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Josh Neer: I want a rematch with Kurt Pellegrino; He tricked me

As ten-time UFC veteran Josh Neer prepares for this weekend’s welterweight interim title bout set for “Shark Fights 8: Super Brawl” in Lubbock, Texas, on Friday, February 5, “The Dentist” recently revealed during a conversation with that he will be approaching this newest challenge exactly like he would a UFC title fight.

“No, not really,” said Neer when asked whether or not there was more pressure to win on a somewhat smaller platform. “There are a lot of good guys out there that aren’t in big shows. I’ve trained with so many good guys from MFS that nobody has heard of, and they’re killers. We have guys in DSM that no one’s heard of, but they’re very good.”

While Neer told that he was undoubtedly caught off guard when recently released from the UFC in the middle of a four fight extension, the Miletich Fighting Systems trained fighter admitted that the recent dismissal has served as a real eye opener.

“During most fights, I just fight and whatever happens, happens,” said Neer. “I need to have more of a game plan and need to stick to that plan”

And that’s exactly what Josh plans to do this Friday night against the hard hitting Anselmo Martinez.

According to Neer, Martinez will be yet another stone he places in the road on his path back to his rightful home.

“I’m definitely focused on getting back to the UFC and will continue to fight for other promoters to get there,” said Neer.

With that being said, Neer went on to reveal to that he would absolutely consider fighting under the Strikeforce banner if the dollars made sense.

“Strikeforce is a good show,” said Neer. “They have good fighters and they pay pretty well too.”

In a sport where so often it’s athletes prefer to take the “I don’t care who I fight” approach, Neer walks his own path. If there was one man on this earth he would like to sort things out with the old fashioned way, Josh wants Batman, and we’re not talking Bruce Wayne.

“I want a rematch with [Kurt] Pellegrino,” said Neer. “He tricked me into thinking that he was going to stand with me. Next time, I will know better. I know that I can beat him.”

Neer wanted to thank Shark Fights, Hitman Fight Gear, and all of his training partners in Des Moines MMA.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I hope he is back sooner rather than later. I still cant belive the ufc let this guy go, he is way better than Danzig and hasnt lost three in a row but they still dropped him.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Maybe the UFC tricked him into being released…

  • Kuch says:

    Did he say he wants to go back and fight for the UFC??

    What?!?! That must be a typo, right?!?!

    How can that be possible when Dana White DISRESPECTS ALL THE FIGHTERS!?!?!?

    Oh…that’s right, he’s actually worked for the UFC and not just read about it on the ‘net.

  • jj says:

    Best of luck to Josh, I sure hope he makes it back where he belongs. He’s one of my favourite fighters and always brings it. That said he needs to work on finishing things and keeping it out of the judges hands.

  • Rich S. says:

    -“I need to have more of a game plan and need to stick to that plan”

    That would make him so dangerous..
    He already has good striking, wrestling, AND submissions, he just gets caught up in the “fans want a stand up war” complex, and drops decisions to these grapplers..

    Instead of just coming out and banging, I think he would actually be better off grappling his opponents (offensively).. I don’t know, I just like his wrestling.. I’m sure his fans wouldn’t like that too much, though..

    I’m sure he’ll do just fine in this fight, and any other fights he has in smaller promotions.. And there’s always going to be great matchups for him in the UFC AND in Strikeforce..

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Josh is like a lw version of chris lyttle, always puts on a show, always fun to watch. I think he almost beat Kurt last time, Kurt dominated him in the grappling without doing any damage and Josh nearly finished him with elbows in the last 30 seconds.
    I like Josh Neer, i wanna see him fight in bigger shows

  • would love to see Neer back in the UFC. I couldn’t believe they let him go ?? anyone know why. I think he is a big draw. He reminds of Nick Diaz just not as well rounded.

  • Nick Havok says:

    He didn’t trick you, Josh.

    He DEFEATED you…both mentally and physically.

    But then again, we are talking about a repeat drunk driver and someone who thinks they can run from the police.

    Draw your own conclusions about his level of intelligence…

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Havok: “But then again, we are talking about a repeat drunk driver and someone who thinks they can run from the police.”

    What’s the purpose of this statement? All Neer is saying is that if he gets another chance at this fight, he’ll be smarter about it. Absolutely no reason to bring up his run-in’s with the law, Mr. Perfect.

  • dstager says:

    Josh Neer is badass. Hope he gets to fight some Mormon or something next. Love watching the shit-talkers beat the pious.

  • 3OAM says:

    “Strikeforce is a good show,” said Neer. “They have good fighters and they pay pretty well too.”

    Good fighters, check. Pay pretty well, check.

    Good show…eh.


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