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Trading Punches: UFC 108 Preview & Predictions – The Prelims

ufc Editor-In-Chief Cory Brady along with our very own David Andrest are back once again to break down this weekend’s UFC 108 card. This event kicks off the New Year and has the potential to out perform the expectations of many.

UFC 108 will be going down tomorrow evening, January 2, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring a light heavyweight battle between Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva as the headliner, a classic striker vs. grappler match-up as Paul Daley squares off with Dustin Hazelett, and much more.

So come along as Andrest starts off 2010 where he left off 2009, showing Brady how to pick fights and where he went wrong, and as always, please feel free to put up or shut up by posting a quick set of your own picks in the comment section below.


Martin Kampmann vs. Jacob Volkmann

David Andrest: I’ll keep this one short and sweet, Kampmann is going to win this fight. Do not fall into the Volkmann’s wrestling will take Kampmann down and blah blah blah trap. Kampmann can defend himself on the ground, and is better than Volkmann on the feet. I like Jacob, and kinda feel bad about his draw of opponents.

Winner: Martin Kampmann via decision

Cory Brady: Kampmann is without a doubt the more well rounded and experienced fighter, and he certainly SHOULD win this fight, but something abut the differential in the wrestling department worries me a little bit. Unless Kampmann can catch Volkmann with a submission or series of strikes, I could easily see Volkmann pulling out a big upset in this one through controlling Kampmann from the top position. I’m going with the longshot in this one, but it’s not going to be pretty.

Winner: Jacob Volkmann via decision

Dan Lauzon vs. Cole Miller

David Andrest: Lauzon brings an 8 fight win streak back to the Octagon. It’s hard to believe it’s been close to 4 years since “The Upgrade” appeared in the UFC. Miller is entering this fight coming off a beating at the hands of Efrain Escudero. Both of viewed as grapplers first, but I’m looking for Lauzon to come into this fight ready and willing to throw hands. As acomplished as Lauzon may feel his ground game, Miller holds an advantage there and I don’t think that is a secret. I’m picking this as a mild upset.

Winner: Dan Lauzon via TKO

Cory Brady: This is a big jump up in competition for Lauzon, and for Miller, not so much. Lauzon’s another one of those guys that has never made it to the judges, and he’s not going to make it all three rounds tonight either. I’m expecting this one to be a fast paced scrap for as long as it lasts.

Winner: Cole Miller via submission


Ryan Jensen vs. Mark Munoz

David Andrest: Keeping is simple, Munoz with the takedown, Munoz with top position. Multiply this formula by three.

Winner: Mark Munoz via decision

Cory Brady: Ryan Jensen has never been to the judges, and there’s no reason I see for him to change things up in this bout. I feel like Munoz’ advantage wrestling will enable him to keep the fight standing and put Jensen in serious trouble with strikes.

Winner: Mark Munoz via TKO

Jake Ellenberger vs. Mike Pyle

David Andrest: Ellenberger is the goods. This fight against Mike Pyle will tell us everything we will ever need to know about both fighters. Both guys bring a wealth of experience. and honestly I don’t see a decided advantage in any one area for either guy.

Winner: Jake Ellenberger via decision

Cory Brady: With 16 of his 19 victories coming by way of submission, Pyle is undeniably one of the most proficient submission artists in the sport. While there’s always the chance that Ellenberger could get caught in something, the fact that he has only been submitted once in 26 professional bouts makes me think he will be able to stay out of trouble here. Look for Jake’s advantages in the boxing and wrestling departments to make the difference in this one.

Winner: Jake Ellenberger via decision

Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Gunderson

David Andrest:Gunderson is new to the UFC. This match up makes little sense to me to be honest. I’ll pull my “why did Joe Silva make this fight” card out of my pocket and use it here. Why was it made? I still have no idea, however he doesn’t bring new people in to lose to other new people.

Winner: Gunderson via decision

Cory Brady: Gunderson’s a tough dude with well over 25 professional scraps, while “The Tractor” is a decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt that can bang with only eleven fights to his credit so far. The main stat that jumps out at me in this one is the fact that several of John’s losses have come by submission, and I feel like tonight there will be another one.

Winner: Rafaello Oliveira via submission

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i could see most all of these prelims ending in submissions
    i’d choose Martin, Dan, Munoz, Jake and Rafa
    Jake by tko, the rest by sub

    my picks are always shocking

  • edub says:

    Lauzon by tko: I think Dan we’ll gain some knowledge from Joe about Cole. Since they both trained together on the show.
    For the rest just read Cory’s assesment above. Get out of my head Brady!


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