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UFC 2010 Undisputed Official Trailer

THQ’s UFC 2009 Undisputed took home the award for Best Individual Sports Game at the Spike Video Game Awards 2009. UFC 2009 Undisputed bested established sports franchises such as Fight Night Round 4, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on the way to the honor.

The broadcast also featured Kimbo Slice who introduced the trailer for UFC 2010 Undisputed, which will be available in stores May 25, 2010.

UFC Undisputed 2010 – Exclusive Debut Trailer

  • roshambo says:

    Looks a lot like last years. I’m hoping there are some positive changes to the gameplay or the EA game will likely kill it. I bought 2009 and enjoyed it but there are definately areas for improvement. We will see if competition brings inovation on THQ’s part.

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    Yeah…. I was bored rather quick with the first one. I will probably rent 2010.

  • Makington says:

    To me, the biggest thing they have to redo other than the striking is the create a fighter. That was always a favourite of mine to make a cool looking fighter and grow him throughout the ranks. Unfortunately, THQ gave us some of the worst options for creating a fighter, a boring story, and the same lame training sessions 10 times between each fight, coupled with huge loading times everytime you pressed any button.

    Sheesh! If they fixed it and made it good I’ll be all over it, but that’s something EA is good at. They give you about a zillion options to create a boxer in Fight Night.

  • Connor Cobain says:

    Really the only problems I thought besides the graphics was the fighting styles. I’m going to use Marcus Davis as an example, In the game he uses a boxing style which is limited on moves even though if you watch the Davis Lytle fight Marcus utilises Flying Knees, Superman Punches, and Head Kicks. In UFC 2009 he is only able to use boxing friendly moves and none of those above techniques do to them being classified as Kickboxing and Miu Tia moves. Oh and Marcus trains with Delograte at Sityodung and that is probably THE best Miu Tia MMA training centers.

  • Makington says:

    Good points Connor, and very true. They gave Tito the ability to headkick atleast 😉

    I might skip this one and get it when it’s a couple versions down the road so that I get like 2 or 3 years of improvement all in one go. It’s what I do with most sport games anyways. No sense buying basically the same game twice to me, so I’ll wait until they make a whole bunch of changes that interest me.

  • ndizzle says:

    off topic still bout games though did you guys hear ea sports mma is gona have pride rules(soccer kicks and stomps)sakuraba is in it.

  • danw84 says:

    All I want from EA MMA is the ability to have Fedor vs Carano.

    I don’t think my request will be all that listened to.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    not to say you guys are all wrong or anything but

    THQ’s UFC 2009 Undisputed was a big winner at the Spike Video Game Awards 2009 last weekend, taking home the award for the year’s Best Individual Sports Game. UFC 2009 Undisputed beat out Fight Night Round 4, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, and Wii Sports Resort to gain first place honors.

    Now these are done by fan votes right???
    Fight Night 4, Tiger Woods 10 are both EA Sports games. I have both of them as well as UFC and I love all three but will have to go with Woods 10 as my fav.

    So what does all the fans who voted for UFC 2009 know that we dont???

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    I think the fans voted more for the UFC then the game itself. It was a big step for MMA and Games but there are several things that could make the game better.

    “As Real As It Gets” is a tough slogan to live up to when it comes to gaming.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    ya very true Roadside plus i just thought of something else
    Fight Night and Tiger Woods have been around for a while now. Maybe that its a new different game with very popular sport on the rise that might have something to do with it.

  • Ray Pist says:

    Here’s my beef with the game, and I just bought it about a month ago along with a PS3…sorry I am not much of a gamer but eventually decided to get a system for the new NHL, and the EA and THQ mma games…other than that the system will collect dust…maybe I’ll get into blue Ray.

    But anywhos

    The fighting styles are so generic…I have seen Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Mua Thai….and if your a muay thai fighter you have the same moves as every muay thai etc etc etc….such absolute BS.

    You know how they got them ball suits for EA sports games…for NFL…NBA…NHL….and the star players they have their “signature moves”…well when you think about how many players they do this for, and then how small the roster of fighters truly is…it could be done with all or at least 75 % of fighters. Absolutely no reason why Chuck Liddell’s takedown and GSP’s Takedown look identicle….it is so bland.

    Also, why if your a boxer can you never throw a head kick? How did Rashad knock out Sean Salmon again?

    So what’s my solution….let a fighter do everything…some just won’t be that good at things just like in…oh what’s that thing called again…oh yeah real life.

    on create a fighter mode don’t pick your 2 styles…that’s ridiculous….choose what you train and the game will tell you what your style is based on what your good at….but because the game says your a boxer because your punching is so good it won’t mean you can’t throw a head kick…but unless you work on them it won’t be all that effective…however if you rarely or never throw them your opponent most likely won’t guard them.

    blocking needs to be improved…blocking a punch and kick are two different things, it isn’t just a high and low attack…also how does guarding your body check a kick?

    Also on create a fighter mode…well it just needs a complete overhaul let’s leave it at that.

    The fight control I am ok with, but submissions need to be overhauled…sorry don’t like the crazily spinning my joystick in a circle, it should encompass both joysticks one for your upper body one for your lower body, and should be the actual motions…IE arm bar you use your legs and upper body to stretch out the arm then tourque it…you should use one stick to get him to stretch out with legs other one to use arms once that is done to crank the elbow…not just spin one in a circle

    to get out do the same thing, i will use arm bar again from say guard…to defend you have your leg’s…you can crouch down try and stand up…and then you have your arms…you can obviously try and keep your elbow bent so it doesn’t straighten your arm with one stick and the other one you can try and posture away or keep really close to opponent you get what i’m getting at?

    The thing about MMA is it is becoming more and more mixed all the time…even the straight wrestlers know muay thai….they may not be the greatest at it but i’ll wager money if they are at the level of the UFC, StrikeForce, Dream, etc they have a handle of at least the basics of every major form…how good they are at each determines how often they use it etc…so even though we may not know Marcus Davis for his Muay Thai skills rest assured if he wanted to he would know how to knee a fighter in the face…he just might get reversed or taken down during it if the other fighter is a master of that.

    Where is Sambo? Has the UFC Banned Sambo because of Fedor too? I see RVCA has been banned for sponsoring Fedor…even BJ didn’t have the logo’s on his shorts!

    I know improvement will come, having EA as competition will guarentee that improvement or else there will be only 1 game maker and it will be the one whom improved :)

  • I really don’t understand all the Undisputed hate.

    For it’s first incarnation of such a layered and complex sport like MMA, Undisputed was great. Could it be improved? Of course. But to expect perfection the first time out the gate is insane.

    What has been most expected is getting Undisputed in May, playing that like crazy for 4-5 months and then getting EA MMA and playing THAT like crazy for 4-5 months. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “For it’s first incarnation of such a layered and complex sport like MMA”

    It is about the 4th dude. There are at least 2 UFC games and a Pride game.
    Are you new to gaming or MMA?. Anyway even if it was the first it has huge flaws and they seem basic to me. Like leg checks and southpaws.


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