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Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones set for March 21 on Versus Network

jon jonesApparently UFC President Dana White wasn’t kidding when referring to the company’s plans to make a splash when debuting on The Versus Network in 2010.

According to a report on Sherdog, Brandon Vera and Jon Jones have agreed to face off at a yet-to-be-determined event on the network in a bout that is sure to have major implications on the light heavyweight title picture and should feature some impressive stand-up from each man. Both fighters will be looking to bounce back from controversial losses suffered in their previous Octagon appearances.

Jones recently tasted defeat for the first time in his career when the 22-year old found himself disqualified after delivering downward elbows to fallen opponent Matt Hamill at the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale. However, many felt the fight should have been stopped prior to the illegal blows, as “Bones” had shown dominance early in the match-up and was in the process of raining down barely-defended shots when the fouls occurred.

Fans were also left questioning the final result of Vera’s UFC 105 fight against Randy Couture when “The Natural” was awarded a unanimous decision after it appeared Vera had done more to earn the victory. “The Truth” was originally set to face Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 109 in February but found himself available when the Brazilian announced his withdrawal from the event earlier this week.

  • Bullylover says:

    This is just awsome i cant wait to see this fight. Dana really wasn’t kidding when he said that their first card is going to be a good one.I wonder what other matches are going to be set up.

  • Angry Mike says:

    This could be fight of the night. I really look forward to watching Jones fight. The level of athleticism and excitement he brings is a rare, even in the UFC.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    Bones is going to get outclased by a better striker.

  • Guthookd says:

    I’m stoked too. I was looking forward to watching Lil Nog’s progress in the UFC but this is a welcome substitute. I hope they both come in healthy and fight their best. IMO if Jones goes through Vera like Hamill this should elevate his status quite a bit. The Versus exposure will be a huge bonus for whoever wins this one.

    Good times.

  • slayer6 says:

    How is this fight going to have “major implications” on the LHW title picture? Vera has been stinking up the cage, and Jones is several fights from even being close to a title shot. This is definately an interesting fight, any fight with Bones is interesting. But to say it has title implications is an over-statement.

  • thunder okami says:

    I would say its a good fight for the title picture. Vera coming off a controversial loss to Couture, and Jones being on a tear, (regardless of the outcome of the Hamill fight, everyone knows what happened for the majority of that fight) I dont see why the winner shouldnt get someone like Lil Nog or Forrest, or maybe the loser/winner of Evans/Silva, which would be huge for either of them.

  • Jones wins it Brandon doesn’t let it go. Vera used to be truly dangerous but has been holding back since he came back into the UFC vs Tim Sylvia.

    Jones could just be hungry enough to man handle Vera into a 1 sided beatdown. if Vera can last to the mid second he will win. Watch out for Jones man that dude did things to Matt Hamil that no other fighter has been able to do.

    This is going to be a good fight.. can’t wait. The drink could go either way on this one. I give this one to Vera though… Drink high.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m with thunder here. To say Vera has been stinking it up is just flat wrong. His last loss was a close decision, the one before was a split decision, the one before that was a bad stoppage by the ref, and the only other one on his record was a loss in a title fight where he broke his hand.

    This was not the sort of fight I’d expected when they announced UFC’s on Versus, but it’s exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see. This is going to be a good fight with some crazy exchanges. We haven’t seen either get KO’d yet, and each of them have exactly 1 submission win to their credit.

    To say it has no title implications is a stretch in my opinion. Who else do we have gunning for the title right now? Shogun is pretty much guaranteed a shot as soon as Machida returns to action, but after that who? Rashad hasn’t had a fight since his devastating loss to Machida, and even if he wins his next fight I think he has at least one more fight before he should get another shot. Rampage doesn’t deserve a shot, and the UFC won’t give him a brass after he backed out of the Rashad fight that TUF 10 was semi-built around. Who else does that leave? Jon Jones if he wins, and that’s about it. If he loses the UFC has some tough decisions, but unless he throws some illegal elbows, I don’t see that happening as Vera had a hard time with the last athletic wrestler he faced in Randy Couture. By the way, Randy is more than twice as old as Bones is, just in case you were wondering.
    (Random fun fact, wikipedia already has Vera’s fight with Jon Jones as a loss)

  • H3ro says:

    I can’t wait for this fight, it should be an interesting one. I think Jones will win a close fight, I think Jones will be a small favorite against Vera. I’m going to jump on it. I do have one complaint about this UFC. I don’t have Versus. Comcast blocked it on DirecTV bc they wanted too much. Honestly, I think this Comcast merger would be horrible news for customers. Comcast could just get rid of ESPN or charge a ridiculous price for other cable providers, so there won’t be competition for their new sports network(Versus).

    So after hearing about how this fight was planning to head to Versus, I decided to see if Comcast had any special offers so I can switch over…..BUT guess what!!! I live in Irvine, CA and Comcast does not provide for my area. How F’kn lame is that?? I hope Versus fails miserably, so UFC can move to another network. Besides WEC fights on Versus, there was not much on unless you were a big hockey fan.

    Oh, one other note: I checked out Dish Network and if you wanted Versus included in your package, you would have to purchase there most expensive gold package. Comcast is already trying to take over and imagine when they own all the NBC channels. At least I have never paid for a UFC fight in 3 years.

  • H3ro says:

    One more thing….does anybody know how to stop that annoying video that keeps playing when browsing this site. I just know I haven’t come on this site as much as I use to all bc of that IBN Video Center.

    Why not just let us choose to play the video?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    This has fight of the year kinda smell about it.

  • shocbomb says:

    To be honest I don’t think this fight will be close at all ? Its a good step up the LHW ladder for Jones and a solid opponent fro him to put on his record. Other then that Jones should win a one sidded decision or possibly even get a late stoppage. I am sorry Veras stock in my eyes has just crumbled the last 2 years. He is at best now a upper level gate keeper in the LHW devision and plays the role perfect for up and coming prospects like Jones or LHW stars who need a rebound win. I don’t see anymore then that from hit the rest of his career – I hope Vera can prove me wrong though ?

  • moosebaby02 says:

    why is everyone getting excited??
    its on Versus.
    their not contenders or top teir fighters or champions right.
    the rest of the card will be waterdowned right.
    this cant be a great fight to watch cause its on Versus right??

  • thunder okami says:

    moosebaby02: why is everyone getting excited??
    its on Versus.
    their not contenders or top teir fighters or champions right.
    the rest of the card will be waterdowned right.
    this cant be a great fight to watch cause its on Versus right??

    everything you said is incorrect

  • king mah mah says:

    I’m pretty sure moosebaby02 was being sarcastic.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    i was mah mah

  • king mah mah says:

    I hope Vera wins, but it ain’t looking good.

  • moosebaby02: why is everyone getting excited??its on Versus.their not contenders or top teir fighters or champions right.the rest of the card will be waterdowned right.this cant be a great fight to watch cause its on Versus right??

    What’s with the broken sarcasm detector on this site? Sheez…

  • moosebaby02 says:

    it has be broken for months now Sergio

  • Makington says:

    Afraid I don’t know what you 2 are talking about, everyone understands my sarcasm perfectly every single time I throw some out there…


    lolololololol get it?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I hope Vera comes to fight, If his wrestling is as good as it was against Randy I think this one is his for the taking as he takes a pretty good punch(The only time I have seen him rocked was by Jardine). Jones is really going to be tested here.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    no i dont


  • Nick Havok says:

    Is it just me…or does Brandon Vera look just like Dr. Evil?

  • submit662266 says:

    Great fight. I see Jones coming out on top in this one. Both guys will be tested. Perhaps Jones we will see how developed Jones’ ground-game is.

    A note to Brandon though: give me something to to be excited about. I want to be a fan, and it seems like you have loads of potential. Make it happen.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I bet the card will not be as good as a pay per veiw. So watered down is not sarcasm really. SF on the otherhand is putting Fedor, Werdum, Bigfoot, Sheilds Thomson etc on for free. I would like to see the UFC put Silva, Gsp and Penn on for free in big fights.


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