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Karo Parisyan apologizes to the UFC and the fans (Video)

Expelled UFC fighter Karo Parisyan recently took the time out to address the fans, the UFC, and Dustin Hazelett for his pulling out of his anticipated UFC 106 clash with the fellow submission specialist.

Karo discussed a variety of topics surrounding his recent dismisal from the UFC in a recent conversation with You can check out the video below:

  • twodragunns says:

    He looks like he’s under the influence of pain killers while filming this video …….. his eyes look heavy and he’s blinking very slowly and talking slowly with a bit of a slur.
    I’m not interested in seeing Karo fight again unless he cleans his personal life up.

  • I’ve said this before on a previous thread discussing Karo, but as someone who has dealt with Panic & Anxiety Disorder in the past, I completely understand where he’s coming from. I feel for the guy and hope he makes a great recovery and we see him fight again soon.

  • BigDave says:

    Although I’m not a fan of Karo I feel for him as a person. Panic attacks and anxiety are no joke. This disorder can be extremly dibilitating and make it hard to just do normal everyday things. Hope he gets things straightened out with himself and best of luck to him.

  • Makington says:

    I’m glad he has finally manned up and delivered an apology to all of his fans. This is the only way for him to salvage some respect from the fans as well as himself so I’m glad he’s doing it now. That being said, if just saying sorry was all it took to fix life’s problems then things would be a lot easier. He has a long road to go to clear his name and earn the respect he once had with everyone. I personally hope he can do it, but until he does I don’t think he deserves to be in the UFC. If he can come back in a year or so and prove that he’s been taking care of himself first then maybe Dana should give him a chance but that’s not what he should be thinking right now. At this point, he should be thinking about himself, not fighting. He should be doing this even if he will never get into the UFC again, and I hope he’s doing it right. I don’t feel bad for him, but I hope he can get better.

  • I really hope he is able to stay mentally solid this time. I would like to see him fight in the UFC again.

  • Unabomberman says:

    Jesus, look at him breathing at the beginning–talk about uneasy.

    His perceived slur could very well be painkillers, but it could also be due to for prolonged time without sleeping. Stress does that to you, and the dude looked anything but easy going.

    I for one am hoping that he’ll clean up his act before trying to compete again. You can only play with fire and get burned so many times, and it is his livelyhood we’re talking about, here. The guy’s trying so that, for now, should be enough.

    Also, I don’t want to come off as a dick, but he should stop asking for chances from anybody. Truth is that kicking a bad habit is hard work, and sometimes people come short even when trying their hardest, and mostly nobody will understand it when the fireworks don’t come at the pre-arranged date. He should just concentrate on doing his stuff, getting out there, performing, and trying to stay positive, and hopefully he’ll take those much needed baby steps.

    Much luck to him.

  • Lord Faust says:

    If he’s on anti-anxiety meds, that would explain his “out of it” demeanor. I had this sinking feeling he was on something during his last fight; he seemed like he was about 1/2 a step slower than he should have been.

    I’m far from a Karo fan, but as a human being I wish him the best. No one should have their livelihood taken away; let-alone by something they cannot control. I hope, if nothing else, he can get back to where he wants to be — whether or not he knows where that is, remains to be seen.

  • GassedOut says:

    Well, that’s a start. Karo, I don’t know if you will ever read this, but from one old Judo guy to another, just know some of us are in your corner.

    I’ve been a Karo Parisyan fan for a very long time, and anyone can see now that he’s coming to what has been referred to as “rock bottom.” I know a bit about life there, and it isn’t fun. However, it IS necessary. Those low points in our lives teach us things about life, about ourselves, and about overcoming our own issues. None of those lessons are easy or cheap. Ask Karo.

    As for his fighting for the UFC or anyone else for that matter, I don’t want to see it anytime soon. Karo has a whole lot of work to do before that can ever happen again, and maybe it never will. Maybe that’s not what he needs. I don’t know. As a human being, I want to see him get better.

    I’m with you here, Karo. Get some professional help. There’s no shame in it. We know a lot more than we used to about this stuff, and there really is some help out there for you, even though it may not feel like it right now. I don’t want to use platitudes like “hang in there” because they’re worth nothing at all (in fact they usually just pissed me off). Just know some of us are really pulling for you.

  • buzzcramp says:

    Little less talk and a little more action, Karo. Admitting that you are/were seriously hooked on opiates without ralking around it would help with your recovery also.

  • madheartmma says:

    opiates are one of the HARDEST, things to kick, especially if you have pain & anxiety.I’m not a fan of Karo, and I am a Judo man as well,but he belongs in the UFC, bexcause he helped build the ufc w/ some ALL TIME EPIC fights( GSP, N.DIAZ, D.SANCHEZ,M.SERRA etc.etc.) he got dicked, by the super deuce dana white. Actually I hope he goes to STRIKEFORCE w/ half the other fighters, and rock the ufc organization, the fighters are what’s up, and dana has no respect for them (unless your Quit-en- rampage Jackson, or junie “the deuce” browning) THE FIGHTERS SHOULD GET A UNION W/ PENSIONS 401K…ALL THAT! dana shouldnt put Karo on blast like he did, he should help a fighter that helped him for 7 years, shit rampage did a BUNCH OF CRAZY SHIT,drove w/ blown out tires, people jumping out of the way of his truck while he’s driving down the sidewalk, and dana flew out to smooth the whole thing over, ANY way he could, ju$t becau$e rampage wa$ champ? That $how$ what dana care$ about mo$t. Not the fighters who make his life mo$t $ucce$ful. Anyway, now I’m salty. GOD bless Karo, your toughest fight begins now, and last for the rest of your life. Late.

  • keyboardwarrior says:

    hope Karo can turn things around but I can’t say I am going to miss him in the UFC


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