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UFC 107 Weigh-In Results; Frank Mir comes in at a beefed up 264.5 pounds

UFC 107One fighter missed weight and Frank Mir came in looking beefier than ever before during the weigh-ins for UFC 107, which is set to go down tomorrow evening from Las Vegas, airing live on Pay Per View.

Edgar Garcia came in at 173 pounds for his scheduled welterweight clash against DaMarques Johnson, but has been given additional time to make the weight. Make sure to check back at 5 Oz. in the coming hours for an update on Garcia’s second attempt.

In what may come as news for many, apparently the bout between Alan Belcher and Wilson Gouveia will be a catchweight showdown at 195 pounds.

A full list of the weigh-in results for UFC 107 are listed below:

B.J. Penn (155) vs. Diego Sanchez (155)

Frank Mir (264.5) vs. Cheick Kongo (239)

Kenny Florian (156) vs. Clay Guida (156)

Paul Buentello (255) vs. Stefan Struve (247)

Jon Fitch (171) vs. Mike Pierce (171)

Alan Belcher (195) vs. Wilson Gouveia (193)

Matt Wiman (156) vs. Shane Nelson (156)

Johny Hendricks (171) vs. Ricardo Funch (171)

Lucio Linhares (185) vs. Rousimar Palhares (186)

Edgar Garcia (173)* vs. DaMarques Johnson (171)

Kevin Burns
(171) vs. T.J. Grant (171)

  • moosebaby02 says:

    now does beefed up me he is looking chubby or is their some mussel????

  • Dufresne says:

    Come on Garcia! This isn’t your first rodeo, how can you justify missing weight at this level of competition?

    Mir’s weight kinda worries me. He’s had a history of bad conditioning and all that extra weight, muscle or fat, is gonna be even more draining to haul around. Hopefully he’s worked that out and he comes out to finish this quickly.

  • helterskelter says:

    beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    What the hell is up with this many guys missing weight Gouevia and Belcher combined for 18 extre lbs. Maybe DW needs to have a “Do you want to be a f’n fighter” speech with his guys.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Yeah, no mention previously of Belcher/Gouevia fighting at 195 but you have to assume that was the deal with both of them coming in right at that weight. Way to keep the fans informed UFC!

  • king mah mah says:

    @helterskelter- Was he taking weight gain 2000? LOL

  • king mah mah says:

    Come on! You guys can’t thumbs down an old South Park reference!

  • king mah mah says:

    Ok maybe you can. That’s weak dude.

  • xtreme_machine says:

    watch out Brock he is coming to get ya

  • Lord Faust says:

    Mir’s massive weight gain really answers a lot of questions about how much of an insecurity complex Brock has given Mir.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I heard a rumor the other day that Gouveia wasn’t going to be able to make weight so Belcher didn’t cut. Ta-da!

  • danw84 says:

    Man I wonder how Mir’s conditioning is going to be tomorrow with such a weight gain in so short a time.

  • Makington says:

    That really doesn’t surprise me about Wilson. As soon as I read that I just knew it was going to be his fault for it. Even if Brendhan’s rumour is wrong I will always blame him first.

    Seriously, the dude is easily one of the most talented guys at ATT, and if he trained right he WOULD be a champ. It’s unfortunate to see someone flush their potential down the drain because they are too lazy or lack the motivation to make themself great.

  • Mike G says:

    At 264.5 lbs, Mir looked incredible. I wonder how his endurance will be. I think he takes this if he can tie up Kongo and get him down quickly and keep him there, because Kongo is one of the few taller strikers that can throw short/tight power punches.

  • neijia says:

    good video here:

    Mir explains matter-of-factly why he did the strength training (Brock has an advantage there and will continue to have one but closing the gap is a good idea) and how it actually has improved his cardio (he doesn’t run due to issues with knees, hips, back, etc.) and he was surprised at the noticeable impact on his sparring. He has been getting back to doing more jiu-jitsu (watch out Kongo). Mir comes across well. No idea why a lot of you guys hate Mir so much. Watch the vid, then thumbs down away, lol!!!

  • Pajamashark says:

    From what I understand about putting on weight and muscle, there’s gain from specifically working out the muscles you need, and then there is just mass. Like muscles that make you look bigger but don’t really do anything for you in terms of strength- padding kind of. The guys who have giant biceps from doing 600 curls but gas out trying to move a couch up two flights of stairs. My understanding is that muscles for bodybuilding and muscles for fighting are two different things.

    Brock is naturally enormous- his rib cage is massive. BJ seems to always have a small layer of fat over everything even when his cardo is tight. Kenny Florian always looks half starved to me, since season 1 of TUF and I always want to approach him with a juicy sandwich. It’s just body type and guys that go with what was given to them, rather then try and fight it, I think have the best chance of utilizing their given talents.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I understand Mir is all beefed up now, but for his sake I hope its good weight and not for show. Don’t muscles require a lot of oxygen? Mir put on 20lbs. between July and now. That is A LOT. I’m not a Mir fan, but for him I hope its good weight and not for show.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Just to clarify my earlier comment, I’m not trying to take anything away from Mir, I just find some minor amusement in seeing him get so huge after being man-handled in his previous fight. As long as he hasn’t compromised his conditioning, it’s definitely a good idea, with the heavyweights coming in nearer and nearer to the upper end of the weight limit.

    Besides, just being big and heavy isn’t going to win you fights; Brock’s victory over Mir had just as much to do with Brock knowing how to use his size as him having that advantage in the first place. Brock perfectly neutralized Mir with his wrestling, and the weight advantage surely made it easier to keep Mir down for almost the entire fight. So, for Mir’s sake, I hope that in addition to putting on mass, he’s adapted his style to compensate for it.

    Unless Mir does something really silly, I don’t see him losing to Kongo.

  • elkymbo says:

    Mir is pretty silly really.

    And another thing wouldn’t it be great to see the weight limit scrapped all together so we could see some 300 plus pound monsters beating up each other?

  • Makington says:

    Well it’s already hard enough for the mid-level HW fighters like Cain Velasquez, Pat Barry, or Nog. Putting them against genetic 350 pound freaks would seem a little too extreme to me. Maybe if they split up the HW class into 2 divisions, with the first being like 206-240 and 241-whatever you weigh.

    The only thing about that is there isn’t really enough HW fighters to stock each division to the UFC’s standard, and it’s not easy to just make a division out of nowhere.

  • elkymbo says:

    Makington: Well it’s already hard enough for the mid-level HW fighters like Cain Velasquez, Pat Barry, or Nog. Putting them against genetic 350 pound freaks would seem a little too extreme to me. Maybe if they split up the HW class into 2 divisions, with the first being like 206-240 and 241-whatever you weigh.The only thing about that is there isn’t really enough HW fighters to stock each division to the UFC’s standard, and it’s not easy to just make a division out of nowhere.

    True dat I do live in video game world a little bit sometimes. I blame my childhood addiction to the wwe for it.

    Damn you Hulk Hogan and your awesomeness ( this is back in the Hulkamania days not the media whore days of today I speak of).

  • elkymbo says:

    And as you can see I haven’t figured out how to use the quotes function yet.

    Damn you technology. :)

  • Randy was only 230ish and was still able to get out from under Brock, Mir was 240. Size is going to help a little but Mir has to have More than mass to get a wrestler like Brock off of him, he really needs to train with Randy. He says he gained the muscle along with cardio this time so I guess time will tell.

    I really don’t see Kongo winning this fight. In the UFC the world class striker only has knock outs over Hardonk and Al-Turk and others that aren’t worth mentioning. All of other fights are against contenders and go the distance with 2 of the fights as a loss to Heath Herring and Carmelo Marrero who is not a top wrestler and who just lost to the very green Bader .

    Mir wins this fight handedly either in the first or second. YES! YES! YES!

  • dpk says:

    As long as he did it right, and not like Werdum did, then he will be good. Mir has more fights than just Kongo to get back to Lesnar. He is probably going to have to fight someone like Dos Santos, Velasquez, Nog (again), or even Carwin before he gets another shot at Brock.

  • CatchWrestling101 says:

    Diego is so out there. Destiny………..ah shut the h*ll up. I hope BJ tears him apart.

  • CatchWrestling101 says:

    Speaking of the heavyweight division. Are there more than 3 or 4 fighters that actually have to cut weight to fight? Mir has the right game plan but on the wrong fight. Why did he try to get all ripped before fighting Brock when he was at a size disadvantage anyways? Should have looked like he did against Kongo when he fought Brock.

  • slammy862 says:

    I spent about 25 seconds feeling sorry for Mir after Brock “little brothered him,” but now I’m right back to hoping Cheick kicks 20 lbs of dog crap outta him.

    What a sh*t-talkin’ punk fool.


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