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Kimbo Slice Earns $25,000 for TUF 10 Finale Win

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released salary information for the Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale and, in a stark change from his days in EliteXC, Kimbo Slice was not the highest paid fighter on the card. Slice, who took home $500,000 after losing to Seth Petruzelli, earned a cool twenty-five thousand dollars in his UFC debut. The sum for his unanimous decision victory over Houston Alexander did not include an additional win bonus.

Frank Edgar topped the salary list at $71,000, a total assisted by the $25,000 bonus he was awarded for “Fight of the Night” against opponent Matt Veach. News of the earnings was first reported by MMAJunkie.

Here is a complete rundown of TUF 10 Finale payment information made available to the public including event-specific bonuses:

Mark Bocek: $55,000 ($15,000 win bonus / $25,000 “Submission of the Night” bonus) def. Joe Brammer: $5,000

Brian Stann: $30,000 ($15,000 win bonus) def. Rodney Wallace: $6,000

John Howard: $14,000 ($7,000 win bonus) def. Dennis Hallman: $15,000

Jon Madsen: $16,000 ($8,000 win bonus) def. Justin Wren: $8,000

James McSweeney: $16,000 ($8,000 win bonus) def. Darrill Schoonover: $8,000

Matt Mitrione: $16,000 ($8,000 win bonus) def. Marcus Jones: $8,000

Frank Edgar: $71,000 ($23,000 win bonus / $25,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus) def. Matt Veach: $30,000 ($25,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus)

Kimbo Slice: $25,000 def. Houston Alexander: $13,000

Matt Hamill: $46,000 ($23,000 win bonus) def. Jon Jones: $20,000

Roy Nelson: $41,000 ($8,000 win bonus / $25,000 “Knockout of the Night” bonus) def. Brendan Schaub: $8,000

  • Jak says:

    Good for Edgar and Veach, that was a great fight. Veach might have only got 5k to fight on short notice, but the 25k was well worth it.

    They should have given Jones a beatdown bonus, because that was an a** kicking he laid.

    And Houston…. *shakes head*…. they gave you a guaranteed 13 k and all you did was run around!

  • Unabomberman says:

    I was pulling for Houston and his bullbous head, but I guess Kimbo showed up with some surprises up his beard. I feel kind of silly, now.

    Oh, well…

  • thunder okami says:

    Well deserved for Kimbo giving us one of the best throws since Randleman/Fedor

  • Jak says:

    thunder okami: Well deserved for Kimbo giving us one of the best throws since Randleman/Fedor

    That was awesome. between that and the Veach running slam, it felt like old time MMA!

  • 500K to lose to Petruzelli, I can see why the Elite XC is out of Business lol

  • I was gonna be so pissed if Big Country didnt get knockout of the night. That was a picture perfect left jab set up right hand delivered combo! Schaub was stiff before he landed. Once again that’s some old time MMA!!

    Off topic

    Who else is positive that Roy’s next fight will be a rematch with Big Ben? It was close the first time and you might as well make some money puttin on a good close rematch. It’d at least give Rothwell a chance to look good. Cain whooped his ass.

  • Hodor2 says:

    I rererence to the article. Kimbo did not win a “split” decision. It was a unanimous decision


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