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WEC 45 Highlighted by Dual “Fight of the Night” Performances

WEC-45When the lights finally went out at “The Pearl” on Saturday night, six WEC athletes walked away with an additional ten thousand dollars due to the effort shown by each at the explosive event.

According to a report on MMAJunkie, headliners Donald Cerrone and Ed Ratliff shared “Fight of the Night” honors with fellow competitors Scott Jorgensen and Takeya Mizugaki, as all four men rightfully deserved consideration for the distinction based on their in-ring performances.

A slick Peruvian Necktie applied to adversary Kyle Dietz in the second round of their bout prevented Brad Pickett from having to live up to his nickname of “One Punch” and handling things on his feet. The hold not only resulted in “Submission of the Night” at WEC 45 but brought the Brit’s professional record to 18-4 and likely made him a name to look out for in the company’s bantamweight division.

Anthony Njokuani picked up some extra cash and a “Knockout of the Night” thanks to his well-timed kick and some questionable mid-fight strategy on the part of opponent Chris Horodecki. The win was Njokuani’s third consecutive TKO victory in the organization and could possibly set up an eventual rematch with Donald Cerrone, a 2007 submission loss he might like to attempt to avenge.

  • Big Man on Campus says:

    Just caught the highlights of the Horodecki fight on Sportsnet here in Canada, where did he get his strategy from Kalib Starnes……..Horodecki was actually in full running mode when he got kicked in the head. Flame me if you want (personally I’ve liked Horodecki in the other videos that I’d seen of him)

  • AlphaOmega says:

    That kick was crazy good.

  • Jak says:

    Is there anything better than 2 cards on a Saturday night?

    Not who’s was better.

    But simply, that the weekend before Christmas, SF and the WEC gave us some very nice presents.

  • Great night of fights. Both Strikeforce and the WEC were awesome. Made bein sick and having to stay home not all that bad.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    What a great night of fights! Unfortunately I don’t have Showtime but I have Versus so it’s all good. Jorgenson vs Mizugaki should have been the only FOTN. I lost a lot of respect for Cerrone last night. Sure it was a great performance, but all the showboating and shit-talking was not needed. He just smashed Ratcliffe in the junk for the 3rd time and finally after Ratcliffe recovers he starts stomping his feet and telling him to bring it. He should’ve been DQ’d.
    Very disappointed in Horodecki. He did not get a chance to show what a great fighter he is. All credit given to Njokuani though. He made it look easy destroying a top notch striker like Horodecki. Hopefully he’ll come back stronger for it.
    Benavidez came back in a big way after getting picked apart by Cruz. That right hand crushed Yahya. Hopefully Yahya decides to drop the assault charges lol.
    That peruvian necktie was absolutely sick! Not much more you can say about that.
    The WEC delivered like it always does. By far my favorite promotion to watch.

  • Rich S. says:

    Oh I’m SO glad Mizugaki/Jorgensen got FOTN as well.. That fight can’t be described as anything other than BEAUTIFUL…

    One guy with beautiful takedowns.
    One guy with beautiful standups.
    Both have beautiful striking.
    Makes for an all out war every time..

    WEC is an extraordinary promotion..

  • Nick Havok says:

    I got to catch the WEC the next day online (thanks for nothing, DirecTV).

    And wow! What an awesome event! I didn’t see one boring fight.

    Can I just give an extra “LOL” for Horodecki trying to run away only to look back and eat a foot right in his mouth. I can’t begin to tell you all how much I laughed at that.

    Not to hate on Horodecki, because he puts his life on the line to entertain us – AND I RESPECT THAT! but I always thought Chris was severely overhyped and I could never understand why people loved this guy so much or thought he was so great.

    So personally, I was kinda glad to see him get knocked down a peg or two with an one-sided loss.

    It shows he just isn’t ready for the big-time yet…and with his squat size and prefrence to strike…I don’t know if he ever will be. He looked completely out of his league in my opinion.


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