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Rashad Evans: You lose your head and your a** goes with it

RashadIt may not have been pretty but former UFC light heavyweight champion, “Sugar” Rashad Evans, did his job this evening in picking up the unanimous decision nod over Thiago Silva during the main event of UFC 108.

And while Rashad accomplished what he set out to do this evening in the grand scheme of things, the bout wasn’t without it’s share of third round dramatics as the dangerous Brazilian knockout artist had Evans in a whole lot of bother after a right hand from Silva sent the Greg Jackson trained fighter reeling in the bout’s closing moments.

Evans isn’t going to sit here and try to lie to you guys; the bout was grueling, and he felt every bit of it in that final round.

“In the third round I felt like I got a little tired,” said Evans following the bout.

“That third round was supposed to be for me to pressure him and pick up the pace, and do what I wanted to do.”

However, that was not the case, as a late rally from Thiago had the former champ experiencing intense flashbacks from his prior trip to the Octagon where Rashad was left snoring from a series of consciousness separating punches at the hands of current 205 pound title holder, Lyoto Machida.

“Oh no, this isn’t going to happen again,” Evans admitted thinking in the midst of battle on wobbly legs this Saturday evening. “Okay, okay, I just got caught with a good shot. My legs feel a little loose, but I’m just going to try to tie up until I feel better.”

That’s exactly what Evans did, as the winning coach of TUF 10 regathered his wits long enough to avoid any further come from behind rallies from Silva while picking up the unanimous decision nod on all three of the judges’ scorecards, 29-28.

“You lose your head and your ass goes with it,” said Evans.

Rashad is expected to face off with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in his next fight with the promotion, although no date has been set for the highly anticipated showdown as of yet.

  • redness says:

    rampage will smash him 1st round KO.

  • Unabomberman says:

    redness: rampage will smash him 1st round KO.

    Or maybe not. Wanna show me those tarot cards?

  • jayd123 says:

    redness: rampage will smash him 1st round KO.

    Sounds like the Forrest Griffin fight. And the Keith Jardine fight.

    Would feel better about this fight for Rampage if he wasn’t coming off the longest lay off in his career. Who else remembers how much he blamed his time out of the cage before the Griffin fight for his performance?

  • mu_shin says:

    Evans gets my respect for surviving the late onslaught by Silva, and for being that close to him in latter stages of the fight. He had the fight won after round 2 barring a knockout, and could have danced away from him the final five minutes, but did not do so. Thiago’s histrionics in the closing minutes of the fight, dropping his hands and urging the crowd on, sticking out his chin, were great drama, but not nearly as great as it would have been had he been able to close the deal and knock out the former light heavy weight champion.

    Totally agree with JayD, as Cung Le/Scott Smith was a great illustration of the realities of ring rust, even among the best of fighters. Rampage will have a lot of training to do to come in to a fight with Rashad sharp and with his best game. Hopefully he’ll get good action in the gym and the Evans/Jackson fight will live up to build-up. Nothing like an old fashioned grudge match…

  • robby says:

    i think if you score a takedown you should have to advance your position for it to score points if the fighter who got taken down brings the fight right back up it should cancel the takedown otherwise there will be more decisions like the rashad -silva fight rashad won the decision but silva won the fight. evans even said i had to tie up silva thats all he did everytime he took him down silva reversed him and just stood back up even from the mount in thje 1rst rd when thet were both fresh. its sad when you are such a good wrestler as rashad is reported to be and you are fresh and you can’t even control someone from mount.if judging doiesn’t improve soon mma will lose its mainstream popularity. i left this fight with a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Nick Havok says:

    Didn’t Rashad say he wanted to be exciting in the Countdown show? Didn’t he say he wants to be the fighter who you reach to the tape for to watch his fights?

    Well what happened?

    And before everyone reads the following…I had wanted Rashad to win the fight before it started.

    This fight was craptastic. By the 3rd round I was just begging for Thiago Silva to KO Evans. I can never stand when fighters win in the fashion Evans did. He controlled just enough to win the first two rounds and then simply held on to win the decision. Hell, he was even backing off with 2 minutes left in rd 2 because he had already secured enough takedowns to probably win the round! That shit is weak! Rashad never even attempted to finish the fight…nor came remotely close…actually, did he even hurt Thiago Silva at all?

    I know if I was in attendance I would have BOOOOED! Especially when they announced the decision.

    And although Rashad won…he isn’t the fighter who I want to see fight again. Nope, I’ll glady prefer to see Thiago Silva over him.

    He is simply more exciting. He comes to fight!

    I am now hoping Rampage punches ‘Sugars’ face off when they fight…just for wasting my time like that.

  • KTru says:

    ozz….oops I mean Nick, just shut up already

    You come on and give nothing to a conversation. You just come in and say how great you are and how watching something on your own time is “wasting your time”

    Get a life

    You take a name from MMA Junkie that creates chaos with stupid remarks. And you are not even him!!!
    What does that really have to say about you? Whoever you are…..
    At least the Nick Havok on Junkie was funny every once in awhile, when he was not trying to be. You, are just annoying

  • Nick Havok says:

    KTru: ozz….oops I mean Nick, just shut up alreadyYou come on and give nothing to a conversation. You just come in and say how great you are and how watching something on your own time is “wasting your time”Get a lifeYou take a name from MMA Junkie that creates chaos with stupid remarks. And you are not even him!!!What does that really have to say about you? Whoever you are…..At least the Nick Havok on Junkie was funny every once in awhile, when he was not trying to be. You, are just annoying

    This is funniest thing ever.

    I’ll give you thumbs up…it made me laugh!

    …but yeah, I am that same guy. Nick Havok, internet superstar extrodonaire. :)

  • justjohn says:

    Agree with robby…Rashad had great takedowns and fought smarter than his last fight, but he didn’t capitalize on it with some submission attempts or ground n pound. Silva disappointed me…for all the hype, he seemed pretty one dimensional, looking for that one punch knockout for three rounds. Won’t be as easy with Rampage, who has better boxing skills than either Silva or Rashad. Big factor is the ring rust and lack of training. If his cardio has declined, I can see this strategy working against Rampage. Regardless, should be a sick fight.

  • Makington says:

    Rashad actually hasn’t even attempted a submission in the UFC. Kind of ironic since he just earned his BJJ black belt. I never understand how some fighters refuse to go for submissions, especially when they’re so obvious. When Velasques was pounding Kongo into oblivion for 3 rounds, he was in the perfect position to go for a rear naked choke or an arm triangle almost the whole fight.

  • MacBatty says:

    Hey at least Rashad went out there and fought last night…What was Rampage doing?…..Not getting ready to fight THAT’s for sure!! He was probibly sitting in a circle jerk with all his friends stroking his massive ego.

    Rashad went out there with a guy that was a killer and won…..Nuff said.

    Rampage isnt a fighter anymore….He already quit once…..Once he fights Rashad he will quit again.

  • I was happy to see Rashad come running out of the gate and start fighting. He and Greg Jackson had a game plan and it worked perfectly. Thiago should go let his camp spit on him for what he did in the third. He had Rashad beat, Rashad was wobbling even after Thiago backed off of him. Thiago showed great ability to get up after one of the best wrestlers in the UFC took him down over and over, Thiago showed good ground defense as he kept moving and never took alot of damage on the ground….but most importantly Thiago showed that Machida scarred him. He used to try to smash people from the get go, and after Evans put him on his back over and over he got tentative and backed up for most of round one and two. Then he has Rashad very close to being out, HAS to know he’s lost the fight if he doesnt finish and instead chooses to taunt his opponent and showboat for the crowd. Punching himself into exhaustion shouldnt have mattered to him at all, he had lost the fight if the bell rung and he should’ve acted like it.

    I lost alot of respect for the so-called “killer” Thiago Silva.

  • danw84 says:

    A lot of people seem to forget that just because the guy you wanted to win lost, doesn’t make it a bad or boring fight.

  • Makington says:

    I was rooting for Rashad and I thought it was boring. It wasn’t bad, because Rashad perfectly executed a genius gameplan using superior wrestling and renewed patience, but that didn’t make it any easier to watch to me.

    I think Thiago was just too exhausted to be able to finish Rashad in the 3rd. That was the second time he has ever gone to decision, and one of the few times he even went to the 2nd round. We know he has great power but we didn’t know if he had it all 3 rounds. Rashad grinded him down for 3 rounds and I think if he had caught Rashad the way he did i the 1st, he would have had no trouble ending it.

    Rashad did good, but it was obvious that he was fighting not to lose instead of fighting to win. In the last round he just tried to avoid contact and win a point decision because he knew he had the first 2 rounds.I don’t think many people out there were ready to call FotN on this one.

  • king mah mah says:

    Rashad had a good gameplan….i’ll give him that, but that’s it. The fight was pretty lame until Thiago landed in the third.

    At NO point in the fight did Rashad EVER have Thiago in trouble. Or really capitalize on his takedowns. He didn’t have any ground and pound, he didn’t go for submission attempts, he just went for takedowns after throwing some set up punches that didn’t land.

    He would take Thiago down and Thiago would get back up, he would take Thiago down and Thiago would get back up, he would take Thiago down and Thiago would get back up. See it’s just as painful to read as it is to watch!

  • king mah mah says:

    They need to stop giving so much credit for takedowns. If you do what Rashad did over and over and could never keep your opponent down or land a single strike, then you should be fined like back in Pride. A couple of yellow and red cards thrown out there will stop all this “fighting not to lose” bullshit!

  • danw84 says:

    I’ll agree with that. At least Rashad’s take downs were working. Watching Louzon try to take down Stout and fail over and over was irritating.

    But yeah, if you can’t do anything with the take down, what was the point in it? If there’s no point, why does it score points?

  • Rece Rock says:

    i thought rashad would have looked better last night… he got the W but i dunno thought he was going to put on a better show

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    It is sad but I think that Rashad was letting Silva up just so he could take him down again to win on points. I have seen fighters do the same thing before. Personally I think that if you get up in a grapple it is awarded the same as a takedown unless damage was done via throw or big slam. If you can’t win standing up or in the clinch and even GnP is too risky you just do the take down thing and avoid all of the above. He fought to win not to finish but it is not his fault he is within the rules.

  • WarCry says:

    Rashad’s performance wasn’t impressive but it was smart. He dominated the opening two rounds and wore Thiago Silva out. However Round 3 is the reason Rashad will never even sniff the belt again provided of course Machida doesn’t fall headfirst down some steps or Shogun doesn’t run out into oncoming traffic. He can deploy the same strategy against Rampage because his ground skills are archaic in comparison to those of Thiago Silva.

  • islandguy says:

    Agree with King mah… There is something wrong with the scoring system when those takedowns win the fight. No strikes on the ground (almost) no submissions and he couldn’t keep him down.

    Silva was the only one of the two who caused damage and he deserves the win. What’s with all the tackling? I thought football was a different sport??? Maybe give a guy a point for kicking the opponent’s mouth piece over the fence too?

    Something absurd about that fight…

  • danw84: I’ll agree with that. At least Rashad’s take downs were working. Watching Louzon try to take down Stout and fail over and over was irritating.But yeah, if you can’t do anything with the take down, what was the point in it? If there’s no point, why does it score points?

    Octagon control….which does and SHOULD count for more than most things. If you land five jabs and get taken down and held there for the round should you win it? Of course not you’ve been controlled.
    The person taking you down is dictating where the fight takes place which is almost the most important facet of a fight. Granted it does get a bit boring at times and I do agree with pulling out yellow cards in order to make fighters keep it working but Evans didnt lay on him, Thiago was just great at getting back to his feet. Now he needs to learn not to get taken down. Secondly like I said before, Thiago needs to go learn what a championship attitude really is. If you’re gonna be on the brink of winning a fight, for f**** sake win the fight dont taunt the crowd and your opponent. My wife and best friend were taking Thiago and they lost there minds yelling at him when he let Rashad recover.

  • islandguy says:

    I see it this way; the sport is fighting, not positioning. Fighters should be aiming to finish fights at all times or at least the rules and scoring should be set up to reward that. IF neither fighter is able to finish then it goes to score cards but the scoring should not be in favor of fighters who play for a decision. Not saying that’s what Rashad did. I’m not criticizing his fight. Just the scoring. What Rashad did, regardless of what he was trying to do, was tie the guy up for most of the fight.

    The sport is fighting and the aim of fighting is to finish or should be. I think that is what most fans want to see.

  • Makington says:

    It’s not as simple as that. Finish your opponent or you lose no matter what. Rashad absolutely neutralized Thiago Silva to the point where Thiago did nothing. Superdave said it right. He controlled him and stopped him before he did anything. It was boring as hell, and I like the card idea, but that in no way should have been Thiago’s fight. Rashad was still fighting although he wasn’t trying to finish. Takedowns have as much of a right to earn you points as punches do, or else you’re not looking at an even playing field. I do agree that if you get taken down and get right back up it should basically cancel out, which would have made the fight a lot closer, but aside from that one punch in the third, Thiago did nothing except get controlled for 14 minutes.

    I don’t think the fundamental rules should change. Maybe you could implement a card system but octagon control should still be a large factor in winning a fight. This shouldn’t look bad on the scoring system, it should look bad on Rashad for effectively taking advantage of it.

  • Snoop Dogg says:

    I actually enjoyed Rashaad’s gameplan and found it to be very exciting. If you don’t like takedown’s and only wanted to watch kickboxing watch K1. Rashaad was never a very entertaining stand up guy anyways sure he had his Knockouts but before those big shots he was incredibly boring. This new gameplan is actually a step up for him.

    He has extremly fast hands and powerfull takedowns I loved watching him mix the 2 together. It is pretty apparent that if he would have tried to trade punches with Silva all night he would have been KO’d. Rashaad deserved the win because he is a more well rounded fighter. I say stick with the gameplan Rashaad and think about making 185.

  • manny says:

    He almost lost his head against silva. This was Evans worst fight and apperantly lost another thing in that fight: His hands.
    Not a single punch landed on Thiago. This main event was not all great but another WWE fight on a monday night. What happened to the evans who Ko’d Lidell? I guess he was truly scared to stand with silva.. All those takedowns but no GnP? WTF? I hope Rampage knocks Evans OUT!
    Let me hear it…..

  • manny says:


    After every take down, evans couldn’t hold silva down. So whats the point of the takedown if you cant keep’em down.? (O yeah score points.) I thought wrestlers were good at keeping fighters down?
    yea silva F*****d up by letting him recover and taunt him but I thought it was funny…

  • king mah mah says:

    I keep reading and hearing that Rashad had octogon control and “dictated” where the fight took place.

    Um yeah, i’m gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there.(boss from Office Space) LOL.

    Now let me explain. When Rashad took Thiago down, he dictated where the fight was taking place. When Thiago got the fight back to the feet, HE dictated where the fight was taking place. So doesn’t that seem like a cancellation of one another? Just the way I see it. Takedowns should definitely count for something, but so should being able to get up from takedowns. Especially when you take no damage from the takedown and you can get back to your feet with relative ease.

  • EnzoGiovanni says:

    cut him from the roster as you did with Houston Alexander after the dreadful performance against Kimbo!
    Evans did even worse with Thiago Silva!


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