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MMA Galore: Spike TV to broadcast TEN live “UFC Prelim” shows in 2010

spikeOn the heels of a trio of successful live UFC preliminary shows that ran in 2009, Spike TV has recently announced that the cable network will broadcast a total of ten preliminary shows to accompany major UFC pay-per-view cards during 2010.

The first Spike TV prelim broadcasts of 2010 will be on Saturday, January 2 at 9:00pm and Saturday, February 6 at 9:00 pm.

The January 2 card coincides with UFC 108 and the February 6 broadcast will align with UFC 109.

“UFC Prelims” on Spike TV averaged 1.4 million viewers per episode while featuring two to four prelim bouts on each broadcast.

  • Nick Havok says:

    2 thumbs up for the UFC and Spike! This is a great idea!

    I know I am much more inclined to purchase a PPV if I am able to get my appetite wet with a few free prelim fights first.

    It’s true! I wasn’t going to order UFC 103 at all, but then after watching the first bouts live on Spike I was like, ‘What the hell! Let’s get it!’

    …and I did.

    This is awesome news though…the more MMA the better!

  • 27jride says:

    Fantastic! It’s about time! SO sick of seeing intriguing prelim fights on the card and not being able to watch them!

  • trunk says:

    Great news. They should be showing all there Prelims for free not just 2 fights.

  • Nick Havok says:

    trunk: Great news. They should be showing all there Prelims for free not just 2 fights.

    That would be nice, but the way they are doing it now is good too…as long as they keep doing the same way.

    Because the 3 times they did it already, they absolutely crammed that hour they had with as many fights as possible. I think on a few occasions they did as many as 4 full fights.

    Then you have a full 3 hour pay per view on top of it. So with the lag time in the PPV if the fights are ended plus 3-4 of the best prelims already…we will almost be guaranteed to see almost every single fight on the card…and the one or two we don’t, we probably didn’t want to see anyway. LOL.

    Not to mention the average viewer probably can’t take more than 4 hours of MMA at a time.

    Because the last thing the UFC wants to do is fully satisfy your MMA craving with the free prelims…and anything over 1 hour just might do that for some folks.

    Nope, give them the one hour of non-stop action and they will be all pumped up to want more.

    Cha-ching! Money in the bank.

  • GassedOut says:

    More MMA on TV for free! How can that ever be a bad thing?

  • shocbomb says:

    The more they show the better. I just wish instead of Spike showing 2 undercard fights in a 1 hour time slot they would do a 2 hour time slot and try to get all the undercard fights shown on TV. But this is better then nothing !

  • moosebaby02 says:

    i will love nothing better for a 2 hours of prelims but my brother put it to me this way.
    “what if the 1st 3 fights all end in the 1st round what do you fill it with?? all the prelims you just saw??”
    and was like shit dogg your right. I think its a just in case factor. plus we usally get to see most of them on the last couple i think (i was drinking at the time).
    I love free fights even if their not contenders


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