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Exclusive: Herschel Walker talks Strikeforce debut (VIDEO)

Susan Cingari recently had the opportunity to catch up with former NFL superstar Hershel Walker for to gather his thoughts on how he is using some of his tried and true training techniques from football to prepare for his first fight against Greg Nagy at the Bank Atlantic Center, Saturday, what kind of fighter he has become, how he is not afraid to go the distance to win, and much more.

Walker and Nagy will be locking horns during “Strikeforce: Miami” on January 30 from Sunrise, Florida.

Video shot by Vince Lugo.

  • Off Topic says:

    This may be a gimic to most people and I can see that point of view. I cannot lie, I am very interested in watching how he performs. I actually would hate if his fight was on the undercard even though it technically should be.

    Strikeforce wins because I want to see him fight. I am really excited for this whole card. I wish they would just get their production together and show some undercard fights. When they say 4 or 5 fights on the main card they mean it.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but have they ever shown an undercard fight? I don’t remember it happening.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    so who is this guy again? was he a really good footballer?
    i fucking hate football, english football is gay enough but dont you US folk have to wear little crop tops over your shoulder pads? and leggins?

    apparenetly i should be interested but i just cant bring myself to care about this guy, is he really gonna be any better than any of the shitters on the last TUF?

  • Nick Havok says:

    I actually get slightly embarassed lately when friends ask me who is on the Strikeforce card this weekend and I say Heschel walker.

    They all give the same confused look and response, ‘Huh…Herschel Walker is fighting?’

    I just look down and quietly nod yes.

    Then they ask against who and I just want to walk away from the conversation.

  • Rece Rock says:

    SF needs to just work on there business development and ther marketing strategy… adding Walker to the roster ( win or lose) isn’t productive. you wanna grow? start with young prospects whom are talented and have a following and better production staff on your live shows. You want ratings? Have less one sided match ups and if your going to expose your star fighters do it with another marketable star fighter… just my opinion, but SF isn’t a close second they have a ways to go…


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