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M-1 Global is NOT in talks with the UFC about Fedor and Mousasi

mousasiContrary to recent reports, M-1 Global is not currently in talks with the UFC.

Although reports have swept through the mixed martial arts news front recently stating that UFC President Dana White and M-1 Global have been in discussions regarding possibly signing either Fedor Emelianenko or Gegard Mousasi, has recently been able to confirm that no such discussions have taken place through sources close to M-1 Global.

White was quoted during this weekend’s UFC 108 card stating that talks between himself and M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein had been underway recently, but apparently recently could be mean a few different things, as no such discussions have occured according to Finkelchtein, who went a step further to add that both Fedor and Mousasi are completely happy where they are with Strikeforce for the time being.

Numerous news outlets were recently reporting on a Twitter message that has since been confirmed as being a fake through Finkelchtein, who recently had this to say via M-1

Today I heard the rumors of me allegedly stating on my twitter account that we are negotiating with the UFC. I want to state that there are no talks with the UFC whatsoever. Our partner in the USA is STRIKEFORCE, we are happy to cooperate with STRIKEFORCE. Fedor (Emelianenko) and Gegard (Mousasi) fight there and they are quite happy with the conditions and how they are treated with respect there. Finally, I don’t have any account on Twitter. The account that ignited the rumors is false. Our attorneys are already aware of the situation and shortly this fake account will be deleted.

  • 9 times out of 10 there is truth within a rumor.

  • Guthookd says:

    I agree FF313.

  • thunder okami says:

    i love Fedor and i love Mousasi

    but M-1 is FAIL/10

  • Nick Havok says:

    Hey Dana, way to freely promote some Strikeforce fighters!

    That is very awesome of you.

  • Nick Havok says:

    Two thumbs up for Five Ounces for bringing us the REAL story here, instead of blindly eating up whatever nonsense crapola that Dana White is spewing.

    Nice work, fellas.

  • Cogito Ergo Sum says:

    Anyone who thinks M1 Global is a fail or a terrible company must not know anything about this situation. M1 Global has hands down gotten their fighters the best possible deals available. Just because they won’t bend over backwards to get into the UFC is awesome because now we have two rival promotions who are putting on great fights monthly. And also to the guy talking trash about Dana talking up Fedor and Mousasi… You can’t have it both ways. If you want to gripe and moan when he trash talks Fedor then you shouldn’t be mad when he compliments them. I think he’s acting a lot better about the situation and although M1 is not in talks with the UFC now, if Dana can keep from spreading mud, then maybe one day we’ll see M1 and the UFC working together. Once that happens you can expect that Strikeforce goes belly up.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I’m thinking about the idea of a UFC vs.Strikeforce card in the next couple of years.
    I know Dana won’t co-promote with M-1,but as far as I know he’s never had any bad feelings towards Strikeforce.
    Seeing as Strikeforce is buying up alot of foreign talent,AND if they agreed to take all the liability for the M-1 fighters,it has possibilities.
    Some kind of North American version of Dynamite.
    Ask him about it the next time you get an interview.

    Hell,it could be a White -Coker production.

  • Cogito Ergo Sum says:

    Thats a silly question thats completely out of the question. Dana would not co promote with Strikeforce, and until just a bit ago, Strikeforce really wasn’t compared to the UFC as a legitimate challenge, but that has changed and so has Dana’s feelings toward Strikeforce. BTW, Strikeforce has Fedor the number one hw, Mousasi a top five LHW, and Hendo a top 3 MW, along with Aoki who is top five LW imo. They have a really good chance of beating the UFC which would cause a lot of problems in Dana’s book, never going to happen.

  • Anoiselikethunder says:

    You might be right. Back in the day though, Dana sent Chuck over to fight in a pride Tournament just to prove that the UFC guys could handle business. I think it would be pretty dope if they did do something like that again, but yeah it probably wont happen. There’s a lot to lose on both sides if there guys lose.

  • Austin says:

    please STOP spreading rumors like this. it just makes it worse when they actually do start talking about it.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    M1 Global is not a stupid company, but they are still terrible. They put promotions out of business. They come in, make fist fulls of cash, and leave when the going gets tough. Why should UFC share anything with a company that cares nothing for anyone but itself. A strikeforce vs UFC card would be incredible though.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i wish it were true

  • Rece Rock says:

    This is tired…
    no point in even thinking about any of this until both fighters contracts are up and if they have straps around there waist you better believe there will be huge incentives for them to stay in SF…this is always going to be a case of “What if…” IMO.

  • Kuch says:

    It wouldn’t suprise me to find out Vadim is talking to Dana. I could see M1 breaking with Strikeforce if the UFC offered them a better deal. It all comes down to money in the end. There isn’t much use in Dana making this up (unless he wants to promote fighters not working for him) whereas Vadim has to worry about upsetting Scott Coker.

  • Angry Mike says:

    So the news is that there is no news. Time for a nap.

  • JAI says:

    Either Dana’s blowing smoke about the whole thing, or the M1- Reps are lying through their teeth!!….Time will tell!

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “Fedor sucks” “Fedor isn’t even a top 5 HW”
    -Dana White.

    Fedor responds to Dana White during the time of Randy’s attempts to leave the UFC to fight him.

    “Numerous times have I read mister White’s statements on Internet concerning myself. In my opinion, allowing yourself to say those things is not a sign of a gentleman or a grown man at all! If he candidly wants to prove himself right then let my fight with Randy happen or let me face the reigning UFC champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. In the future I wouldn’t want to hear those statements in my address ever again and I won’t tolerate that.

    My last fight in Japan proved that I’m ready to fight anybody with any height advantage, skillset or experience. I have fought and still wish to fight the best athletes. The Randy fight is my goal number one right now, he’s a great fighter and this is a very unfortunate situation when too strict and one-sided UFC contracts don’t let this fight happen.

    The whole world is eager to see me fight your champions, people don’t want to listen to your press-conferences. I’m signed with M-1 Global and this promotion is ready to organize such fights under our banner or in co-promoted events.”

    Dana and the UFC said no. No co promotion, no Randy vs Fedor, no to fighting outside of the UFC, no to non exclusive contracts, no to the UFC fighters being able to fight Stikeforce, Dream, WVR fighters, no to the fans who want this. I really hope the UFC loses all of it’s fighters 1 by 1 and we are able to see the fights that we should be seeing ie. Fedor vs Lesnar, Mir vs Overeem, Diaz vs Gsp, Penn vs Aoki and Hansen, Mousasi vs A. Silva, Jacre vs Maia. Sylvia and Arlovski left and we got to see those fights against Fedor, Rothwell and Rogers. Just imagine if all of the classic boxing matches like Ali vs Fraiser, Tyson etc didn’t happen because a company stopped it for the sake of it’s own pocket. That is what the UFC is doing. So I hope Fedor and Mousasi stay right where they are and the UFC opens it’s doors rather than saying no to having a MMA that is good for the fans and not just ZUFFA shareholders.

  • Kuch says:

    Zuffa is an LLC; it doesn’t have shareholders.

    And your entire post makes you sound like the typical UFC-hater. Wishing the UFC loses all its fighters is basically hoping for the demise of MMA in the US. Sure, Strikeforce would pick up some of the pieces, but how long before this type of rhetoric is directed at them? The UFC has a stake in protecting their business as much as Scott Coker has a stake in making sure Strikeforce remains competitive.

    I actually hope Strikeforce gets to the point that they are on equal ground with the UFC; it will mean co-promoted events will be more likely if both promotions can equally share the rewards.

  • Niv says:

    MMA-LOGIC, I actually think that is a great post as it gives you insight into the damage Dana White does with his antics.

    When the UFC was in negotiations with Fedor it was White who started all the rumors of the contracts and everyone jumped all over Fedor and M1. I guess that’s how things work in bizarro world.

    Here we go again Dana White starts blabbing out loud which tells me he’s trying to ensure that Fedor never comes to the UFC for some bizarre reason, I really don’t get this guy.

    If you are actually talking to these people a good business man keeps a tight lid on this and absolutely nothing gets leaked, but in Dana’s world it seems the opposite is true.

    I love mma, I love the UFC, but as I’ve said for some time now Dana White has got to go for the sake of this sport.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    So Kuch doesn’t want to see UFC fighters fight anyone but UFC fighters? Yeah I hate the UFC dummy because of the reasons listed above. They prevent great fights from happening. Can you dispute this? You want SF and the UFC to be as big as each other? why so half of the worlds best fighters don’t fight the other half? are you mental?. We as fans want all fighters to fight all fighters and apart from the UFC that is happening to a large degree. THINK! Kuch. No exclusive contracts means you win as a fan you idiot. If you are going to dismiss this as anti UFC every time you hear it you need to check yourself. Questions are… Do you want the best fights to happen, who is preventing that and for what reason? The answer is Yes you do, The UFC and for their pocket. Simple is it not?.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    ‘Zuffa is an LLC; it doesn’t have shareholders”.
    Ok its owners. So instead of the public shareholders it is doing it for just a few greedy dudes. That makes it so much better.

  • Kuch says:

    My gosh MMA-LOGIC (ILLOGIC?), you’re incredibly dense.

    Do I want the best fights in the world? Yes, but I know the UFC won’t change their contracts, so you can leave fantasy land and get over that happening. This is called reality, which I guess you’re still getting used to.

    The UFC will protect their business just like every other promotion will, and given their success to this point, it looks like they have a recipe for success.

    Your whole post about Fedor makes you sound like his nuts are still in your throat. Is he the best HW fighter out there? Absolutely. Did I want to see him fight in the UFC? Sure. Am I heartbroken he’s not? Not really. Shit happens dude – now get over it.

    And if you want to me to stop thinking you hate the UFC, then stop speaking like you do. I’m sure being anti-UFC allows you to be “edgy” in whatever high school you attend, but the truth is you sound like someone who isn’t getting what he wants so he wants to lash out at whatever he feels is standing in his way. Not everyone gets what they want.


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