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23 Year Old Jeremy “Wild Thing” Ashley Passes Away

In what comes as terribly depressing news, it appears as though mixed martial arts has recently lost another one of it’s brothers as the just twenty-three year old Jeremy “Wild Thing” Ashley has reportedly passed away according to a report from F1 Management on The Underground.

Reportedly F1 Management was told that Ashley’s death was a suicide although details to the manner of his death are unavailable as of this time.

A close friend to Jeremy and fellow mixed martial artist, Tristan Yunker, had this to say:

Jeremy fought mostly in Indiana, and throughout the Midwest, and he was one of the more promising prospects from this area. At only 23 yrs old, Jeremy had a 16-6 professional record, and was currently riding an 8 fight win streak, and having gone 12-1 in his last 13. His most recent win coming over TUF/UFC vet Brian Geraghty. He wrestled at Purdue for a season, and I believe he recently recieved his purple belt in BJJ. To sum it up, Jeremy Ashley was a badass!

R.I.P. Jeremy, you will be missed.

5 Oz. collective thoughts and prayers go out to Ashley’s family and friends.

  • king mah mah says:

    Hard to believe someone like this committed suicide when he had so much going for him. Man, i guess you just never know. Really sad. Hope his family is doing ok.

  • Unabomberman says:

    Jeez…what does this really say? It’s just too weird for a young guy living life to suddenly off himself, especially if he is being successful. I smell some kind of odd happening (bipolar disorder, substance abuse problem, anxiety issues, etc., take your pick) around this case, mark my words.

    I just hope there is no foul play involved.

  • Wow unreal. Just goes to show we never really know what is going on…even with our best and closest friends.

  • JollyDV says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

  • Nick Havok says:

    Why do all these MMA fighters have to die in such extereme ways all the time?

    It goes from camping in the desert with no water (Tanner) to a murder-suicide (Levens) to murder (Eilers) to and then back to suicide again (Ashley).

    And every single one of these deaths were preventable too…which is the saddest thing of all.

    R.I.P. Jeremy.

  • BigDave says:

    Its to bad that this kid didn’t seem to have the right people around him to notice he was not right. Mental illness is usually the cause of suicide and its sad. I hope his family will be ok through this tough time and maybe Jeremys story will help others get the help they need to save them from a similar situation so this young man didn.t die in vain.

  • roshambo says:

    It just shows you that everyday you, your family and friends are around is an important one. You never know when someone you love or care about isn’t going to be around anymore. Best wishes to his family in what must be an incredibly difficult time.

  • comet66 says:

    Well i think that it does have something to do with depression. I went to high school with Jeremy at Coloma High. I graduated a year before him. After i graduated he jumped infront of a Semi trying to take his own life. So it is sad and i think it could have been prevented. But sometimes you cant stop these things. Its sad to see him go, he had what looked to be a great career ahead of him. I wish his family the best and hope that everyone lets him rest in peace.

  • Jenna69holly says:

    comet 66 is almost right. Jeremy went to Watervliet when he threw himself in front of that truck though. He told me he was high when he did it, but who knows. I knew him pretty well, lets just say that. I wont glorify him, he was an ass, but he was the kind of ass that I could get along with….. if that makes any sense. I knew that he was wrong, but what can anyone do? he was very smart. He knew how to carry himself to hide the depression. In every picture he is hiding behind a funny face or some kind of antic. I think my favorite memory of him would be the time that he decided to break a candy cane by laying it on a table and smashing it with his forehead. That was classic Jeremy.


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