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Paul Daley smashes Dustin Hazelett at UFC 108

Paul DaleyWelterweight knockout specialist Paul “Semtex” Daley said it was going to be a left hand that would finish his UFC 108 bout with Dustin Hazelett, and sure enough, it was a left hand that sealed the deal, as promised.

The pair squared off this evening from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Hazelett stated the bout off with a bit of flare, as the submission expert from Ohio did a frontwards roll/flip in an attempt to catch the dangerous Brit in what may have been the most eye dazzling submission in Octagon history. Unfortunately for “McLovin”, it was an attempt he failed at miserably, and once the two spent a little bit of time on the feet, it was a matter of minutes before a huge left hook from Daley sent Hazelett sailing to the canvas. Just a few well placed shots to the chin on the grounded Jorge Gurgel trained fighter prompted the bout to be waved off, giving Daley his second first round TKO victory since his arrival in the UFC.

With a decisive win over Hazelett this evening, Daley moves himself that much close to a possible title shot in the future with consecutive victories over two of the best welterweights the UFC has to offer.

A showdown with Josh Koscheck in the near future would be one match-up that seems to make sense in more ways than one at this point.

  • Connor Cobain says:

    Daley is definitely on the rise, a match-up with Kos only seems necessary. I put both Daley and Kos at the top of the UFC’s welterweight title picture and since Dan Hardy already has a shot these two are going to have to go through each other.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    A match up with thoes two would be epic, as Kos is no joke standing(Neither is Daley) but Paul has very underrated takedown defense.

  • Jak says:

    Alves vs. Daley would be a nice fight. It would be even nicer in June in Vancouver. :)

  • Guthookd says:

    This was a strange fight. Why did Dustin refuse to at least attempt a takedown? Was he waiting for Daley to tire?

    I think Dustin should have at least shot on Daley one time at the start of the round. What ever he was thinking doesn’t matter now though. An impressive victory for Paul Daley. Even a couple sleeper shots after the knockdown…..ouch.

  • Unabomberman says:

    fanoftna33: A match up with thoes two would be epic, as Kos is no joke standing(Neither is Daley) but Paul has very underrated takedown defense.

    Really? I think Daley is still miles above Koscheck striking-wise, so it would be the smart move for him to take the fight to the ground, pronto.

    I’m just saying. We all saw what happened to Dustin tonight; but unlike him, Koscheck does have an assortment of super aggresive takedowns in his arsenal.

    I’d too like to watch that fight.

  • Jak says:

    Connor Cobain: . I put both Daley and Kos at the top of the UFC’s welterweight title picture

    How did they leap frog Alves and Fitch?

    You can say what you want about Fitch’s recent wins, the guy has one loss and that is to Gsp. Alves has one recent loss and that is to Gsp. Koscheck has lost to Alves, the guy he’s apparently leap frogging and they’re both leap frogging Fitch, who last time i checked was 19-1 in his last 20 whereas both Kos and Daley have multiple recent losses.

    Daley lost to Shields and Thompson
    Koscheck lost to Alves and Thiago and one of his two recent victories was over Frank Trigg…

    I’m just saying that i don’t understand how those 2 are the 2 top contenders.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Daley’s win over Kampmann was much more impressive than tonight’s over Hazelett. I like McLovin like everybody else, but who has he beat? Burkman? Nice of McLovin to help show that guy out of the UFC. Goulet? Same deal.

    McLovin is young, and he looks like he’ll be able to carve out a nice career in MMA, but any time he’s fought a legitimate opponent he’s come up on the losing end. To throw him into a co-main event was obviously desperation (yes, I get the UFC was essentially forced to do it). My point is I wouldn’t get overly excited about Daley. I’m not a Kos fan but he’d take care of Daley without a lot of trouble IMO.

  • Makington says:

    Agreed Jak. There’s no doubt that Daley can be considered top 10 now to me, but to call him a contender? I’m not so sure about that yet. If he can beat another big name then you could make the case but as much as I love Mclovin, he’s no stepping stone for a title shot, especially after his year+ layoff.

    Kos will probably always be top 10 and he came back strong against Trigg and Johnson, but once again I don’t think it’s enough to put him with Alves or Fitch.

    In the end I personally think Fitch has done the most to earn a rematch, but I don’t think anyone will touch GSP.

    Although I guess it’s worth noting that GSP might vacate his belt after Dan Hardy’s fight if he wins to train for the olympics. He’s on the fence about it right now but it would mean leaving his belt for aleast 1 1/2 years.

  • onebaldegg says:

    you guys that keep saying Daley and Kos are at the top are nuts. Fitch, Alves are obviously above both of these guys!

    Hazlett had a poor game plan tonite. i am not sure why he didn’t take it to the ground right away. why play with fire? i am sure Hazlett learned a big lesson tonite about not taking the fight where he wanted it immediately. the 23 year old will be back and with a few more fights he will redeem himself. Daley is a hard hitter, but by no means is he a mixed martial artist. sure he hits hard, but he is one dimensional. he wouldn’t last a round with GSP with that crap!

  • PsYc0tIkDrEaM says:

    I posted a comment before saying ” As long as Hazelett does not stand with Daley he will submit him”

    -_- oh well. Would Love to see Fitch/Kos/Alves/Thiago/ Ellenberger/ Condit/ Lytle/ Kim vs Daley

  • edub says:

    Paul Daley earned some more respect tonight along with another good paycheck but I don’t think he’s a contender. If the UFC puts him in with Johnson it would be a great scrap. I also think giving him a #1 contender match would be dumb. Id say give him another shot against a fighter like Johnson, Condit, Ellenberger, or the winner of Swick vs. Thiago before you throw him in with a Fitch,Kos, Alves.


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