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Nate Diaz vs. Rory Markham set for UFC 111 at 170 pounds

After toying with the idea following his razor thin split decision defeat at the hands of Gray Maynard in January, Nate Diaz will be putting his money where his mouth is, as the normally 155 pound fighter will be moving up to the welterweight division to face off with Rory Markham at UFC 111.

UFC 111 set for March 27, 2010 from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and features a headlining attraction between Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy for the UFC welterweight championship.

Diaz has gone 6-3 during his career with the UFC with notable victories over the likes of Kurt Pellegrino, Josh Neer and Melvin Guillard to his credit, while Markham last saw action at UFC 95 where he was knocked out by Dan Hardy following an impressive UFC debut over Brodie Farber which he won via head kick knockout.

Markham has not gone the distance in twenty-one fights as a professional, and it’s unlikely the trend will cease in this bout.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Sounds like fun…UFC 111 is going to be sick

  • Dufresne says:

    Nate was a pretty skinny, but long LW. I want to see how much muscle (if any) he packs on for fighting at WW.

  • Rich S. says:

    Interesting.. I hope he does good..

    At first, it sounds like a good idea to move to 170, because with guys like Maynard, Griffin, Sherk, Penn, Sanchez, and basically any other top tier LW, Nate didn’t stand much of a chance..

    But, you have to wonder if he stands a chance at WW.. I can’t see him beating many of the top guys there either..

    I think he needs to tune up his striking, and work on putting some power into his takedowns, and he’ll do just fine… for a while, at least..

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I think the move will be good for Nate. He was cutting 25lbs or so to make 155 so I imagine he’ll feel a lot better at WW. Should be a lot stronger and have better cardio too only having to cut 10-15lbs.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think Nate’s careere is going to go along the same lines as Nick’s that is with him being somewhat middle of the pack for a few more years until he really grows into himself, remember he is still very young(as is Nick) I would guess that withinn 3-4 years if he stays in the ufc we will see Nate slowly start to creep up and become a very serious threat at 170.

  • Guthookd says:

    I don’t see how he could possibly compete with the other 170lbrs. I think the results will be about the same as they were in the LW division…..more wins than losses, but top tier WW’s are going to smear him.

    One thing is for sure though…..I’ll be watching to find out. He has surprized me before and I wish him the best. Hope he puts on some muscle.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    No Diaz vs sanchez at 170

  • Guthookd: I don’t see how he could possibly compete with the other 170lbrs. I think the results will be about the same as they were in the LW division…..more wins than losses, but top tier WW’s are going to smear him.One thing is for sure though…..I’ll be watching to find out. He has surprized me before and I wish him the best. Hope he puts on some muscle.  (Quote)

    Name me one person who has “smeared” Diaz? I had Diaz winning the fight with Gray up until the last 30 seconds of the third. Joe Stevenson was horrified to do anything but wrestle with Nate and he outwrestled Nate. Nothing more nothing less. Guida hugged Nate for three whole rounds and Nate still lost a razor thin split decision as he actually got some good offense in there.
    So I ask you again who has smeared Nate?

    I can see Nate beating Kos all day. Nate will outbox Kos with sheer skill as Koscheck only knows one punch and that’s that obvious big overhand right. What’s Kos gonna do take him down? Have fun with that as Nate can submit damn near anyone off his back. I can easily see Nate getting up to the top of 170 if he packs on some muscle and works on his wrestling. Not so much takedown defense, just the ability to muscle some of the other guys around a little when it hits the ground.

  • Rich S. says:

    Nate’s exactly like his brother, he just hasn’t reached his caliber yet..

    He has that wild boxing, that, someday, will be powerful and effective..
    He has great Jiu Jitsu, that, someday, could be the best in his division..
    And his only losses come to wrestlers that he just couldn’t submit before the final bell..

    That’s their problem (Well, it doesn’t seem to be Nick’s anymore)…
    They have no takedown defense because they don’t care if they get taken down.. They’re BETTER OFF on the ground.. But, every now and then, someone (ex: Guida/Stevenson or Sherk/Sanchez) with incredible submission defense takes them down, and holds them there for 3 rounds..

    You can’t knock them out and and you can’t submit them… The decision is their worst enemy..

  • Makington says:

    Just looking at how the discussion has turned entirely to Nate, I’d assume everyone is looking past Markham. To be honest, I kind of am too. If Nate’s chin is even half of his brother’s then he doesn’t have to worry about Markham’s one tool, and his subs are dangerous no matter which weight he is at. He took some really solid shots from Guillard and a couple bombs from Gray so I know he is atleast tough, but I’ve never seen him get hit really hard.

    I do expect him to beat Rory without too much trouble, but much stranger things have happened.

    I think he kind of deserves a better opponent than him but he has some big questions to answer at WW.

  • AH….nothin like watchin Kos knock out Yoshida twice in one fight. Sorry I digress it was on right as I logged in to post my comment. You make a great point Makington, I think that there are alot more interesting matches at WW with Diaz, but if he were to get smashed by a great WW it would destroy the momentum he needs to build before making himself a serious contender at 170. If he loses to Rory, then we know he needs to stay at 155 but if he can beat, or at least really make Markham earn a decision, then we can start seeing him move up the ladder. and for the record I wanna see Diaz and Hazelett…..we would all learn some BJJ moves that no one has heard of ever.

  • elkymbo says:

    Nate is a – [No fighter bashing – Staff] I hope he gets his teeth kicked in.

  • Makington says:

    I actually agree elkymbo, but I like having him around. I dislike their personalities and overall attitude to the sport, but it keeps me watching, if only to see them get punched in the face, Personally MMA is about respect and a lot about honour, but I wouldn’t like it if everyone thought that way. I kind of like having that guy you love to hate. Sure, Nate and his brother come off like dickhead to mostly eveyrone but that’s what people like to see and it keeps things fresh. I can still respect the fact that they say what’s on their mind and always come out to fight if nothing else.

  • elkymbo says:

    I got told off by staff for fighter bashing by calling Nate a punk? Whaaaa? I was just reading a post a couple of articles ago and someone was calling a fighter a c**t. I’ll probably get banned now. And you’re right Makington that’s what I’m on about with these two……no respect, for the sport or their opponents. Who flexes their muscles while they’re chocking someone anyway?

  • First of all its spelled Choking. Second of all are you serious? No respect for their opponents? So what we’re all supposed to just be happy and friendly? Don’t get me wrong I believe in repect for ones opponent but hearing over and over how everyone loves and repects everyone does get old. The Diaz boys have always been respectful in winning and losing (Nick on F. Shamrock, “He’s been fighting the way I wanna fight and saying the things I wanna say forever.”) So what if before a fight they talk about Whipping their opponents ass, its not ballet its fighting. Tito has no respect for his opponents (Flipping off shamrock, the grave digger routine, calling Machida a pussy in an interview) now I dont like their ghetto speech, but it is what it is and as long as they deliver the goods in their fights Im sold.

    and Second how is it disrespectful to flex when you’ve got a locked sub in? Is that anymore disrespectful than running around like Liddel does after every win? What about When someone jumps on the cage and panders to the crowd? being excited causes excited action and speech and I dont blame any of these guys for being/acting pumped after a victory, I would too.

  • elkymbo says:

    So what you’re saying is that I’m not allowed my opinion and that you’re the all seeing, all knowing knowledge on MMA? Cause that’s what it sounds like. Get off your high horse mate and go back to your little hole. Oh and I’m sorry about my type-o with choking, obviously your hole has dictionary’s in it and you have lots of time to read over them. I’m sooooo sorry to have wasted your time.

    Maybe next time I post a comment you won’t waste your time reading it.


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