Serra and Thiago win their bonuses by process of elimination. Woopie!

  • Guthookd says:

    Well deserved on all accounts.

    This card turned out to be very entertaining. Upsets, good finishes, and aired prelim fights. What more can a guy really ask for.

  • Nick Havok says:

    Guthookd: What more can a guy really ask for.

    Their money back.

  • Rich S. says:

    I’m glad Randy didn’t get submission of the night.. Coleman pretty much handed it to him..

    Thiago’s, on the other hand, had me on my feet and had Swick unconscious in less than 5 seconds..

  • hindsightufuk says:

    I never thought all these folks talking about over saturation by the UFC made an ounce of sense, but when you look at last night, i’m almost inclined to agree with them. That really was a poor card if you look at it top to bottom. but if you get rid of the new Versus card and replace two or three fights it would have been solid. In fact just look at the quality in the Versus card and tell me its not 10 times more exciting than this ppv event. I just dont get it, maybe it really is just bad luck but UFC ppv’s are getting less and less satisfaying all the time. I’m no hater on the UFC but seriously, if Joey Beltran, Rolles Gracie, Chris Tuchscherer & Tim Hague are the best heavy weights you can come up with for a PPV undercard, you need to worry.

    That being said, the positives for me….

    Phil Davis = animal! if only he knew some submissions that fight would have been stopped. Oppurtunities for armbars/D’arce/Brabo/RNC/arm triangles a plenty. exciting fighter.

    Matt Serra, good to see him win, get rid of Trigg at the same time, the whining fuck, fuck him even more when he has hair

    Great sub by Paulo, we all know that was the real submission of the night. Guys a tough fucker

    Chael deserves a title shot for absolutely dominating the undisputed number one challernger in the MW division. I’m not a huge fan of his, but if you can make Nate look like a mug, you deserve to take his place.

    Randy, way to go, love the guy, wanna see some more super fights.

  • Spoken says:

    “…and yeah, Serra and Thiago win their bonuses by process of elimination. Woopie! ”

    Thiago didn’t win by process of elimination. There were 2 submissions that night, which he had the better of. Even so, it was an extremely slick and well executed submission which deserved a bonus.

  • Spoken says:

    This may seem ridiculous considering the obvious outcome, but after what happened between Tito and Coleman after the fight, I am shamefully hoping for Tito vs. Coleman. No matter how slim the chances, the possibility of Coleman finishing Tito at 46 years old would make my year.

  • egad81 says:

    For the first time I am really happy I didnt buy this PPV because I hear they are going to rebroadcast it on Spike in a few weeks and it was live on the internet last night for free.

  • PsYc0tIkDrEaM says:

    I really thought that Paulo Thiago vs Mike Swick deserved Fight of the night. But Sonnen vs Marquardt was just a bit of something. But Thiago did win Sub of the night so that makes up for it.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I thiught this UFC was one of the worst displays of MMA I have seen in a while except for the Thiago V Swick and Sonnen v Marquardt fights. On the positive side Maia stand up has improved, on the negative side Millers stand up was terrible and exposed as mediocre and If Coleman trained like he has never before he forgot the to train the most basic of stand up skills and failed to have (or follow) any sort of intelligent game plan. He attempted no take downs and played to his own weaknesses and Randy’s strengths. I don’t care what he said in the build up, I think he just wanted main event money. I’m so sick of Roegan saying that Randy keeps improving. The best Randy I ever saw was against Chuck Lidell with a close 2nd against Tim some years ago. And the last fight between those 2 HWs was a joke.

    And…”Chael deserves a title shot for absolutely dominating the undisputed number one challernger in the MW division”

    The no.1 is Vitor and it was desputed as to the next one, that is why they had this fight. LOL. 4-3 out of his last 7 does not scream undisputed to me. please prefix mw division with UFC too, because if we include the world wide mw division it is extremely disputed.
    Am I the only one who thought that this UFC was so bad?.

  • LiverPunch says:

    “And the last fight between those 2 HWs was a joke”
    By this I mean the last fight of 109 and not Sylvia v Couture.


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