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UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva latest victim of UFC 108 curse with blown MCL

ufc 108With all of the roadblocks, hurdles and headaches that Joe Silva has been forced to endure leading up to this weekend’s UFC 108 card, you’d think the overworked UFC matchmaker would be nearly on the verge of a heart attack, but believe it or not Silva is suffering an ailment of a nature that seems fitting with the troubles the man has had putting together one of the most injury plagued events in the history of the game.

It now looks as if Silva has also been sidelined indefinitely due to a torn knee ligament

“This is so bad, Joe Silva blew out his MCL,” said UFC President Dana White in a recent conversation with the Las Vegas Sun. “It’s so bad the matchmaker is down. I don’t know how, but he blew it. He’s got to have surgery.”

At this point UFC officials are surely hoping to get this plagued event behind them. An event that the injured Silva did as good a job as any man living could have given the series of unfortunate circumstances leading up to the card.

UFC 108 will be taking place this Saturday evening from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, featuring a headlining bout between Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva, and airing live on Pay-Per-View.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I’m sure alot more players are involved in making the fights come together… things will be ok i’m sure. Dana just loves flipping out about everything….I can see him now….

    Guys I don’t know how but the Zuffa bookkeeper got mono, whose going to take care of the petty cash reciepts for my lunch meetings! It’s so bad the bookkeeper is down. I don’t know how, but he blew it. He’s got to have bed rest and stop kissing dirty girls….. : )

  • Unabomberman says:

    Good god…

    What’s next? Dana White attacked by a horde of rabid beavers?

  • RU486 says:

    I don’t want to think about Dana ever being that close to a Beaver 😀

    But anyways, we would never be so lucky.


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