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Jose Canseco and Mike Goldberg join Rear Naked Radio LIVE at 7 pm ET (6 pm CT)

Rear Naked Radio returns this evening as Managing Editor and RNR co-host Cory Brady joins Richard Hunter and Pugs Moran to welcome baseball legend/MMA fighter Jose Canseco and the UFC’s Mike Goldberg to the show.

Make sure to check out the show on 1360 AM, or you can catch it right here on the web at RearNakedRadio.

The show is set to kick off on Friday evening, January 21, beginning at 7 pm ET (6 pm CT, 4 pm PT), lasting until 9 pm ET (8 pm CT, 6 pm PT) .

  • Rece Rock says:

    Canseco wants Walker… funny thing is it will probably make for a better fight then both of there last fights… SF would never do that though… but one of the small regional promo’s would put on that freak show in a minute…

  • ndizzle says:

    im a little disapointed that RNR is even having him on the radio

  • RearNakedRadioPugs says:

    Jose and Richard have a very long history together. I am sorry this guest booking disapoints you but please allow me to explain how I see it.

    I agree this is a crazy story. Cant we agree to have some fun with it? Espn has talked more about MMA this week, because of this story, then they almost ever have. I for one want more and more people exposed to MMA. I want this sport to be as big as Nascar and I think it can be. These kind of “stunts” get attention and right now thats a good thing for MMA.

    SF should do this! They should do it and put it on CBS! Get Fedor as a headliner, Put Hendo on the card and drop Walker vs Canseco on there in prime time. It would be the most watched MMA event in history and on Monday everyone is talking about it.

    Thanks and I hope you find something ya like in the interview.

  • Guthookd says:

    I appreciate everything you guys are trying to do for MMA as a whole, but I have to agree with ndizzle. Canseco is not an MMA fighter. He didn’t even train to fight Hong Man. No training. WTF?

    Hershal Walker on the other hand… could see plain as day that he trained hard and he was in great shape. If he had some submission knowledge he could have finished the fight several times.

    If a fight happens between Hershal Walker and Jose Canseco, Walker wins it in the first round easily, and with no damage whatsoever.

    On the off chance that they actually make it happen someone from Strikeforce needs to make damn sure that Canseco gets into a camp of some sort.

    The least you guys can do is present him with some straight forward questions about his training plans and let him know that those of us who follow MMA closely were very disappointed in his last performance, not because he lost but because he didn’t give him self a chance.

  • ndizzle says:

    well ceasar gracie has said he will train canseco for this fight against herchell if sf says yes.

    i understand but herschel the one who fought he has the raining and no matter what herschel does he always shows class and the ultimate profesional,canseco has shown something else

  • RearNakedRadioPugs says:

    I agree with you on almost everything. Its CLASS vs the ASS and we all know who is who.

  • Like it or not, Jose Canseco has shoved his way into the MMA blogosphere this week by challenging Walker to a fight.

    News is news is news and with word that Cesar Gracie has volunteered to train the former MLB All Star, the possibility of this fight has gone from zilch to probable.


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