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Dana White confirms Kimbo vs. Mitrione for UFC 113 was the first to report the news of an impending heavyweight match-up between Kimbo Slice and Matt Mitrione, and UFC President Dana White has since confirmed our initial report.

White confirmed the bout during the UFC 109 presser held yesterday afternoon.

UFC 113 is set for May 8, 2010 from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Kimbo will be looking to make it an official 2-0 with the UFC, coming off of the heels of a unanimous decision victory over Houston Alexander during the TUF 10 Finale, while Mitrione is in the same boat with an impressive knockout debut over Marcus Jones at the same event.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hmmm I wonder what they both have been up to since there wins at the finally… it’s going to be interesting to see whom has improved more since the TUF finale and whom has the better game plan coming into the fight… should be fun…

    DW def. threw this on there to help with PPV buys… but Kimbo hasn’t been on PPV yet so we’ll see if this is the proper technique to milk the cash cow…

  • hindsightufuk says:

    its disturbing that this will make the main portion of a ppv card. I understand why, $$$ makes sense and all, but its wrong. To an extent i can understand Kimbo being on the main PPV card, but Matt Mitrione? cmon seriously. this is almost as bad as Strikeforce selling their soul to show the Hershel Walker fight.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m not a huge fan of this being on the main card, but as everyone else has already pointed out, it’s gonna make money.

    I can sorta see why they put Mitrione in there as well. He did just stop a huge, powerful, heavily favored opponent via KO, and they know he’s gonna stand with Kimbo. The last thing they want is another Alexander debacle and Mitrione isn’t going to run (partly because his cardio won’t let him).

  • Lerner17 says:

    In the simplest of all Geek terms…. DO NOT WANT!!! At least not on the main card. Why not showcase some of the undercard fighters for once, like “All American” Brian Stann? I’ve been a fan of his since his debut in the WEC and I have yet to see another fight of his ever since he came to the UFC. I don’t know if I’m just tuning in at the wrong times or what….

  • retrofitting123 says:

    kimbo needs to be at 205 where hes the bigger guy

  • Guthookd says:

    I think this has the potential to be a great fight. Like Dufresne said, Matt is going to stand with Kimbo. There could be a war.

    Like I say in every Kimbo thread though, I won’t be suprised if Kimbo gets a takedown and puts on a submission. I am positive that he has been steadily working on his ground game…..Matt on the other hand…I can’t even guess what he’s been up to.

    Either way, worthy of a main card slot or not, I’ll be watching this fight for sure.

  • Angry Mike says:

    UFC picked Mitrione in hopes that he will do what Houston didn’t: Stand and trade. Based on his performance on TUF and his fight with “Big Baby,” that’s a pretty good bet. Mitrione is unpolished on his best day, but he hits hard and has a decent chin. I’ll take him by ko in the first.

  • dstager says:

    Guthookd: Like I say in every Kimbo thread though, I won’t be suprised if Kimbo gets a takedown and puts on a submission.I am positive that he has been steadily working on his ground game…..  

    I would be very surprised to see a submission from Kimbo. Yeah, he got some takedowns against Houston Alexander, but when he had his back he let him ESCAPE FROM UNDERNEATH HIS LEGS! It was like he was giving birth. That dude is not a threat to anyone on the ground.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Sorry Kimbo but I hope you lose this and badly. I don’t think Mitri who? is a good fighter either but even if he wins at least he will disapear soon enough and you may too, but if you win we will have to endure more and more of your fights and to be honest you are not worthy of being in a pay per veiw UFC card unless you are a top level MMA artist. I know they are trying to make you out as one but you should work your way up to the UFC and not be there and then try and learn how to be top level. It is wrong, you know it. I don’t blame you for playing the cards you are dealt but you don’t belong in top level MMA comp.

  • Sans_Peur says:

    Hold on now – I’m not hugging on Kimbo’s junk, in fact I’m frequently a Kimbo detractor. That being said, I’ve never heard him, DarkWing, or anyone in or affiliated with the UFC claim that Kimbo is top level talent. Give credit – or criticism – where each is due, and nowhere else. Consider, though, that this fight has the potential to be a slugfest – and as we learned from Griffin vs. Bonnar 1, skill isn’t necessary for that, or to make an entertaining fight. This is a legit business move from the UFC, and say what you want, but I bet you’ll be interested in the outcome either way.

  • Nick Havok says:


    Kimbo on the main portion of a PPV….the UFC will do anything for money won’t they? I mean who needs integrity anyway, right?

    And say what you will, but at least EliteXC delivered Kimbo freak fights like this for free.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Sans if you want entertainment in place of top level comp you are part of the problem. Cool a slugfest…not. How about elite MMA guys being on elite MMA cards? or is that not what the UFC is about? just a couple of dudes swinging? if that is what you and others want watch a bad boxing match or bum fights. MMA is mixed martial arts and just like all other codes of elite sports in the world it should be elite mixed martial artists on display, not you tube celebs and failed reality tv contestants who would never make the grade without being famous for reasons other than their MMA ability.


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